I’ve been having progressive symptoms for almost 2 years now doctors don’t know what’s wrong?

Hi I’m a 23 year old female I’ve had chronic insomnia since I was 16. For almost 2 years now I’ve been having progressive symptoms. It started with frequent infections and infections that lasted longer. Then I started having dizziness and fainting recurrently. Palpitations And low blood pressure. I started having acute body pain lasting only a few minutes feeling like a shock went through my body. Then I got easy and spontaneous bruising mostly localized to my arms. Having recurrent fevers with chills. Bleeding gums and a weird feeling of fullness in my abdomen on left side. And sometimes I now get an itchy throat from foods I’ve always eaten which improves with antihistamines
Problems in childhood
I’ve had migraines since early childhood.
Sinusitis since early childhood
I didn’t have a lot of infections as a child i only had a recurrent diagnosis of glandular fevers.
My migraines got worse since puberty and I had irregular heavy menstrual cycles also causing fainting.
I’ve had a few orthopedic and dental surgeries. Woke up during the last surgery at age 14.
The only treatment i am on is antihistamines. I do not use pain medication. I was on amitrypteline for 1 year for insomnia with no effect.
I was put on depo provera injections at age 18 to stop my periods but stopped using it 2 years later because my migraines got worse
I don’t use recreational drugs and drink alcohol occasionally like once every 4 months.
I have been a smoke since age 14
I’ve never been sexually active and don’t use contraceptives.
I am a shift worker at an active profession
I exercise routinely except when I am too sick
My bmi is 25
I eat healthy foods but only supper as I don’t have an appetite earlier during the day
I use to drink water constantly now i struggle to consume as much.
Since 2014 i had routine cbc tests as an abnormality was picked up on 1 test I had a recurrent elevated WBC count of about 14. Also having high RDW 18 high hematocrit 0.510 and low mchc 30. On some occasions having elevated platelets of 110.
I had 1 labtest only with elevated alp 122
And recurrent lft with low ast and bilirubin.
On my kidney functions only having low bicarbonate high anion gap recurrent with some instances of elevated potassium of 5.3. Urea is always 2.4 or lower reaching 2.0.
Had 2 tft one showing hypo other hyper 3rd normal
Calcium and phosphate normal
Iron studies normal with ferritin 33
Inr and ptt normal
Had crp of 58 and esr 28 a while ago
Hba1c 6.0%
Negative ana
Neg hep a,b and c
Neg Elisa HIV.
Tsh 0.6

Now i am still having the symptoms but cbc normal with wbc count at 8. The doctors don’t know what is wrong since everything comes back normal. The symptoms are mostly intermittent only insomnia is persistent. I’m starting to feel like I’m crazy I just want to be healthy. I need answers if anyone can please give me advice.

I have started waking up at night coughing up fluid and feeling like “drowning “?

Hi! I’m a 41 year old woman, non-smoking and generally in good health. In the past couple months I have started waking up at night coughing up fluid and feeling like “drowning “. Before Christmas last year I had a 3 weeks period during which I had daily heart palpitations. I didn’t think much of it since I sometimes get palpitations if stressed out. However now having these nightly coughing fits, started thinking those may be related. I read online, that fluids collecting in lungs could possibly have to do with heart.

I have had a couple of colds this winter and got antibiotics for sinus infection which healed fine. I also have seasonal allergies which I take Claritin occasionally.

I appreciate your answers and recommendations. Thanks.

Concerned about my daughter’s recent blood work?

Concerned about my daughter’s recent blood work. My daughter is Caucasian, 7 years old, about 50″ tall, and 54 lbs. She is taking Vyvanse 20mg for ADHD and Zarontin for CAE. She just started the Zarontin early February. Recently she hasn’t been sleeping well. She has swollen lymph nodes on her neck (one has been there for a while, and she is due for an Ultra Sound of neck soon). Her PCP did some blood work yesterday, and some of the results make me wonder what is going on with me baby? Today she was sleepy most of the day.
The numbers that have me the most concerned are:
ANC (absolute Neutrophil count) – 1.0 Low
WBC (White Blood Cell) – 2.6 Low [yet was 4.8 three weeks ago] -what can cause this drop?
Globulin 1.9 Low
Monocyte 19.0% High

What can cause this deviation from the normal ranges? and the big drop in WBC?

