I have low grade fever, that persists for 3 to even 6 months I cannot lead a normal life?

Hi, my name is (…). I’m 30 years old. Last 3 winters I have low grade fever, that persists for 3 to even 6 months. I have diagnosed Hashimoto’s and on eutirox medicine, with ups and downs of hormones. I’m told that fever can’t be from Hashimoto’s, but blood test didn’t show anything. I don’t know what to do. I’m feeling tired, sleepy… I cannot lead normal life.
Thank You very much!

I’ve been sick for over a year now not being able to do basic human things?

I’ve been sick for over a year now. I’m 29 female. Symptoms include: low vitamin d, underactive thyroid( normal now took levothyroxine),occasional heart palpitations, pale skin, swollen hands legs abdomen, dizzy spells, orthostatic hypotension patterns with symptoms, lung mucus production with cough, insomnia, constipation, pain in lower back shoulders hips legs. So far I’ve had a tilt table test(negative) heart ultrasound( negative) sleep study( negative) 24 hour urine collection with a cortisol level 4 points above normal. I went from functioning to now not being able to do basic human things like dishes and grocery shopping. So far my doctor just keeps telling me he’s not sure what’s causing all this.

I have problem breathing and its progressing?

I’m a 19 year old female i have been having health problems for a few years and been to many doctor non of which helped me i have problem breathing and its progressing now i have chest pain most of the day and tachycardia my heart rate lately have been ranging from 90 to over 100 I’m on medication B1 antagonist buy doesn’t seem to be helping i have mitral valve prolapse my hand toes and lips turn blue occasionally chest experts say that I’m perfectly health from any chest problems and think no the problem may be with my cardiovascular system i have high c reactive protein levels and high sedimentation rate my blood test is normal but at a 4 month interval lymphocytes were the highest in normal range now the lowest and monocytes were lowest noe the highest almost out of range i have slight erythrocytic hypochromic anemia

New born 1 month old nephew is suffering from feet gangrene doctor want to amputate toes?

Hi i need help my new born 1 month old nephew is suffering from feet gangrene. Here some doctors asked us that they need to cut off the fingers of his feet please please help me is there any way with using we can get rid from cutting. Waiting for your reply thanks a lot…

I had a microbe in my lungs that caused me strong fever and fast heart beats?

I am a 29 yeara old male, I think I had a microbe in my lungs that caused me strong fever and fast heart beats, I consulted a doctor he gave me (derinox,maxilase,doliprane and tamiflu) i have been suffering for one week severe pain in my lungs when I cough or when I go up the stairs walk for a while. I still can feel the microbe in my lungs after one week causing me also short breath. I have also been drinking hot drinks, lemon, ginger, mint etc. i am just tired of this illness and need an effective medecine please.

My boyfriend and I are thalassemia carriers need advice regarding getting pregnant?

Iam a thalassemia carrier and my boyfriend is also a thalassemia carrier.so because of having a 25% chance of a thalassemia major baby we are planning to breakup.but my opinion is after getting pregnant i can do cvs and clarify whether the baby has got thalassemia major or may be a healthy baby.so that cvs will work so or not in this case.please doc give me an advice

I was diagnosed with PANDAS syndrome I often run low grade fevers, have fatigue, and chills?

I am 18 years old, female, 5’1, 106lbs. I was diagnosed with PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated With Streptococcal Infections) in 2012. I keep getting strep, I had it at the end of November and I was diagnosed with it again at the end of January. I know I’m not reinfecting myself because I changed my tooth brush, sheets, and washed all my clothes. It took me over a week for my fever to break and I have bad mild chest pressure. I keep getting tonsil stones the size of peas. When I don’t have strep I often run low grade fevers, have fatigue, and chills. I do have a history of throat problems. Please advise?

I have had a bacterial infection, need doctor advice?

Age 21
Not sure how long I have had a bacterial infection
Had std test : negative
Hiv test: negative
White cottage discharge in the past
Yellow and white discharge in the recent past month
Had vagina pain
Currently no strong odor or discharge
Used minicazole, examined by health department but no mouth swab done
Got an examination swab at a walking clinic seen as bacterial so I was prescribed diflucon, metronidazole then my tongue had red spots on my taste buds every time I touch the back I have a gag reflex tongue was white inflamed and dry
Felt burning when peeking usually so far no discharge after taking zithromax to clear the bacteria in my mouth when I used the bathroom tonight I didn’t feel burning before going to sleep

I have discharge from my eyes spreading throughout my body?

Hi I am a 51 year old female. I have had this web like discharge coming from my eyes for over a year now. It’s has spread throughout my whole body. Now it comes out my ears, nose, and my bottom. I have pictures so you can even see it. This is making, me more sick as it gets worse. All my joints are so sore and I’m tired all the time.

I have had symptoms of hepatitis since September I have lived the past 6 months a distraught mess crying everyday?

I have had symptoms of hepatitis since September . Before I was always constipated and now I use the bathroom 2-3 times a day and although it’s been light colored a few times it’s usually just a weird color like orangey or really dark . I have had dark urine a couple of times . My hands and feet are always very red I have pain where the liver is . I have a horizontal line on my thumb nail and putting on almost all nails . I have not been jaundice. I have been tested for hep b 6 weeks after exposure and was neg and have been tested for hep c up until dec 5 and was neg . The exposure was sexual. My 3 year old and 5 year old are having all the symptoms I have as well and just got the 5. Yr olds blood work done 3 months after I noticed symptoms and is neg on hep panel . Although the doc should be calling me with final report . I have lived the past 6 months a distraught mess crying everyday because I am in fear that my kids have this disease. I can’t let the thoughts go bc all the symptoms are there but the tests keep being negative . Please help me understand or give me some advice on what I need to do .

My daughter has viral bronchitis for 6 days now calpol does not take away the pain?

hello I’m asking for my daughter her name is (…) born 29.09.2008 she has had viral bronchitis for 6 days now she has improved its at night she suffers with a bad cough she has now got a sore swollen lump just under her ear I’m assuming a gland but it is sore and enlarged that you can see it she has no temperature with it and calpol does not take away the pain?

I found bumps on my labia is it HPV or vestibular papillomatosis?

Im a 30yr old female. No medications or known health conditions.
I recently found these bumps on my labia and I am wondering if they are HPV or vestibular papillomatosis.

I tried the vinegar test and couldn’t see any difference but am wondering how white warts appear when in vinegar? Would it be very obvious?

I have fever several times a day with pressure in lower abdomen?

hi.i am 23 year old girl.i had undergone nephrectomy 10 years ago of my left kidney. everything was alright in previous years.in last year in july i felt pressure in my lower abdomen. then i got typhoid. it was minor. i took medicine. i felt ok.but now i got fever again and it just in between 99-100 and only for one hour or so many times in a day.i also felt pressure in lower abdomen sometime.feels fatigue without work sometimes. backache sometimes.sometimes feels pain in uretors.what u suggest???