Is my Anti Hiv Test Conclusive or need retest?

My Anti Hiv Test Conclusive or need retest until..?

Dear Dr. I had an sexual intervourse with an escort 7 months ago. It last 2 minutes..I have several Anti Hiv 1/2 + P24 Antigen test. 35,67,88 ( Anti Hiv 1/2 ), 112,120,150,180 ( Anti Hiv 1/2 ) and finally after 214 day I have final AntiHiv1/2+P24 Antigen test. All my result wasnegative.Arethesetest, I have, possible to detected the Hıv İf I was infected.. I’m afraid that my result turn to positive. Pls Could you tell me all these test are enough and conclusive to say I’m totally free from Hiv or need re-test until for example one or two year..?

Can I say I’m totally free from hiv after my last test 214 day (over 7 months )..Could you give me a hundred percent guarantee that my test results will not change..As long as I am not exposed to any exposure..I am psychologically treated because of fear of returning test result positive..Pls help me…I can not assign fear of returning positive test from my head..Finally can I sex with my wife without using condom

I AM Diagnosed with Inflammatory bowel disease unclassified (IBDU) don’t want to stop treatment for another colonoscopy?now have to go for another scope

I had a colonoscopy a few months ago and the biopsy results came back as Inflammatory Bowel Disease Unspecified. I have been told to stop treatment and have another scope in a month’s time. Is this really necessary? My symptoms are consistent with ulcerstive colitis with lower left abdominal pain etc and the treatment I am on is keeping things under control. Very reluctant to stop treatment and go through another scope. Please can you advise. Age:35 Female

I have ME Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and finding it impossible to lose weight?

I have ME: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and finding it impossible to lose weight which is making my condition and self esteem worse.

I am a 19 year old with ME: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. I desperately want to lose some weight but I am struggling to get any exercise because it is far too painful. I have been in physical therapy before but because of my hypo mobility they pretty much told me exercise wont help my muscle pain and signed me off. I understand that diet is also important but I also have a eating disorder which I have had from being young so I eat really poor food and no matter how hard I try I cannot change that. There are foods like meat, potato or fish that i physically cannot eat without being sick.I only work 2 days a week because I can’t handle any more and I frequently use a wheelchair or crutches. I seem to be putting on more and more weight and I don’t know how to lose it.

When I stretch the skin under my left rib sinks in a noticeable amount and when I bend it sticks out but the other side don’t do it. When I have questioned it before I was told that everybody’s body shape is different but I feel like it’s more than that. It just don’t feel right.

I’m not obese but it feels like someone has strapped a sack of spuds to my stomach,weighing me down and giving me lots of pain. I need to loose some weight for myself physically but mentally too. I’ve missed out on a lot because of my illness and don’t want anything else getting in the way of me finally being able to enjoy my life.

Age:19 Female

I had energy supplements now feeling dizzy and passed out today?

Over the weekend i was using energy supplements followed with extreme physical activity most of the day. When i had woken up monday, i was incredibly dizzy and almost had a drunk feeling. Today , the feeling is still here, and i also passed out earlier. I take three medications including abilify, lexapro, and lamictal (cant remember how to spell it). This is the first time i had ever felt like this and am concerned as to whether this will pass, or i need medical attention. Age:20 Male

I have a burning pain in pelvic, lower abdomen & intestines?

Burning pain in pelvic, lower abdomen & intestines. No fever
I’m experiencing burning pain in the pelvic area for the last couple of months as well as in the very low abdomen area, and lower back, bladder and intestines. It improves when I’m up but gets worse when I’m sleeping. It also improves after a bowel movement or when I empty my bladder but I don’t have a sense of urgency to urinate. I had a hysterectomy (everything) removed years ago so can’t say it’s anything like that. It feels like fire in all the areas described. I’m having a hard time sleeping and feeling tired as a result I have not had a fever. I moved here about 4 months ago and have not found a doctor. 46 Female

I have Irregular periods and I am trying to get pregnant?

Hello I have been having irregular periods for a few years now I have pain in my lower abdomen and back I am also trying to have a baby but nothing is working I also have have frequent urination ,I try many pills to regulate it but its not working and I would really love to get pregnant can u help me please

I am facing breathing difficulties for last 1 year, my doctors can’t identify problem?

I am 27 years old boy. I am facing breathing difficulties for last 1 year. Pressure and tightness on left and middle chest. Discomfort on upper back and neck. If I sit on chair I can not keep my spine straight, feel very weak. Also after walking some distance feel breathing difficulty and chest pressure. I have visited chest specialist, cardiologist. I have done some test like chest xrays, ECG, ECHO Color, Blood test. All reports are ok. Done MRI of spine. Report comes with disk bulge in c4-c5 level. Others are ok. I also visited physical medicine specialist and he gave me Brufen SR tablets and some anti depression tablets. I have little chest pain not much. But discomfort on back and chest and breathing difficulty making my life very miserable. Sometimes I feel very awkward like 1 or 2 kicks(bits or vibration like for 1 or 2 seconds) on middle of my upper chest which feels like I am getting heart attack. When I hear any bad news and then feel very bad on my left chest.
I am a software engineer and I can not work effectively in my office. Please advice me what I have to do and what is causing this problems.
Thanks in advance.

