I acquired Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) while in hospital?

A year ago I acquired MRSA in my bloodstream whilst in hospital requiring ticoplanin via a PIC line for 4 weeks. After treatment I tested negative for MRSA.

Now I am looking to book a sleeve gastrectomy at a private hospital and want to know if I need to declare this to the surgeon or if I am cured and therefore it does not apply anymore.

• I would like to know if I am duty bound to tell him or not?
• I am worried it could make my surgery more expensive or even be refused as an MRSA risk. Is that possible?
• I have not been told if I carry any greater risk now than before my infection of re-infection, is the MRSA harbored at all?
• I know I am negative in my nose and groin but is my blood affected long term?.

I always feel tired when wake up in the morning, my eyes feel like a lead?

i am 29 years old and female. i always feel tired when wake up in the morning, my eyes feel like a lead. Sometimes feels so tired that i don’t realize the whole day has passed. Big appetite, always hungry. Sleep 6 hours a day or more but still tired. my brain feel like in haze. Sweat a lot. My hands are dry but my face and whole body is wet because of sweat. i tested for hyperthyroid before, took medication and my tsh level went back normal. But my symptoms didn’t go away. The doctor tested my blood three more times but the result was normal. i cannot tolerate heat. my hands always feel like they’re burning up. i just want to know is it normal to feel this tired

I feel pain at center upper of the abdominal and between two ribs?

i feel pain at center upper of the abdominal and between two ribs, especially when too much intake any iron, meat, gastric, ..while breathing in morning when getup
difficulty in breathing, when gastric/Gas stuck when releases/gas pain disappear for that time, when periods …. i have inflammation too sometime.

i want to know whether its liver pain ,stomach pain .. i have gall stones also .. max 1.8mm i am taking proper treatment but some doctors say its stomach pain some say gall stones …what kind of pain is it . . just tell the reason to have this pain which i have since many years now increased ,i have little bit infection in stomach mouth and in gall bladder tell the reason of pain which happens upper center of the abdominal where liver and stomach are consist .

secondly, i experienced allergies in body and face when ever i take any supplements its happend two times badly ,why it happens by supplement i can’t take it? and ESR also increased by 90 . what’s the reason to have allergies when taking supplements, just after one week of drugs got allergy, why with supplements it happens nothing else reason of allergies i have make medical text too.

My sister has attacks with severe headaches and sudden chills then it ends with shivering like fits?

My sister has attack of severe headache with sudden feeling of chills then it ends with shivering like fits and after painful stimulation she regain her breathe and coniousness.
In-between she is alert but drowsy with continous feeling of mild headache , nausea with vomiting sometime
The attacks at first was irregular bs later they became in fixed times between 2-3 pm and 2-3 am but we noticed when she make some physical activity she might have one attack again
All of her investigations are normal like
MRI/blood picture/CSF/liver & kidney functions/urine & stool and also her EEG was normal waves
They began with antiviral and anti bacterial with steroids and saline for 5 to 6 days with no response
Then recently thery started with her valporic acid 500 mg and the attacks stoped but at their times she have the same symptoms of severe headache and nausea
And in between she sleeps alot and still drowsy
Aslo there are some little symptoms like tinnitus and slight abdominal pain put not tender
My questions is those symptoms now from ther valporic acid ? Or the symptoms remain but the medication maken it little ?
Is there a psychic problem that can cause such attacks and she is only stressed or depressed ?
I hope you help me or advice to search for something the doctors are missing

I have been sick with over 102 degree fever for four days straight now?

I have been sick with over 102 degree fever for four days straight now. I have been staying hydrated and rested and eating well. this fever ust wont break. I have tried ibuprofen, tylenol, and naproxen (within recomended time and all. not all together.) but with no affect on the fever. should i be worried?

I have been suffering from low grade fever, excessive saliva at night, dark and less urine?

21y male.. 5 years ago I had repeated fevers I used many medicine indiscriminately since then I have been suffering from low grade fever, excessive saliva at night, dark and less urine, after 2 years symptoms progressed with Lump in throat during and after eating fatty/oily food, milk, juices etc, (it feels like nutrients fackflow), feel full with abdominal discomfort (not pain) after eating and when sleeping on front, fatigue, weakness, peeling scalp hair fall, I can also see a bit abdominal hair fall on my banyan.. I have tested for hepatitis b/c and were negative, also had ultrasound and was intact. Appetite is good.. Thanks

My children have got MEASLES?

