I am peg tube feeding my mother, complicated medical history, need advice?

Am peg tube feeding my mother 65 after heart valve replacement surgery. 2 valve replaced, 1 repaired. Have a complicated medical history that includes polio, Hodgkins lymphoma , breastcancer, paralyzed vocal cord. Having trouble with retaining fluid around lungs. Multiple

My father is tortured by things he believes in, I don’t know where to go next.

My father is 78 has COPD, diabetes, and dementia. He has stopped taking all medications and doesn’t sleep on BPAP machine and doesn’t use nebulizer either. He has been refusing to eat and bathe. He has told himself that he

I had a transvaginal scan both ovaries polycystic gestational sac bleed?

I had a transvaginal scan for pain on my right pelvic area and back. During the scan she asked me if I’m pregnant? We are ttc but the tests say negative and I also had a 2 day bleed which

We are traveling, my son has diarrhea and losing weight, on anti-malaria pills?

Hello this is a question about my 18 month old son, we are currently in Zanzibar and have been here for just over 2 weeks now and since before we came he has on and off Diarrhea today though he

My breasts have significantly enlarged to point it is difficult to move?

My breasts have significantly enlarged at to point it is difficult to move. Nobody really offers me any solution. Hormones checked- all fine.No cancer. But they keep getting bigger and bigger. I have a heart condition- tricuspid valve regurgitation,have suffered

My eyes are swollen and hurting, taking Pristiq, Doctors say nothing to do? I’m miserable.

I only took 4 doese of Pristiq. I stopped the medication 15 days ago. My eyes are still swollen and hurting. The area under my eyes and my cheekbones is the worst. I have been to 2 doctors and they

I have stinging sensations outside my vagina, too scared to get scanning or tell my parents

I’m 16 years old and over the past few days have been experiencing stinging sensations on the outside of my vagina, I am currently on my period so I’m unsure if that could be the case (although I’ve never had