I have numbness in my fingers and feet – Feel angry and Frustrated

My personality has changed? I’m really snappy and frustrated all the time I have numbness in my fingers and feet, my knees and hips really hurt especially behind my knee cap, I’m covered in bites and I feel there is a blockage in my back passage, I feel really angry inside I want to explode!!!! I have had blood tests but nothing has showed up, I feel really teary with a sharp pain in my Breast I have loose stools and I have a lipoma on my lumber spine that’s causing me a lot of pain and stiffness, if I’ve been laying down for a long time my back really throbs, my hips and joint crack and click a lot too I feel like I’m 90 years old. What is wrong with me? Can it be anxiety that is causing this?


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I have been suffering from a range of problems, my GP says it is mental, need second opinion?

For the last few years I have been suffering from a range of problems. Mostly mental things like brain fog, confusion, inability to focus and think straight. Also a lot of muscle aches and weakness. I find it particularly hard to walk up and down stairs because my legs and lower back seem weak and wobbly and I have difficultly balancing/controlling movement. I also often drop things especially when feeling particularly weak. I am lethargic, shaky and sometimes get a tightness in chest/restrictive feeling in throat. This seems strange for someone who is relatively young, fit and healthy. I recently got blood test results from my GP who tells me it is all in my head since nothing is showing up in blood tests. I have had full blood count, iron, b12, glucose, liver function, thyroid function, CRP and ESR. All are normal. I had slightly low vit D about 6 months ago despite being the outdoorsy type but I have been having a D3 supplement since then to treat that. Is there anything else that could be wrong with me that wouldn’t be showing up on these tests? I will be looking for a new GP soon but I need to know what sort of things to ask them. I really feel that there is something seriously wrong. Surely a 30 year old woman should not be such a physical and mental cripple! I also often get things like coughing up greenish grey sticky gunk in the mornings and pustules on face and in hair and shoulder and bottom. It seems like at least once a month I get swollen lymph nodes and am also prone to abscesses under arms and in groin area. These aren’t as worrisome as other symptoms but I am just generally pale, weak, tired and unwell!


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I cannot remember old things as well as things I’ve done three days ago?

I believe I have a bad memory and I noticed that I’m very forgetful. I will list a few incidents that happened to me: I was once handed a paper in which I was asked to write all of my classmates names and I could not remember my friend’s last name eventually I had to pass that paper to someone else as I was incapable of remembering. I take a lot of time to memorize but I easily forget it all. My friend’s remember things I’ve said and done that I myself do not remember. Above all when I try to recollect my memories and try to remember them clearly i cannot it is as if a cloud was inside my brain preventing me from remembering things clearly, It feels blurry it’s a weird feeling I cannot put in words but I just cannot seem to collect my memory properly. I cannot remember old things as well as things I’ve done three days ago. It does not mean I have forgotten everything but it’s as if I forget more than anyone around me. Please help me. I am not stressed as of now And I do not have diabetes I do not suffer from any illness But I do have allergy and I have anxiety but do not suffer from it on regular basis.


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I am in a deep pain and stress due to the lower right Rib pain?

I am a 37 year old male.
I have two main problems:
1. Lower right Rib pain and tension.
2. Urinary Incontinence.

1. Lower right Rib pain.
I am in a deep pain and stress due to the lower right Rib pain i am experiencing since 10 years. I had Xray and ultrasound recently and the results are normal. Will CT scan or MRI reveal any muscle damage/ dislocation to my Rib?
Before that i would like to tell my medical history, i have suffered from Phobia, anxiety, major depression It took a toll on my health and most importantly caused muscle tensions and migraine headaches…I feel my lower right rib has been deformed due to continuous tension over the years, It has compressed more inside the body and i feel poky and pain while breathing and sitting.There is redness is that area.
when i touch the right and left ribs, i can see the difference in their positioning….the left rib can be felt and seen in normal position, whereas the right rib is compressed inside and i don’t feel the rib bones as much as the left side.
I am taking SSRI antidepressant called Lexapro (for anxiety, depression), and it helps 50% in reducing the tension but not enough to relax that area.
What should i do? I have taken Baclofen and it helps to some extent but makes me sleep for long hours and some drowsiness.
at times i feel like taking Muscle relaxants to relax those lower right rib but i know they can be addicting and harmful in long term. Is there Surgery option to put the ribs back in place so as to fix this issue once for and all ? Can CT Scan and MRI find out the Compression and deformed position of the right lower rib?

