My daughter has a bite mark or rash on leg, is it dangerous?

My daughter has a bite mark or rash on leg, is it dangerous?

Bit Mark on daughter leg or I don’t know what is it. Maybe u could tell me what it is and if she need medical attention


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I’ve recently had an hysterectomy do test results show I have cancer?

hi. i am 49 years old and i’ve recently had an hysterectomy. i’ve always had heavy periods, but in the last two years it got really heavy and before my hysterectomy i was bleeding for 50 days. after removing my cervix they took samples from it and analyzed it.I’ve attached the results. one is the pop smear test and the other the sample from my cervix. I’ve searched it online and apparently CIN3 refers to “pre-cancer” cells. now my questions are: do i have cancer? even after removing my cervix? how likely is it for me to be diagnosed with cancer? what are the chances that there are still abnormal cells in my body? regarding that i have removed my cervix. is there a chance that these abnormal cells had spread from my cervix to other organs and have the potential to cause cancer? please be honest with me. what should i do?!
thank you

I can’t fully turn head to left for about 4 years due to acute pain?

I am 22 years old, man.
I can’t fully turn head to left for about 4 years due to acute pain. Doctors say nothing because neck MRI is okay.
Place in pain showed on image (upper part). I can’t palpate anything on that area what could cause the pain. It also hurts in same place on full rotation to right, but lesser.
If I try to lay head on pillow, turn left and lift head, I will feel severe pain and tension like something heavy pushing my head down.
I tried muscle exercises as on image (lower part). But after one day of it I got severe neck muscle spasm.
I use orthopedic pillow. Tried MRI check. Did self-massage. All was no use.

Tests show high levels of Creatinine, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium and Phosphorus?

Some tests I did privately for hormonal function included 24hr tests for Creatinine, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium and Phosphorus. Every single one of these tests came out very high, what does this mean? I also have the same tests done in 2012 and they are high too so this isnt a fluke test. very concerned and dont have any medical direction. Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Creatinine and calcium have been tested in serum and are in range. Image of test attached.
Frequent urination fatigue anxiety Dizzyness since childhood

I am having some problems with tooth No 25?

I am having some problems with tooth No 25. Image 25_A explains what is the problem. The photo was done in December 2016, since then the tooth got even more sensitive, i.e. experiences a lot of pain if exposed to any heat or cold (tea or cold water).

I have visited one dentist in December and she wanted to kill the tooth immediately; she then changed her mind and said we should wait and see what happens, which is code for let’s let it die on it’s own.
Visited another one in January. She wasn’t sure also what to do — to open up the tooth or to wait.

The filling is quite big and it seems the nerve is swollen on is squeezed against the filling.
I would ideally like to save the tooth rather than killing it of the bat. What should be done?

Thank you

I have hashimotos. Am i going to have heart problems within few years?

Male 26 year old. Physically fit. No family history of cancers heart diseases. I have hashimotos. Just found out my homocystine is 23,11. My doctor prescribed b vitamins. But trials do not prove they prevent no heart diseasesand strokes Felling confussed depressed is there anything i can do? Or am i going to have heart problems within few years?!

I have strange symptoms is it multiple sclerosis (MS) or Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)-Lou Gehrig’s disease?

Is it MS or ALS?
hi i have been having very strange symptoms for the past few months now. first is it start with muscle weakness felt it all over my body and then the burning sensation on my right lower leg start it for a few days it start just at night time same spot but after it start it to move different spots of my body, it went to my back and on my neck it burn it like crazy especial on my neck it last it for a few days same time i got sharp pain on my left hip and ankle on and off. i had a sharp pain on left side of my head for 3 days straight my eye lid twiced for 2 days. soon after my bones start it to crack everytime i move my joints crack i don’t feel any pain when they crack but just turn my shoulders crack or my legs but now the middle of my back is hurting. and my speech has become slurry at times and I’m become little clumsy and i feel that at time I’m gone lose my balance. all the blood test turned out to be normal, the b12 was little bit on side but not under the normal range, any idea what this can be? can this be MS or ALS? the wait its driving me crazy

I recently had my tattoo removal surgery for 4th session, is it Hypertropic scar or keloid?

