I have a strange condition that makes me cramp up like a seizure?

Hello my name is (…) and I have a strange condition that makes me cramp up like I have a Seizure but its not a seizure, a stroke that isn’t a stroke and a heart attack that isn’t a heart attack. My arms and legs get numb, my leg get heavy for me and I really cant feel my left arm. Most of my body gets numb particularity my left side but now it has started reaching my right side and it hurts. I also have a sensitivity to light with my eyes and a very strange temperature awareness or lack of it many times. Its getting worse slowly and I don’t know the cause or how to stop it and there has been nothing that has been diagnosed, my question is is it one thing or different things mixed together that ended up hiding everything else causing all my tests to come back negative? I need answers in any way possible so maybe one day i can start living life again.


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I have seizure like events?

For many years now I have had what I call seizure like events when I am sometimes stressed out. I don’t know of any particular triggers that cause them. What happens is what feels like an an involuntary burst of energy that seems to come from my upper body or mind area (I can’t tell for certain), that last maybe half a second, recurs every two seconds, and may last a minute or two. The additional symptoms are my eyes lids follow the burst by closing when it starts, and opening when it stops, my body mildly responds the burst, there is ear pressure that rises and dissipates with each spasm, and a mild reflexive upwelling or spasm from my torso out toward my throat.

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I sometimes stare and my eyes freeze – Do you think I’m having seizures?

I have anxiety and panic disorder and have had it for about 12 years.. my latest fear is that I’m having seizures. My whole life I sometimes stare and I’ve always laughed it off and said my eyes are frozen. Lately though I’ve been putting myself into a panic when this happens. Do you think I’m having seizures?

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