I had a transvaginal scan both ovaries polycystic gestational sac bleed?

I had a transvaginal scan for pain on my right pelvic area and back. During the scan she asked me if I’m pregnant? We are ttc but the tests say negative and I also had a 2 day bleed which I told her. She said she sees a gestational sac and I should do a test again in a week. and when she looked at my ovaries they looked polycystic.

A family friend accessed the report today to see what it says (not allowed I know but I’m so confused).

It said BOTH OVARIES POLYCYSTIC? RIGHT HEAVILY. GESTATIONAL SAC? BLEED. This is just the report before the doctor reads looks at the scans and puts notes in.

What does this mean? Do I have PCOS? Am I pregnant?
Why would she see a gestational sac if I’m testing negative?
What is the bleed?! She never mentioned a bleed!

I don’t have another appointment for 3 weeks, I can’t wait that long!
My relative said it could’ve been a bleed or a gestational sac in the scan, surely there’s a difference?! And they might want me to go in for a procedure on my ovary…

I’m scared now, if I am pregnant I would only be 4weeks, is that too early to get a positive?

Someone please help me make sense of this!

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We are traveling, my son has diarrhea and losing weight, on anti-malaria pills?

Hello this is a question about my 18 month old son, we are currently in Zanzibar and have been here for just over 2 weeks now and since before we came he has on and off Diarrhea today though he has had two lots of very water Diarrhea and I don’t know what to do! He’s fine in him self and is still eating but I feel like he is loosing weight. He has a dairy and sesame allergie but I do not give these to my son, he is currently on paediatric Malrone Anti malaria tablets.

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My breasts have significantly enlarged to point it is difficult to move?

My breasts have significantly enlarged at to point it is difficult to move. Nobody really offers me any solution. Hormones checked- all fine.No cancer. But they keep getting bigger and bigger. I have a heart condition- tricuspid valve regurgitation,have suffered pulmonar blood clots in the past. There is a version that it can be related to that,but still no solution. What can I do?

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My eyes are swollen and hurting, taking Pristiq, Doctors say nothing to do? I’m miserable.

I only took 4 doese of Pristiq. I stopped the medication 15 days ago. My eyes are still swollen and hurting. The area under my eyes and my cheekbones is the worst. I have been to 2 doctors and they didn’t take me seriously. My eye doctor told me to take benadryl. My family doctor said there is nothing he can do. I even called Pfizer and they had no suggestions. I know for a fact that this is from the Pristiq because I have never had symptoms like this before. The eye side effect is a known issue with this drug and it is even listed on the box. the box says some people are at risk for this and you should get preventative treatment if you are at risk. How do you know if you are at risk? What is the treatment? My question is, what can I do to help this? Did the Pristiq cause an infection? Could my body still be reacting to the pill after this long? Please help me, I’m miserable! Thanks!

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I have stinging sensations outside my vagina, too scared to get scanning or tell my parents

I’m 16 years old and over the past few days have been experiencing stinging sensations on the outside of my vagina, I am currently on my period so I’m unsure if that could be the case (although I’ve never had it like this before) I’m honestly too scared to get a scanning and I definitely wouldn’t tell my parents. Me and my boyfriend have been together around six months and have intercourse regularly although he always wears protection, however I noticed it was quite painful the last time we did tried it. I’ve also noticed excessive “chunks” coming out in my blood which have a weird skin like texture, I’m extremely worried and want to know if it could be an sti. I’ve even looked at my vagina myself to see if I could see any weird symptoms but it just looks a little grazed. It doesn’t hurt when I urinate but when I wipe it often stings.

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I suffer from joint hypermobility,what do you recommend?

The muscles around my glenohumeral joint are hypermobile, they have been ever since I was little (Im now a senior in college). I don’t sleep with pillow, and I fall asleep with my humerus misarticulated, and I feel like over the years the muscles have been getting more and more loose, making every day activities more difficult. Today I fell down the stairs, and in addition to the typical soreness one would expect with that, my right humerus was fully wrenched out of the joint and twisted up, and now my upper back hurts and the shoulder is more mobile than usual. Can you recommend anything to reduce the hypermobility and discomfort?

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I have hearing problems, sometimes sounds are too loud, sometimes too quiet.

i am 19 years old and suffer with really bad ear pain sometimes even the air hurts my ears , loud noises really hurt my ears i get in such a state i want to hurt who ever is making the noise so they would just stop, sometime i find it hard to hear the tv and then other days i find it hard to have the tv up load

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I have symptoms of gluten allergy, but tests show no allergy nor Celiac disease?

Everytime i eat something with gluten/WHEAT. i either get very itchy skin often with small bumps on my back , a bit sore top of mouth . as im eating i can feel my stomach start griping and often i have a runny poo soon after.

i get very bloated and extremely tired. so tired that i cant keep my eyes open.

these symptoms start within 2 hours of eating.

i tried a gluten free diet and i didnt get these symptoms. i also had more energy. lost weight which i find hard to do and my fibromyalgia pain was almost non existent.

ive mentioned to doctors and been tested twice for celiac twice, both negative.

could this be some sort of allergy or intolerance?

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