I’m a 32 year old male. I had a UTI just over a year?

I’m a 32 year old male. I had a UTI just over a year or so. I was given trimethoprim with no effect and then moved onto ciprofloxacin. On the last day of antibiotics the infection cleared up, but I developed the make equivalent of thrush. I was advised this was due to the strong antibiotics.

Ever so often I now get mild, recurring UTI symptoms like a slight stinging or burning from time to time, occasionally feeling like I need to pee after I’ve just been. Just a lot milder as I say.

I’m not a big drinker, but sometimes if I drink alcohol I’ve now also found this makes me more or less feel like I need to go straight away.

I do have a partner and have unprotected sex, but we’ve been together 3 years faithfully.

I didn’t get treatment for the thrush and just kept it clean and dry as I’m aware you should and it cleared up on it’s own. I’m a bit of a worrier and when these symptoms flare up I’m at my wits end wondering what it is or if I’m getting another UTI.

Any help is greatly appreciated

I really want to start having children but don’t want to rely on birth control to regulate my cycle?

Hi, I’m 21 years old with extreme irregular periods. I really want to start having children but don’t want to rely on birth control to regulate my cycle. Are there any natural ways you recommend or is going back on the pill my only option. I’ve been off of any type of birth control for 2 years now before I was on the depo shot for 2 years. Please help

I have struggled with a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), been on antibiotics 3 times?

I have struggled with a UTI, been on antibiotics 3 times (twice the same, one time other one tested with urine culture). UTI is finally gone.

Still have a pressured and annoying feeling towards bladder, pelvic region probably called. Ultrasounds made both outer and inner, nothing to see..

What is wrong with me? It’s fairly annoying to be spending money and nothing found constantly.. help!

Can I take Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) tablets while having a contraception implant?

I am 50 years old and have a contraception implant. I am going through the menopause can I take HRT tablets if I have this implant. Can you please advise me I would appreciate you assistance. My blood pressure is fine and my weight is as well and just been seen by a Nurse..

I just gave birth, two weeks ago It was not a normal birth?

Age:20, Gender: Female

I just gave birth, two weeks ago. It was not a normal birth i had to be operated since i was only open for 7cm.
When i got home i started displaying the following symptoms:
Excessive sweating from head to toe.
Head pains
Nausea but no vomiting

please advise?

I managed to get Epididymitis after a fall whilst showering?

Good afternoon. I managed to get Epididymitis after a fall whilst showering. 2 days ago. I did a short work shift afterwards in absolute agony. My question is how long would it be wise to remain at home resting until it is safe to return to work? I work in a commercial kitchen as a kitchen porter, and some degree of heavy lifting, as well as a large amount of walking around is required. My pain is still present, and severe today, with pain relief barely helping, and my next work shift is tomorrow morning. What should I do?

My mother has fibroid, gynecologist suggested removal of vagina, need second opinion?

Sir, my mother has fibroid from 2-3 years ,from 24 th feb she started bleeding and bleeding continued for 10 days due to which her haemoglobin level decreased to 4.4 , she once fainted due to such low haemoglobin so we took her to gynecologist and she immediately advice blood transfusion (4 units of blood in span of 26 hr)
Now after transfusion her haemoglobin level is 9.2
I have 2 question
Firstly i will tell you she is in completely bed rest at home from 2 days now i.e no work no walking (she used to do evening walk of 1/2 hour) no exersise and yoga.
1. After blood transfusion she is normal (apart from weekness) , doctor also gave medicine and injection to stop bleeding
Now question is she started drinking water all time after blood transfusion i.e 2 litre during night time from 10 pm to 6 am. Is this normal (nothing strange apart from this )

2.related to fibroid, what should we do next , gynecologist at 2015 suggested removal of vagina ,but my mother is afraid of doing so , hence we moved to ayurvedic doctor who gave medicine now fibroid size is reduced to 1/4 th (i think 1/2 mm now), but bleeding is getting worse as time passing -should we continue ayurved or do the operation.

I’ve been getting heavy periods , tiredness , my whole body is tender, migraines?

