After reconstructive surgery, I have extreme pain when I relax bladder muscles?

Extreme pain when I relax muscles to urinate.

I’ve recently had reconstructive surgery done on my bladder and right ureter as a result of a cold knife cone gone wrong. All while I had my catheter in, there was still a lot of pain if I relaxed my muscles. I’ve recently had the catheter removed and when I go to urinate, there is a god awful pain that is intolerable. Is this common? I’m taking my pain meds just to be able to use it, but it’s not working.

I received a urethral bulking procedure with the Coaptite injectable implant, now in constant pain, doctors don’t know why?

On February 8th, 2017, I received a urethral bulking procedure with the Coaptite injectable implant. That evening I could only drip pee, but not empty my bladder fully. I was screaming in pain overnight and the next morning my husband took me to the hospital where they drained 2 liters off the bladder. I was sent home and told that I would completely recover. Since then I have suffered from severe urgency, stinging, burning, frequency, pelvic pain and some incontinence. I have seen a urogynecologist, a gynecologist, a urologist, a pain specialist, an acupuncturist, and now I am seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist and receiving weekly treatments of percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation, PTNS. Over these 3 months, my condition has worsened, not improved. None of the doctors I have consulted understand why this happened to me, and do not know how to treat it. At 66, I am/was an elite athlete, extremely active, babysitting grandchildren, and had lots of energy. Today, I spend most of my time in bed due to the extreme discomfort of the pelvic floor pain and the severe urgency. I am taking myrbetriq for the pain, but do not think that it is helping and taking several antidepressants. I wonder what more can be done to alleviate these symptoms, if not get rid of them completely. I do not understand what could be causing these horrific sensations.

I think my urologist did a poor job with my circumcision?

I am a 70 year old man and I was circumcised about two years ago. I think my urologist did a poor job. Since the surgery I have had constant itching around the head of my penis. The itching is s bad that I can bear the pain caused by rubbing it raw more than I can bear the itching. My MD prescribed a steroidal cream that I used for about a year but that didn’t really help ether. I use Vaseline intensive care but it really doesn’t help. I moved and no longer have a doctor available. Is there anything I can do to stop this unbearable itching?

I have varicoceles, a low sperm count reluctant to get in a relationship with this problem?

My question is i have trouble ejaculating during sex…been single 18mths but was a problem with ex girlfriend intermittently.I have had semen checked and basically was told I have a low sperm count and may have trouble getting someone pregnant.I have varicoceles in both testes which im guessing doesnt help.
My gp gave me prescription for a testosterone injection which lasted a few months and did increase my sex drive
I am able to ejaculate through masturbation (once or twice a week) with little difficulty with the assistance of
I think part of the problem is mental..fear of not ejaculating
Been with plenty of partners since being single but this problem doesn’t help
Id love to father a child but maybe am reluctant to get in a relationship with this problem
I know I could go to a fertility clinic but it is difficult and embarrassing to talk about,I know there is an operation for varicocels which may help but sounds painful
I don’t have trouble getting girls but am a bit fussy,and time is running out to be a dad..Any advice much appreciated
I also read about “death grip syndrome” masturbation which could be a factor in my problem?
I’m a 43yr old single male..87kg 179cm

I am 10 weeks pregnant I am having severe back pain, headache for past few days?

I am 29 Y.O. female. 10 weeks pregnant with prior back issues that have been under control for about a year now. Previous pregnancy being a miscarriage. I am having severe back pain, headache for past few days, and diarrhea past couple days that accompanies the back pain. Is this something I should go to ER about? I called my OBGYN and left couple voicemails with no response from them. I have zero bleeding or abdominal cramping.

I am in a deep pain and stress due to the lower right Rib pain?

I am a 37 year old male.
I have two main problems:
1. Lower right Rib pain and tension.
2. Urinary Incontinence.

1. Lower right Rib pain.
I am in a deep pain and stress due to the lower right Rib pain i am experiencing since 10 years. I had Xray and ultrasound recently and the results are normal. Will CT scan or MRI reveal any muscle damage/ dislocation to my Rib?
Before that i would like to tell my medical history, i have suffered from Phobia, anxiety, major depression It took a toll on my health and most importantly caused muscle tensions and migraine headaches…I feel my lower right rib has been deformed due to continuous tension over the years, It has compressed more inside the body and i feel poky and pain while breathing and sitting.There is redness is that area.
when i touch the right and left ribs, i can see the difference in their positioning….the left rib can be felt and seen in normal position, whereas the right rib is compressed inside and i don’t feel the rib bones as much as the left side.
I am taking SSRI antidepressant called Lexapro (for anxiety, depression), and it helps 50% in reducing the tension but not enough to relax that area.
What should i do? I have taken Baclofen and it helps to some extent but makes me sleep for long hours and some drowsiness.
at times i feel like taking Muscle relaxants to relax those lower right rib but i know they can be addicting and harmful in long term. Is there Surgery option to put the ribs back in place so as to fix this issue once for and all ? Can CT Scan and MRI find out the Compression and deformed position of the right lower rib?

I am seriously had enough of it, since this rib pain and tension causes me Anxiety and even depressed feelings. I find it difficult to do physical exercises like jogging, Gym due to this and stress makes it worse. Relaxation exercises only helps partially for very brief duration like 30 mins or so.

