Will Viagra work for a bad prostate?

Will Viagra work for a bad prostate?

During middle age, men tend to have greater cellular growth in the prostate (the semen producing gland), which in turn constricts the urethra and restricts urine flow. The difficulty in urination caused by the enlarged prostate is called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The medication sildenafil citrate (Viagra) is most often prescribed for erectile dysfunction (ED), but because there is also a positive effect on BPH, it may be prescribed for BPH when ED is not a factor, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Seven Advantages of Online Medical Consultations

Seeking online health advice is proving to be of great use to patients around the world., it’s an effective means of getting professional medical advice. Here are 7 reason why online medical consultations should become an integral part of your medical need-to-do list.

1. No Location Boundaries or Limitations. Obviously one of the major advantages is the fact that you can gain online access to reputable general doctors and specialists that otherwise would not be available to you. And you can also get medical advice in places where it’s not possible. Online medical consultation provide remarkable benefits to everyone, even if you are restricted at home, in rural areas, remote locations or in other settings that limit your access to conventional treatment options.

2. Better than Self-Diagnosis.How many times you’ve used general search engines to search symptoms of diseases or conditions? Maybe, countless times! But it is important to realize that relying on health and medical information provided by general health sites to self-diagnose your condition is dangerous and counterproductive.
Looking at health and medical photos and studying articles using the internet can give you some ideas about your current health condition, but it will never be a substitute for consulting a doctor. Without an expert advice (and proper diagnosis), you won’t be able to identify what underlying causes are behind your condition.
Moreover, today thousands of online sites provide information on health and medical issues. And, chances are high that the information could be scams or dodgy.

3. Cost Effective.In these days of hefty medical bills, the appeal for low-cost healthcare is strong among patients. While an average doctor visit costs around $120 – $150 without insurance, online medical consultations range from $25 to $80 without insurance.

4. Confidentiality. Some people seek online contact with doctors they have never met because they value the confidentiality for sensitive medical topics or conditions.

5. Better than Telemedicine Services.Online doctor consultations have a slight advantage than telemedicine. You can take your time to write a detailed description of your condition. Also, you can submit your previous and current medical reports.

6. 24/7 Health Support.Most online health service providers offer twenty-four-hour access to doctor consultation and the convenience of receiving care at home.

7. Second Opinions. Online doctor consultations can provide patients with
second opinions from doctors using a completely different approach to
medical problems such as Conventional, Integrative, Alternative, or Naturopathic approaches.

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Hi I’m wondering what respiratory failure to a compression of the Brain stem means?

Hi I’m wondering what respiratory failure to a compression of the Brain stem means? Let’s say I’m talking about a high profile Rock Star Guitarist who died in 91 by the name of Steve. His official cause of death was respiratory failure due to compression of the brain stem. Reports are that he was an alcoholic and the night he died he went out for a couple drinks. Namely a triple vodka, a quadruple vodka and a double brandy within 30 minutes and was also on pain killers for a cracked rib along with antidepressant medication. Reports also state that the person who found him had said that when discovered, his face was blue and there was blood coming from the mouth. However the lead singer of this particular group stated that he feel asleep and suffocated in his pillow while in a drunken state.

You are probably referring to Stephen Maynard “Steve” Clark
The brain stem, which is located underneath the limbic system, plays a vital role in the basic life functions of breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. Three sections, the midbrain, the pons and the medulla, comprise the brain stem. The medulla, which is located between the pons and spinal cord, regulates breathing and heart rate. Injury to the medulla results in breathing difficulties.

chlorhexidine gluconate for oral use

“How effective is oral CHG, and are there any special precautions for using the oral CHG rinses?”
The use of CHG for oral decontamination follows decades of use of this product by dentists in patients with gingivitis and periodontitis.[2] The recent increased use in hospitals has been primarily as an intervention to reduce ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) by reducing the number of bacteria able to colonize or infect the upper and lower airways. Several studies have assessed efficacy of this approach, and it has been included in most VAP prevention bundles, although current evidence does not conclusively support the routine use of CHG in mechanically ventilated patients, except in cardiac surgery patients.[33]

CHG is deactivated by anionic compounds, including the anionic surfactants commonly used as detergents in toothpastes and mouthwashes. For this reason, CHG mouth rinses should be used at least 30 minutes after other dental products.[16] For best effectiveness, food, drink, smoking, and mouth rinses should be avoided for at least 1 hour after oral CHG use.

Anionic substances, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, commonly found in toothpaste, also disrupt CHG’s cationic activity. For this reason, a time delay between brushing and gargling is advisable.

The most common unwanted effect of using oral chlorhexidine is staining of the teeth. A yellow-brown stain, similar to what occurs with excessive coffee or tobacco use, occurs in about half of patients exposed to the oral solution. However, the staining is highly variable in different individuals, and the cause is not known with certainty. Patients should be advised that this is a normal cosmetic and temporary effect. The stain can be removed with standard professional dental cleaning.

Answer: chlorhexidine gluconate alternative
TheraSol when looking for an alternative to Peridex [chlorhexidine gluconate oral rinse].

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chlorhexidine gluconate for oral use
Hi I’m wondering what respiratory failure to a compression of the Brain stem means?
Seven Advantages of Online Medical Consultations
Will viagra work for a bad prostate?
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