I broke my collarbone back in 2009, my chest seems to have become a bit deformed since the incident?

Hi there, I broke my collarbone back in 2009 when a girl tackled me onto my side onto ice. I passed out so I’m not entirely sure how I fell, but I know I fell on my shoulder hard and must have hit my head as well. My collarbone broke in 3 spots on my right side. I was 13 at the time so doctors freaked me out a lot, but they still kind of do. Enough for me not to want to visit the doctors regarding this issue a least.

Anyways, my chest seems to have become a bit deformed since the incident. From my collarbone down to between my breast, the centre of my chest protrudes enough that it makes my breasts push downwards and outwards a bit. It’s not painful at all unless I lay on my stomach and have pressure on my chest for too long, but it’s definitely not something I’d like to deal with the rest of my life. I was wondering if anything could maybe be done without surgery, like a posture sling or compression on the chest of some sort… I tried to take a photo but without completely exposing myself, it’s very hard to show what I mean. It’s like a pigeon chest, but what I’ve noticed about pigeon chests is that it seems to be lower and not start by the collarbone, and that it then sinks in as well as protrude, which mine does not.

My husband is 42y/o Hx. of stroke 1 year ago. He awakened yesterday complaining of heaviness to his left arm?

My husband is 42y/o Hx. of stroke 1 year ago. He awakened yesterday complaining of heaviness to his left arm. As the day went his stated that he heaviness subsided. Since then stroke he still has weakness is his left arm and dexterity issues to his left hand. Today I noticed that his arm appeared more “flopping” just appeared to hang more. I asked him to open and close his hand and there were definite changes. But they would come and go. He is tired and sleepy. I know about stroke fatigue and I am an RN. I have assessed him head to toe and I cannot find any other symptoms indicating another stroke or TIA. It appears he is having a set back and that has not happened before. Is this a common occurrence or do I need to be worried? Please help.

I was told yesterday that my baby has no heart rate at 38 weeks and 3 days?

No babies heart rate but still hear placenta
I was told yesterday that my baby has no heart rate at 38 weeks and 3 days. I can still hear the placenta today working hard and beating away at around 120 bpm. Is this normal? Or could the baby’s heart rate be so low that it was. It heard? I was induced yesterday and sent home- have to return to hospital tomorrow to deliver a dead baby, so need an answer as soon as possible.

My mom has, kidney failure diabetes sarcoidosis heart failure she now has these big knots why?

My mom has a lot of problems kidney failure diabetes sarcoidosis heart failure etc she has these big knots as I should say every where in her body ? The doctors are not doing everything about it and don’t know what it is . It’s everywhere and I could also send pics it’s that big any thoughts of what it could be ?

I had cold coagulation for (cin) cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, I have bleeding since that day?

Hi my name is (…) I am 25 years old exactly 11 weeks ago today I had cold coagulation for (cin) cervical intraepithelial neoplasia 3 on my cervix I have bleeding since that day I finished my contraceptive injection one week ago aswell
I have bleeding every single day for 11 weeks solid it’s has been pink red and brown I’ve had some cramping some back pain but there isn’t a pattern sometimes I can stop for a few hours then it starts again last week was the heaviest it has been and now it has turned back brown and black blood
I do t know what else to do I’m not in any pain now

I had my gallbladder removed in April of 2015, I am still having severe pain?

I am a 46 year old female. I had my gallbladder removed in April of 2015. The doctor said it was not working. I am still having severe pain, that I have to go to the ER. What is going on? Is there a medical term used for this type of condition? I had the scope done in February, and nothing showed up but two polyps and both were benign. I am really getting scared because nothing has been found. The last visit to the ER, they did blood work. Would the blood work have shown if I have cancer or not, or is there a certain test they have to do to check for cancer? Also my blood pressure was up and my heart rate was 138. Please help!

My mother underwent Tuberculosis (TB) treatment, now started getting fever is it incomplete cure or relapse of TB?

My mother underwent TB treatment for one year recently with Levofloxacin 750 & ethambutol 1000, after a spate of failed treatment of six months, two years ago, with ethambutol 800, isoniazid, rifampicin, pyrozinamide. Her symptoms disappeared totally. Her pulmonologist stopped her medicines.He did not do a AFB test on stoppage of treatment. After stoppage of treatment for 15 days she was absolutely fine. Since last two days she has started getting fever (100+) once again in the evenings. Could it be a case of incomplete cure or relapse of TB? very Mild cough with phlegm has also appeared since yesterday.

I have a lot of abdominal pain one side,up near the ribs and lower down in the pelvic region?

I have a lot of abdominal pain one side,up near the ribs and lower down in the pelvic region,especially when I pass urine,this is very painful.
I had a operation to repair a prolapse 5 weeks ago.
I had a catheter in for 5 days after
After it was taken out I had a water infection,I was given some antibiotics,they didn’t work,so they prescribed some others as there were high white blood cells in the urine.before the abiotic were finished I went back to the doctors as I still did not feel right,there were still high white blood cells in the urine.bloods were done,nothing was found.i was still in pain so contacted them again,still had high white blood cells in urine,but still wasn’t given anything,bloods were repeated again,but said no sign of infection,although I was still in pain when urinating. I am now getting throbbing pain the other side of my abdomen,just under my ribs and getting pain on the backs of my legs