2. Urinary incontinence
Since a year, i have developed urinary incontinence .I don’t know exact reason for it. It could be the Lexapro drug, but i am taking Lexapro since 7 years. For incontinence i was prescribed Solifenacin 10mg, and its effective upto 70%. I cannot quit lexapro because it is the only Antidepressant which helped me significantly with anxiety and depression. I have relapsed into depression in past due to lexapro withdrawal.

I will really appreciate your advice and options(including surgery if possible) so i can discuss them with a Specialist doctor at my place.

We’re thinking of getting an ovulation testing device would this be an effective birth control method?

My husband and I are opposed to using the Pill or other contraceptives, but we don’t want any more kids. We’re thinking of getting an ovulation testing device (a really expensive one that tests saliva and vagina conditions and charts the results on the computer), and then ONLY have sex three days or more after ovulation occurs.

If we’re very careful about sticking to this plan, would this be an effective birth control method?

I had a contraceptive implant put in a week and a half ago, and have constant bleeding since?

Hi there. I had the contraceptive implant put in a week and a half ago, and have constant bleeding since. I have mefenamic acid at home, and I heard this could help. My only problem is I also take fluoxetine and I’ve heard it’s a contraindication. Could I stop my fluoxetine for a while and take the mefenamic acid?

I’ve been diagnosed with a UTI and have antibiotics that aren’t doing anything?

Hi, I’ve been diagnosed with a UTI and have antibiotics that I’ve took for 2 days that aren’t doing anything. I have constant pain and pressure and the pain for the past 2 days and is nearly unbearable when I have a wee it’s burning and stinging. There is blood in my underwear and I’m finding it difficult to walk and sit down as the pain is allot worse. The pain is worsening rather than getting better. Please help on this ?

I had a surgical abortion, I have concerns about my future fertility?

I have concerns about my future fertility and hope you can shed some light on my concerns. I am 20 years old and when I was 14 had a surgical abortion when I was just over 11 weeks gone. I have concerns that I may have scar tissue in the uterus due to minimal periods but lately different period pains. After having the abortion I had an implant put in and after that had a second implant which I have recently had removed about 1 month ago. Of course my body is still adjusting but something tells me something isn’t right. My period came exactly 1 week after the removal of my implant and lasted about 5 days which was fairly light. And exactly when my next period was due, it came on time but again very light. Please could you help me understand what may be wrong due to previous operation and having light periods. Thank you.

I am starting to feel very slight burning sensation after urination?

Hello first time here and I freaking out.
I need your help please.
So 3 weeks ago I went to a brothel and received Oral sex (without condom) from a female nothing else.
2 weeks later I am starting to feel very slight burning sensation after Urination (not during)
And the burning sensation goes away quick but there is still some very slight irritation and after a while it goes away too. There are no other symptoms…this is happening for the past 5 days.
But again when I urinate the above happens again these symptoms are not severe but Im getting worried.

Is there any possibility I have gonorrhea or chlamydia?

The doctor diagnosed me with Epididymitis and prescribed me with a course of doxycycline for 7 days?

I am a male and aged 20 and a few weeks ago I went to the doctors with shooting pains in my testicles and groin area. The doctor diagnosed me with Epididymitis and prescribed me with a course of doxycycline for 7 days. However I felt like I was having side effects such as feeling sick, dizzyness and small chest pains. I returned to the doctors today and without even checking me over he prescribed me with Ciprofloxacin. However after looking online I am starting to fear I have cancer. Not only do my testicle symptoms suggest cancer, but pain in the stomach and upper chest apparently signify that the cancer has spread. Should I be worried about cancer or is the pain in my chest a result of side effects of doxycycline. The pain seems to happen after eating and drinking, however sometimes comes on randomly.

What are the best times to become pregnant?

Hello, I am asking for a friend and have this info 3rd. hand. A lady had her menstrual cycle about March 1st.
then has sex bout March 14th. and about March 30th starts bleeding bad. She goes to Doctor who tells her she is pregnant. Is this a possibility or another problem?
Also what are the best times here to become pregnant?
I am doing this for a lady friend for her son.
Can you help?

I have been suffering from low grade fever, excessive saliva at night, dark and less urine?

21y male.. 5 years ago I had repeated fevers I used many medicine indiscriminately since then I have been suffering from low grade fever, excessive saliva at night, dark and less urine, after 2 years symptoms progressed with Lump in throat during and after eating fatty/oily food, milk, juices etc, (it feels like nutrients fackflow), feel full with abdominal discomfort (not pain) after eating and when sleeping on front, fatigue, weakness, peeling scalp hair fall, I can also see a bit abdominal hair fall on my banyan.. I have tested for hepatitis b/c and were negative, also had ultrasound and was intact. Appetite is good.. Thanks

I’m a 32 year old male. I had a UTI just over a year?

I’m a 32 year old male. I had a UTI just over a year or so. I was given trimethoprim with no effect and then moved onto ciprofloxacin. On the last day of antibiotics the infection cleared up, but I developed the make equivalent of thrush. I was advised this was due to the strong antibiotics.

Ever so often I now get mild, recurring UTI symptoms like a slight stinging or burning from time to time, occasionally feeling like I need to pee after I’ve just been. Just a lot milder as I say.

I’m not a big drinker, but sometimes if I drink alcohol I’ve now also found this makes me more or less feel like I need to go straight away.

I do have a partner and have unprotected sex, but we’ve been together 3 years faithfully.

I didn’t get treatment for the thrush and just kept it clean and dry as I’m aware you should and it cleared up on it’s own. I’m a bit of a worrier and when these symptoms flare up I’m at my wits end wondering what it is or if I’m getting another UTI.

Any help is greatly appreciated