I am seriously had enough of it, since this rib pain and tension causes me Anxiety and even depressed feelings. I find it difficult to do physical exercises like jogging, Gym due to this and stress makes it worse. Relaxation exercises only helps partially for very brief duration like 30 mins or so.

2. Urinary incontinence
Since a year, i have developed urinary incontinence .I don’t know exact reason for it. It could be the Lexapro drug, but i am taking Lexapro since 7 years. For incontinence i was prescribed Solifenacin 10mg, and its effective upto 70%. I cannot quit lexapro because it is the only Antidepressant which helped me significantly with anxiety and depression. I have relapsed into depression in past due to lexapro withdrawal.

I will really appreciate your advice and options(including surgery if possible) so i can discuss them with a Specialist doctor at my place.

I am a 20 male and I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, am I taking the wrong Meds?

I am a 20 male Been diagnosed with depression and anxiety
Originally prescribed 10mg citalopram and 10mg propranolol
Doctor now changed my prescription to sertraline 50mg and propranolol 80mg extended release
I went back to say these arnt effective and now he has changed my script to sertraline 100mg but these are helping slightly however I still think I’m on the wrong medication as I feel I have bipolar –

I get really depressed which the antidepressant have heped with big style, however I get periods of highs where I get dizzy feel on edge feel sweaty I usually just eat something and wait for it too pass but it can last hours, I feel I could have bipolar and am taking the wrong Meds could I be right?

I have been feeling very depressed and it hasn’t gone away?

Hello my name is (…) and I am worried about my Health,since the beginning of this year I have been feeling very depressed and it hasn’t gone away I tried to talk to several people about it and they all said I should talk to a doctor .i have been struggling to sleep and when I do I over sleep,I can’t continue with my hobbies because I haven’t had the energy to do anything and it’s distracting me from completing my work,I have slowly started to experience theses problems more than usual and it has gotten to a point I am withdrawing from family and friends I would like to know why I feel this way or what this might be

​your opinion is much appreciated

My sister has attacks with severe headaches and sudden chills then it ends with shivering like fits?

My sister has attack of severe headache with sudden feeling of chills then it ends with shivering like fits and after painful stimulation she regain her breathe and coniousness.
In-between she is alert but drowsy with continous feeling of mild headache , nausea with vomiting sometime
The attacks at first was irregular bs later they became in fixed times between 2-3 pm and 2-3 am but we noticed when she make some physical activity she might have one attack again
All of her investigations are normal like
MRI/blood picture/CSF/liver & kidney functions/urine & stool and also her EEG was normal waves
They began with antiviral and anti bacterial with steroids and saline for 5 to 6 days with no response
Then recently thery started with her valporic acid 500 mg and the attacks stoped but at their times she have the same symptoms of severe headache and nausea
And in between she sleeps alot and still drowsy
Aslo there are some little symptoms like tinnitus and slight abdominal pain put not tender
My questions is those symptoms now from ther valporic acid ? Or the symptoms remain but the medication maken it little ?
Is there a psychic problem that can cause such attacks and she is only stressed or depressed ?
I hope you help me or advice to search for something the doctors are missing

I have been experiencing memory problems for the past couple months?

Hello my name is (…) I am a 20 year old male and I have been experiencing memory problems for the past couple months I have I am taking numbers of one I’ve never seen Dr. fine I just wanted to see if you guys could help give a diagnosis it started out that I missed placed small things and I couldn’t remember where I put them now it’s gotten to the point that I can’t remember names I’ve missed placed my ID couldn’t find it someone else found it for me and I can’t remember important dates important times I don’t want to go out because it’s in embarrassing not remembering who you’re with and what you’re doing

I suffer from olfactory hallucination (phantosmia) for over 20yrs?