I am 17 years male from southeast Asia. I recently had my tattoo removal surgery for 4th session. I seems to be itching for few days but a muscle like swelling occurred on that part after 1 week. I searched in internet and knew it could be Hypertropic scar or keloid. Please help me. I am very scared about that. It would be your greatest help if anyone could tell me what it is. I have attached the picture

Using colostomy bag after hernia surgery, after 7 days haven’t passed stools?

Hi my mom uses a colostomy bag she did a surgery on 10/1/17 to remove a hernia she pass stool 7 days after, it has being 7 days now she haven’t pass stool and vomiting a lot doctors take xrays give her laxatives but nothing she’s at the hospital now and all the doctors are doing is just waiting for her to pass stool isn’t it too long now please tell me what u assume might b happening to her

Damaged my knee, what are available treatment options & recovery time required?

I am a 26 yrs old Male, felt from the scooter on the knee with huge weight of the scooter along with one guy sitting in back…..Now, 23 days have been passed I am on cylinder cast. DOctor told to get the MRI done. Report is attached for your reference. Can you please help me in getting the available treatment options & recovery time required


PROTOCOLS : Sagittal  :  PD & TSE-T2W pulse sequences. Coronal :  T1WSE & STIR pulse sequences. Axial : TSET2W pulse sequence.

ACL is edematous and its course is replaced by illdefined hyperintensities. Intercondylar soft tissue edema noted. PCL shows buckling but normal in attachments. Anterior tibial translation noted.
Collateral ligaments are normal.
Tibio-femoral joint spaces are maintained with intact articular cartilages.
Fluid is seen in supra-patellar bursa extending to the knee joint recesses. Patellar and quadriceps tendon are normal.
Horizontal grade III signal noted in posterior horn and body of medial meniscus. Anterior horn is normal. Lateral meniscus is normal.
Visualized bones show contusion.Changes of synovitis seen.
Visualized muscles are normal in bulk and signal intensity.
Impression: MR imaging reveals joint effusion with :
* complete ACL tear.Changes of synovitis 
* Horizontal tear of posterior horn and body of medial meniscus.

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I have heartburn, headache and vomit

I’m 18 years old and a female and I was sick in bed last week too and I thought I was better but for 3 days now I been throwing up everything I eat and drink and it’s crazy to feel like I can go days without eating and drinking anything. But I absolutely feel so sick I keep wanting to threw up even in bed I don’t know what to do anymore. I drink water I throw it up. I drank baking soda eat soup and throw up. I even throw up what I think might be blood last night and now I also have horrible heartburn and a headache. Please help!

I hurt my shoulder, doctor put me on arm sling, now doctor says fractured humuras?

on November 11 2016 i hurt my shoulder went to urgent care medical center and they diagnosed with a sprain shoulder and arm and gave me an arm sling, on november 29 2016 had follow up with my pcp on november 29 2016 he want a second opion and sent my xrays to another person orthopedic on december 20 2016 i got a call saying it was fractured humuras, after 6 weeks doesn’t a bone heal i am able to move my arm with no pain and i don’t want surgery is realy medical necessary for them to re break the healed bone after not knowing after 9 weeks of being undignoised sent my doctor and certified letter telling him i was disappointed in my care, should i go to the orthopedic doctor and what should i expect after it may have already healed. i wore the arm sling for about 6 weeks non stop.

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Our baby is 5 weeks old. Had bronchiolitis and therapy, screams but we don’t know why?

Our baby is 5 weeks old. Had bronchiolitis and had therapy for 7 days in hospital in Macedonia with lendacin and urbason. now his chest are ok but continues with pulmicord inhaling (26 days) and Cefaklor sirup (5 days).
I am desperate for help what can i do to help our baby not to have side effects or further complications. I read that when babies are so young it is more then possible to have later complications or serious illnesses. Sometimes he screams like hell and we don’t know why. He might be in pain. He seems lost now, confused and scared from all the hospitals and needles :((
Please please please advice, what to do to help him.

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I have hyperpigmentation around my mouth for ten years, is this curable?

I have hyperpigmentation around my mouth, it there for almost ten years now, don’t know what needs be done.
I don’t want to user hydroquinone , carticosteriods, and chemical peels as I have already tried them and every time it keeps coming back.
And I usually don’t go out in sun from past few years.
Please let me know is this curable.


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