My eyes are swollen and hurting, taking Pristiq, Doctors say nothing to do? I’m miserable.

I only took 4 doese of Pristiq. I stopped the medication 15 days ago. My eyes are still swollen and hurting. The area under my eyes and my cheekbones is the worst. I have been to 2 doctors and they

I have stinging sensations outside my vagina, too scared to get scanning or tell my parents

I’m 16 years old and over the past few days have been experiencing stinging sensations on the outside of my vagina, I am currently on my period so I’m unsure if that could be the case (although I’ve never had

I suffer from joint hypermobility,what do you recommend?

The muscles around my glenohumeral joint are hypermobile, they have been ever since I was little (Im now a senior in college). I don’t sleep with pillow, and I fall asleep with my humerus misarticulated, and I feel like over

I have tachycardia, heart accelerates, stress, anxiety, am I having a heart attack?

Good Morning. At about three months ago it happened an episode with me, where I went to a party, and at the time making use of lexapro. That day I made use of stimulants and ended up going to the

My 65 year old father needs gallbladder surgery, we need a second opinion?

Sir/Madam, Please give me some advice about on my fathers treatment, he is now 65 years old.He has been suffering from asthma for a long years about 25-30 years back, along with this disease he also suffer a gall bladder