Hello I’m (…) age 23 , I’ve been getting heavy periods , tiredness , my whole body is tender, migraines , my left and right side of my neck starts throbbing but it comes and Goes, my eye sight goes funny , I get light headed, lower pains in my tummy, bloated , peeing a lot , I’m getting scared if it’s bad due to me having a son only 10 months .
can you please get back to me soon as possible please

I am suffering from poly cystic ovarian disease?

I am 27 years old woman having two kids. My height is 154 cm and weight 75 Kg. I am suffering from poly cystic ovarian disease.
Is there any effective treatment for this disease. Now we are trying for third child. But my periods are irregular. It is been two and half months since my last period.
I consulted doctors before, they will give tablets for 5 days to have period and it worked.
(1). should I take tablets every month to have menses? or (2) is there ant permanent solution?

I am trying to loose my weight. I don’t eat any junk food or oily foods. I do exercise regularly, but I am loosing not a bit. (3) What should I do to loose weight?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks in advance.

I am 20 weeks pregnant and I think I have a severe kidney infection?

I am 20 weeks pregnant and I think I have a severe kidney infection.
I have severe pains at the bottom of my belly on the right hand side and also at the bottom of my back on the right hand side. My urine smells quite foul and I have discharge. My midwife said if the pains don’t go then she recommends I go to the hospital and the pains are still there.

I have hormonal imbalance, I was diagnosed when I was a teenager?

Hello, I have hormonal imbalance, I was diagnosed when I was a teenager and the gynecologist prescribed me Diane 35. I also had polycystic ovaries.

Now I’m 26 and I’ve been taking the Diane for about 10 years, more or less.
I stopped the pill for about 9 months and the symptoms from the hormonal balance started so I started taking it again.
I don’t need the pill for birth control, so I looking to take something else to control the symptoms of the hormonal imbalance, which include facial hair, acne and no menstrual cycles at all.
The moment I stop the pill, my menstruation stops right that moment.

I’ve had several ultrasound tests done to check on my ovaries, it seems the Diane 35 eliminated the polycystic ovaries.
I take Diane 35 daily, except one week a month. And I take paroxetine daily.

I would really appreciate any advice and recommendation.

I have an overactive bladder, need advice?

Hi, I’m 21 years old. I saw my urologist and did an ultrasound, after the tests my doctor said I have an overactive bladder. I got it from sex with my boyfriend 5 months ago. My doctor gave me two weeks of sample packets of Myrbetriq which worked amazingly, everything finally felt normal again. But when I finished those the symptoms all came back. Since its $390 for a prescription of that my doctor put me on 5mg or Oxybutinin 2x a day. It has been 5 days and I still feel no difference. It isn’t helping at all. Will this eventually work? Or do you have any other ideas for how I can fix this? Also, are overactive bladder spasms something that will eventually go away or I’ll have this for the rest of my life? Also, I haven’t been having sex because I don’t want to make it worse, but will having sex affect this negatively?

I am a 26 year old female who has ADHD and OCD, adderall is causing some problems?

I am a 26 year old female who has ADHD and OCD. I have been prescribed adderall for almost 10 years now and I love it. Over the course of time we have has to up my dosage due to it wearing off too quickly. My current dosage is 30mg BID. Recently I have noticed that my ADHD has really gotten out of hand. I cannot think straight. I am forgetting thoughts mid sentence, starting tasks and getting distracted leaving SO many things unfinished. The list could go on but these things have left me very anxious and chaotic. I need to get back to being able to think about what I need to do and actually be able to do it instead of getting overwhelmed. I don’t want to come off adderall but was wondering if anything could be added with and be taken together? Just trying to get more information before bringing this up to my PCP who does not know a lot about treating ADHD. I don’t have good insurance and my pediatrician was originally the one who put me on adderall. My PCP now just continues to write my prescription because I was already on it when I became her patient and it has worked fine all this time. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you

After giving birth I continue to vomit 5 – 19 minutes after eating?

Hi i’m a 25 year old female. I’m trying to find out why i’m always throwing up 5 to 10 minutes after i eat anything. It all started after i left the hopital after i had my daughter. My head twitches sometimes and my right hand twitches then it feels really light and i constantly drop stuff when using my right hand. My right side of my stomach has a dull pain after i vomit and i have lower back pain sometimes and all of this is sudden.