My Name is (…), i am Health worker and i am in Somaliland East Africa,
My question is ;
4 of my children have got MEASLES three of them are in the first four days and they are 8years, 4years, and 2years while the other one is becoming recovering , these children are rejecting oral feeding they are coughing and vomating and high fever the rashes does not apear on their body except the mouth, so far please send me your advice. Thanks.

I woke up on Sunday morning with an awful metallic taste in my mouth?

Hello, Female age 40. I woke up on Sunday morning with an awful metallic taste my mouth. It was there when I swallowed food/drink. It has persisted to get worse over the last few days. It is extremely difficult to eat due to the taste that occurs when I swallow and now even smell. I went to urgent care yesterday and the physician did not have an answer other than to put me on antibiotics thinking maybe it could be an infection. I have been congested in my nose for and may have sinus infection but it has not been confirmed. Have you experienced patients that have come to you with this issue in the past? Please advise. I started taking amoxicillin yesterday. Today the metallic taste is at its worst since.

I have struggled with a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), been on antibiotics 3 times?

I have struggled with a UTI, been on antibiotics 3 times (twice the same, one time other one tested with urine culture). UTI is finally gone.

Still have a pressured and annoying feeling towards bladder, pelvic region probably called. Ultrasounds made both outer and inner, nothing to see..

What is wrong with me? It’s fairly annoying to be spending money and nothing found constantly.. help!

My husband has been coughing up phlegm with bright red blood?

My husband has not been sick or had any virus, but Thursday he was couging in the morning and coughed up phlegm with bright red blood about 6 times a day. 2 times it was just streaked red, but the other times it was about 1tsp. Sinced that first event, he has coughed up phlegm and blood (bright red and an clump about 1 1/2 inch across–not streaked. The sputum an phlegm does look bubbly). He did have gastric sleeve surgery well 2 years ago and has been doing well with it, although he does sometimes have reflux. Would irritation or ulceration in esophagus cause coughing up blood? What other things could cause this?

My husband experiencing intense foul smelling night sweats?

My husband is 32 and experiencing intense foul smelling night sweats. He wakes up drenched and freezing and the smell is pungent and sour – not like body odor.
He is also experiencing sexual performance issues and what he describes as less sensitivity and the inability to maintain an erection.
He has been on antidepressants for approximately 6 months and switched to Prozac approx. 3 months ago for anxiety and depression. He is under a significant amount of stress and our marriage has been on the rocks for some time as well. I’m assuming all of these are linked, as he is an otherwise healthy, young guy. He had a vasectomy 3 months ago as well, but I’m not sure if that is relevant.
The night sweats concern me because they seem to be getting worse and nothing seems to help whatsoever. The smell is terrible and really makes me worry something is wrong. I’m worried about him and just want to help. Any advice is appreciated.

I have been diagnosed with tuberculosis disease, but me and my family doubts this diagnosis?

I have been diagnosed with tuberculosis disease, but me and my family doubts this diagnosis.
I had a tuberculin skin test which appeared to give negative results.
After a week of coughing with smelly phlegm and fever, the fever is gone, the phlegm is not smelly anymore and I have little to no cough at all anymore.
Though I did have an x ray thrice which showed an activity in the right upper lobe of my lungs, i still don’t think it’s tb.
could it be some other minor illness?
i feel perfectly fine and energetic right now. could it be a wrong diagnosis? thanks in advance.

Male, 17

I have petechiae, spontaniously appearing on my thighs and calves, need second medical opinion?

I saw a doctor about petechiae, spontaniously appearing on my thighs and calves, the CBC i got was normal. However my legs continue to be covered with diffrent petechiae. Its been over three weeks that this started, and it comes on in large patches about twice a week, covering about half of my thighs, or all of my calves. Could we be missing something?

I had an acute EBV antibody test done can i rule out the very rare fatal disease SCAEBV?

Hello doctors, Recently i had an acute EBV antibody test done. all 4 panels came back negative, even though i am very symptomatic. With these results can i rule out the very rare fatal disease SCAEBV (Severe Chronic Active Epstein-Barr Virus Infection)???

I managed to get Epididymitis after a fall whilst showering?

Good afternoon. I managed to get Epididymitis after a fall whilst showering. 2 days ago. I did a short work shift afterwards in absolute agony. My question is how long would it be wise to remain at home resting until it is safe to return to work? I work in a commercial kitchen as a kitchen porter, and some degree of heavy lifting, as well as a large amount of walking around is required. My pain is still present, and severe today, with pain relief barely helping, and my next work shift is tomorrow morning. What should I do?