I had lesion in my scrotum, now eyelashes fall,eyebrow and hair fall…itching in body, mouth ulcers, cold?

i am 18 years old male..two years back i had lesion in my scrotum of medium size and from there the problems started…nowadays i am having a lot of eyelashes fall,eyebrow and hair fall…itching in body is also there…besides i

I had rhabdomyosarcoma and chemotherapy as a child, I started having menstrual problems?

I’m a 19 year old female. I had rhabdomyosarcoma in my right foot as an 11 month old child. I did high doses of chemo and twice and I had radiation in my lymph nodes near my hip. I was

Painful nodule on bottom of foot , two more now, any type of stretching causes excruciating pain?

I am 38 year old female. Carpal tunnel and trigger finger release surgery. Tubal ligation surgery. No surgery or medications for this issue. A year ago had one painful nodule on bottom of foot show up. Had become larger than

My husband is 29 and has facial paralysis, may be developing synkinesis, what can be done next?

My husband is 29 and has facial paralysis. It started in January 2016 when he noticed that he was having issues closing his eye, that it was slowing down, not blinking the same as the other etc. he also said

I have a rash on my upper inner thigh, could be STI, and spreading?

I’m 18, female with no prior medical condition. I have a rash on my upper inner thigh that could possible be an sti. I’ve had it for about a week and it hasn’t gone away but seems to be spreading

Symptoms are similar to angina , tests all OK, doctors are stumped could it be Coronary Microvascular Disease?

I am 20 years old, Male. I am athletic. My symptoms are similar to angina (chest tightens, dizziness, heart throbbing) My heart rate is abnormally high during physical exertion, (209 bpm) These symptoms started 3 months ago in the summer.

Finished my breast cancer treatment, joints In my finger are red and swollen, it wakes me up all night from painful numbness?

Ok so I’m got g through the last part of my treatment for past breast cancer , herceptin every three weeks from last March until next march. I also almost two months ago just started working basically full time in

14 year old, has Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), bipolar?

I am 14, and have no medical history. So here’s the thing, i have symptoms of anxiety, depression and i have alot of mood swings. i can never stay focused and sometimes blank out. I cant ever study well be

I have unexplained acute onset of tingling in both my legs, nerve test shows no problem?

In May of this year, I had an acute onset of tingling in both my legs. Each leg was tingling from the top of the outer pelvis bone, above the hip joint, to the soles of my feet. The tingling

I’m 25 yr old, had heart attack, heart rate at rest 85-90, chest pain, is it caused by energy drinks?

I had a heart attack almost a year ago, I am 25yts old, female, 125lbs, and I’m 5’7. Lately I can not get my heart rate down. I have a Fitbit watch and my resting heart rate is between 85-90.

I have rare sarcoid disease, probable lupus, suffer scalp/ears seborrhea that’s out of control?

46yo female I have autoimmune disease-rare form of sarcoid and probable lupus. In the last year I have had an impossible scalp/ears seborrhea that nothing will help and its spreading now to almost entire scalp. In the last 6 mos