Question: I am 50 years old, doctor says no need for contraception?

Hello, I am 50 years old, my 2 last periods were 6 months apart and very light – spotty. blood test – TSH 4.26; t4-free 1.0; FSH 81.5; Prolactin 11; Estradiol (E-2) 24.67. I had my IUD (one with no

Question: 2 year old girl cannot walk, doctors baffled?

My daughter turned 2 recently and she is finding it extremely difficult walking by her self, however she is able to stand with support and is able to walk using objects like tables or chairs. I have taken her to

Question: Shortness of breath? Admitted for Acute myocardial infarction?

patient 55yrs old,shortness of breath on exertion for last 2months,nd shortness of breath on lying along wd cough nd frothy sputum,no edema,allergy,cough,had appendicitis 30yrs ago admitted to hospital for ami relieved by sublingual tablets no history hp ,dm,rf ex smoker

Question: Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma – Primary Mediastima : abnormal non mass like circumferential mucosal hyperdensity present

Hi, my 17 year old son was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma – Primary Mediastima last August. He went through a 6 cycle regimen of r-chop and completed in Jan. He had a PET/CT scan done in Feb

Question: I look like a 12 year old child but am 19 years old?

Hello sir or mam. My name is (…) age 19. I have very small chest frame size and very very small hand bone size looks like a stick and also poor muscles.If you talk about diet.I take a good healthy