I donated plasma the other day my vein is now hard and hurts and I’m getting bad headaches?

I donated plasma the other day and there power went out . 25 min later they turned the machine by hand to return my blood. My vein was hard about 1 inch long but now 3 days later it’s from my elbow to my wrist hard and hurts and I’m getting bad headaches

My son had his aortic valve replaced with a mechanical one last year. His L 4-5 disk just went out yesterday?

My 22 year old son had his aortic valve replaced with a mechanical one last year.
His L 4-5 disk just went out yesterday.

Can he receive acupuncture treatment to deal with the pain?

Thank you for your consideration.

I have sinus problems even when I get a cold my nose always remain dry?

Hi Doctor, I have sinus, even when I get a cold my nose always remain dry , but I do get headache often, I got Rhinocap to take twice a day plus a nasal spray called avamys…My problem is I feel like suffocating, I can’t breath easily my nose feel like blocked….I have to breathe through the mouth and it’s tiring. Is there any home made remedy for that Please ???

A year ago I found a large lump top of my right breast?

My name is (…) and I am 19 years old. I gave birth 3.5 years ago, and that was the only time I needed medical attention in my life. A year ago I found a large lump, about 2 inches long and half an inch wide, in the top of my right breast. I have no medical insurance, therefore no doctor will see me. I also cannot get a mammogram because I am so young. I don’t know what to do. I am worried sick and constantly exhausted. All I ever want to do is sleep. I’ve been eating healthy and I cut pop out of my diet, however I still just don’t feel right. Please help me.

I was admitted to ICU in a hospital Diagnosis: VBI, BPPV, need second opinion?

I was admitted to ICU in a hospital with below conditions at night 4 AM: BP: 90/60 mmHg, Temp: Afebrile, PR: 80/min,CVS,R,PA: NAD
Giddiness, started generalized itching, nausea.No history of headache, visual disturbance, weakness of limbs, bowel and bladder disturbances.No history of DM/HTN/epilepsy/drug allergy/thyroid illness
There was blood and urine analysis, brain CT, abdominal ultrasound done – no problem found

Diagnosis: VBI, BPPV
Please let me know if i was diagnosed right.

I’ve been coughing up blood today?

I’ve been coughing up blood today, and brown mucus prior to this. The blood is mixed with mucus, bright red and bubbly. It has eased for now, and the quantity of blood wasn’t a lot either. Also, I’m a smoker, there’s no one with TB or fever or anything around me. The brown mucus is there for around a week and the blood just started today. What should I do? And honestly, should I be worried? Pls let me knew whether I should worry or not.

I’ve been having some trouble breathing through my nose?

Hi there, I’m a 19 year old female and I’ve been having some trouble breathing through my nose. I am able to breathe in relatively fine, but when I try to exhale through my nose it’s like my sinuses are completely clogged. It’s almost like a flap is allowing me to breathe in, but not out. Nothing helps this problem– medication, forcing myself to breathe through my nose, neti pot, decongestants…I’ve tried everything. This isn’t a constant thing, but it happens from time to time and doesn’t go away for days or weeks. I sound all plugged up, food tastes bad, my ears won’t stop popping. What is wrong with me and what would I do?

I have developed a tremor in my left hand concerned that this is a progression of something that went not diagnosed?

I have developed a tremor in my left hand for the last 5 months. It is only when I do one specific action (i.e chopping movement from the elbow) My hand quivers from side to side when I do this. I also have tenderness in my elbow and my doctor is dismissive of it and says it must be tennis elbow. But it is going on so long now I am getting concerned. I have seen a neurologist 3 years ago in relation to tingling of the arms and legs and jumping muscles. She did some simple neurological exams on me and said it was not anything but maybe fibromyalgia. I am concerned that this is a progression of something that went undiagnosed.

I have a fracture on my left hand finger while I was playing football?

I have a fracture on my left hand finger while I was playing football. I put plaster for three weeks. And after removed and take an x-ray. But it is same as first day’s x-ray. Now 1month 10 days past. No pain on fracture. But little pain on finger joints. Yesterday also i took an x-ray. It shows same like first day. My age is 40yrs. Pls advise?