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Are you a Patient with Medical Experience or Knowledge you can share?

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Answer questions.
Solve medical problems.
Earn Money and Reward Points.
Build your online reputation.
Develop new clients.
Promote better health. is an innovative platform for doctors, experts, hospitals and medical facilities world-wide. For patients, represents a unique opportunity to obtain free and priority answers and solutions to medical questions, treatments, issues and problems.


Reward Points Are Converted To 5% Cash or Gift Certificates …consult our FAQs

For Medical Professionals:

Medical Doctors and Experts can earn money, promote their business and contribute by answering questions on our Medical Crowdsourcing section.

Further revenue through personal consultations are available with our Doctor Visits Via Video Service. An innovative video platform designed to introduce doctors to new patients worldwide.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities can market their services by providing treatment quotations to patients who require treatment, surgery or services through our Medical Tourism and Treatment section.


3 steps to grow your medical practice and medical facility

“ has proven to be an invaluable tool in building my practice and improving my revenues.
After several years, I continue to participate and contribute to this exceptional medical platform”

Dr. D. Zluf

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