I had fever, bad cough, pain and chills for a week?

60 year old male. I had fever, bad cough, pain and chills for a week. Now all back to normal. But during the week I
had diarrhea. Now after the fever and symptoms have subsided I continue to have diarrhea.

What can be the cause of the diarrhea and why do I still have it?

What can I do to stop the diarrhea?

Are there any tests that I should do?

Is the diarrhea a sign of a another problem?

I take no meds other than synthroid for thyroid and (low-dose) pills for high blood pressure.

I have had colonoscopy done once every 2 years – all OK.

My cousin has severe anemia, fever- doctors can’t do anything for him?

Hi I’m not asking for myself actually. Recently my cousin is in hospital and doctors can not do anything. He has severe anemia. As I know the platelet number was 50.000 when it should be somehow 200.000-400.000. Firstly he had fever for several days and after they took him to hospital it reduced and he was very well for one day. But after that day his situation worsened and he became somehow numb. He didn’t recognise anything but had irritability. Now somehow his memory restored (like he has reflection when you call his name) but he is half unconscious. Now he is in reanimation and doctors can not diagnose certain thing. They say he has liver and spleen dysfunction and he needs blood. That’s all. The other things i think you should know is he’s been to Africa at the end of December. And had fever one time there which has passed easily after antibiotic intake. Also he used drug called Lyrica regularly which i think you should know. I will be really thankful if you can help somehow

Hi my dad has a fever, lower left quadrant pain, he is tired and no appetite?

Hi my dad has a fever of 100.8 and he is having lower left quadrant pain and has swelling on the same side and his left arm is also swollen he is having pain urinating and he is tired alot and he don’t do nothing I barely touch his side to give him a hug and he pulls away cause he is in alot of pain. I would like to know if you could help me and let me know what I should do for my dad please his appetite is going down hill and he can’t even finish a cup of coffee.

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Question: I have a strange fever…tests negative …help

Please, I have a strange fever. I have done lots of tests (including HIV) but they came out negative.
I usually experience high body temperature between 9am to 4pm every day for the past 3 months now and my palms are warm.
Coupled with low appetite, frequent headaches and lack of energy. Whenever I take Swedish bitters(a herbal syrup) I feel a lot better but it comes back after some hours( the feeling above)
Please kindly help

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