Hi, I’m (…), 49yrs old. I have been having really strong smells olfactory hallucination (phantosmia) for over 20yrs.had a scan in 96 which showed only frontal lobe damage and it was left at that. A few years ago had my eyes checked and had another scan which showed nothing, not even frontal lobe damage.. weird.. was put on epilepsy meds in case it was that but I became elergic to 2 types of the meds was taken off them and that was that. It frustrates me nothing can be found wrong.. I feel I’m not believed or I’m looked at as a hypocondriact.. but it’s real and when it happens it’s really strong and I find it hard to breath when it happens. What is happening? Why does 1scan show 1 thing than on another scan it shows nothing? Please help. Thankyou

Diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Depression trying to stop medication?

Hi, i’m a 18 years old male, was diagnosed with OCD and Depression when i was 13 and the doctor perscribed me Luvox. I took it for three and a half years without medical observations, i used to overdose. Once i took 700 mg. There are stressful days where i took 400mg. Anyway, this last year i revisited a doctor and he helped me stop taking it, and put me on Venlafaxine and Valdoxan instead. I’ve been experiencing headaches and lack of concentration over the past two years “while taking Luvox” and now on Venlafaxine aka Effoxor. I’ve been experiencing an extreme lack of concentration i used to do math much quicker and now i stutter at the simplest things, i forget more than often, i have headaches almost daily where certain parts of my head feels off. I was wondering if my overdosing on Luvox years ago could be a reason for this damage and is it permenant?, or is it common? I was wrong i know. But i was in a bad state. I appreciate the help i’d get.

Diagnosed with anxiety disorder, can anxiety make you have headaches and feel weak and tingles all day?

My systems started off as tingles and weakness for about a week then adding headaches everyday and sometimes hard to breath and dry mouth.i been to the hospital twice they checked everything on my body they said everything was good. They said I could have generalized anxiety disorder and I had low potassium so they gave me xanax and low potassium pills.. but I was wondering can anxiety make you have headaches and feel weak and tingles all day

4 year old girl with delayed milestones (speech) and convulsions, what can we do?

I have a 4 years old child (Girl) with delayed milestones (speech) and have been having convulsions when she has an infection. She is sometimes hyperactive she has been diagnosed to have mild autism.Currently we give her Tegrotol for convulsions. what can we do to help her catch up with her speech and to reduce hyperactivity and also to eliminate convulsions.

My antidepressants destroyed my libido, what other medication can help me?

I am 27 year old man and have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, although what troubles me the most is anxiety and depression. Very strong versions of them! I have been hospitalized 21st of October 2016. for 3 weeks in psychiatry because of intense stress which manifested as strong tremors and huge sweating without temperature. I am in really stressful condition basically whole past year and still. I take Geodon (ziprasidone) 2x40mg and fluvoxamine 150 mg, often abusing promazine as I have intense problems with falling asleep. After two weeks in hospital, on weekend release home, I took in desperation in two days 2 pills of Proscar (finasteride). I must be honest and tell that even before taking this two pills I felt huge decline in my sexual function. Since hospitalized couldn’t get any real erections… But when I took the pills it went all the way down. I lost all sexual functions including sexual thoughts. After 3 weeks of taking it I could maintain barely erection so when I masturbate I hardly orgasm. But I thought I was recovering. Now, since beginning of this year I became totally impotent, even strongest visual, aural and tactile stimuli couldn’t do anything not even little erection. So I got really psycho after that! I cried, I don’t know the reason which caused it! These two pills? Or what? Geodon and Fluvoxamine aren’t new in my therapy. In fact, they didn’t add or remove anything from therapy while I was hospitalized that last time. I tested my hormones which I am attaching to this question. It’s in Croatian, but you will know what each word means. It’s global language, medicine. Doctor told me I need to go to my psych immediately tomorrow for change of therapy. That it is the cause, receptors in my brain that hold me from getting erection and by the way I lost all emotions of love! I don’t know what it feels to be loved. So he suggested switching medicine. I was taking fluvoxamine whole my life since I got first symptoms, since I was 14teen. I just wanted to ask, is it possible that brain and depression, anxiety or whatever psyche did this to me? And shall I change both AD and AP or just change antidepressant? And which one I would be best on, since I tried once for few days paroxetine and I couldn’t orgasm at all! So no to paroxetine. Is there any antidepressant that would help me with severe depression and one that doesn’t destroy my libido or orgasm ability? I just still can’t believe that I became impotent and lost emotions just because of psyche. If you can, please explain it to me bit more, cause I really do not understand that it is possible. It’s like telekinesis! Doing stuff physical with psyche!