After reconstructive surgery, I have extreme pain when I relax bladder muscles?

Extreme pain when I relax muscles to urinate.

I’ve recently had reconstructive surgery done on my bladder and right ureter as a result of a cold knife cone gone wrong. All while I had my catheter in, there was still a lot of pain if I relaxed my muscles. I’ve recently had the catheter removed and when I go to urinate, there is a god awful pain that is intolerable. Is this common? I’m taking my pain meds just to be able to use it, but it’s not working.

4 year old child loses conscious every 3-4 minutes and losing sensation on side of body?

hello, my family friend’s 4 year old child is suffering a problem. He loses conscious every 3-4 minutes which lasts for few seconds. Its been on going for more than a year. Hes seen doctors but since they life in a country where the medicine isnt advanced, they are not getting satisfying answer. He has also started losing a little sensation on one side of his body

I had ovarian cancer and reflux surgery I still deal with constant nausea. I can barely eat, and I am unable to live life and go anywhere?

In 2009, I had surgery to remove a very large ovarian tumor (it was a rare cancer that grew big but did not spread, so I was left with one ovary). They made a vertical cut down my entire midline from just under the breastbone all the way down past the belly button. After I recovered, I felt fine, although my abdominal muscles stuck out some, of course. In 2010, I got pregnant and had constant nausea throughout (which at the time I attributed to the pregnancy). I had a C-section in 2011. After the C-section, I still had the constant, debilitating nausea and couldn’t function. It never went away. I had an upper endoscopy done, which showed evidence of GERD (I had wearing away of the esophagus). I tried all sorts of over-the-counter and prescription meds for reflux and nausea, but none helped. A couple years later, I had a laparoscopic Nissen surgery done (which wraps the stomach around the LES to prevent reflux). The surgeon said I had a small hernia, which he did not fix since he said it was very small. I had slight improvement after my reflux surgery, but not much. I still deal with constant nausea. I can barely eat, and I am unable to live life and go anywhere. I am housebound, and at times, bedridden. I am only 38 years old. Obviously my abdominal muscles were cut in half vertically during the tumor surgery of 2009. I suspect that the pregnancy made things worse. I still have some protrusion of my abdominal muscles, as my belly sticks out, as though I am pregnant (I’m not). I’ve tried to do rehab exercises for a possible diastasis recti, but this only causes more nausea. Is it possible that a small hernia and/or diastasis recti could cause this constant nausea? Is there anything else, anatomically, that could be out-of-whack? Could the stomach be pushed out and thus not be in the right position? Is there anything that can be done to fix my constant nausea? It’s not something I can live with. (My ovarian cancer is not the cause, since I’ve been tested, and it has not come back.) Please help!

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I ended up in Accident & Emergency with tonsillitis, should I have surgery?

Last year I ended up in Accident & Emergency with tonsillitis. I was unable to swallow my own saliva and was having difficulty breathing as my adenoids had swollen. I have has tonsillitis once already this year and have recently been suffering with tonsil stones. I currently have again, very swollen and sore tonsils. Should I be starting to consider surgery? I would say I have these episodes at least 3 times a year.

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