I have two holes in my chest that blow bloody bubbles when I breathe?

i have two holes in my chest that blow bloody bubbles when i breathe and have 3 broken ribs on the left side. i also have 4 gashes on the same side. the holes in the left side of my chest make a sucking sound when i breathe. i cant breathe deep. i called the emts and they are on their way. i keep bleeding from the holes in the left side of my chest. i was shot twice. i cant breathe. what will the emts and doctors do to stop this? and what is this condition called? what can i do for self care at home?

I had surgery on Friday, I noted a swollen lip how could this injury have occurred?

I had surgery (48 hours ago) under general anesthesia. In the recovery room, I noted a swollen lip, in one specific spot like an injury, but no broken skin like I had bitten it, and my lip still hurts quite a bit. Surgery was no where near involving my mouth or face area. The nurse in recovery room noted it, but didn’t seem to think much of it, other than to say it probably happened during anesthesia, which confused me a little. How could this injury have occurred? What can I do for it?

I had important surgery to remove appendix, may have Intestinal adhesion problem, need second opinion before surgery?

Hi, I am 35. 2 years back had undergone a big surgery to remove my appendix. It was big because they couldn’t diagnose the cause of the pain and the cut my stomach. Its a big horizontal cut starting from little above the navel point till the beginning point of pubic region. My problem is since that time im having a bloating stomach. I showed it to a Gastro Doc. He said could be Intestinal adhesion and may need to operate if it is painful or if it is obstructing the bowel. I dont have any pain. What could it be and how do i get rid of it? Please help.

I have been getting stomach pain that feels like a bad gnawing pain?

Female 40 years non smoker, occasional alcohol, going through early menopause.

For the past 5 weeks I have been getting stomach pain that feels like a gnawing very bad hunger pain. The pain feels like it is mid abdominal/ behind my belly button and quite deep inside. Sometimes it feels like there is pulsing sensation. Even after a big meal I still feel hungry, it has even woken me at night a couple of times. Occasional nauseous but never vomited. I have been prescribed two courses of antibiotics, currently half way through second and also omeprazole. I started feeling a bit better but now I am back where I started. I am starting to think it could be something more serious.

4 year old girl with delayed milestones (speech) and convulsions, what can we do?

I have a 4 years old child (Girl) with delayed milestones (speech) and have been having convulsions when she has an infection. She is sometimes hyperactive she has been diagnosed to have mild autism.Currently we give her Tegrotol for convulsions. what can we do to help her catch up with her speech and to reduce hyperactivity and also to eliminate convulsions.

My right hand and foot have been numb I can’t move and it’s painful?

I am a 24 year old female college student, I am a bit over weight but losing. I have no serious physical health problems, no diabetes or anything. I do sometimes get lower back pain, right shoulder pain and other aches and pains in my legs and have broken a few of my fingers in different ways from being clumsy. The past two weeks my right hand and foot have been numb. I can still feel hot and cold, but they have a strange tingling feeling that feels like when your foot falls asleep. I tried to do some stretching, and since I thought it was a pinched nerve I was doing some stretches to relieve that. This has only made it worse, it has turned from feeling just numb and uncomfortable to feeling tight and painful. Over my ribs on the same side (right) feels really tight, so combined with my leg and shoulder/arm, it feels like I can’t move and it’s painful to do anything. It’s only progressively gotten worse since it started. I’m not sure what I should do to get help with this problem, should I call my doctor, go to a chiropractor, or go to the emergency room?

Using colostomy bag after hernia surgery, after 7 days haven’t passed stools?

Hi my mom uses a colostomy bag she did a surgery on 10/1/17 to remove a hernia she pass stool 7 days after, it has being 7 days now she haven’t pass stool and vomiting a lot doctors take xrays give her laxatives but nothing she’s at the hospital now and all the doctors are doing is just waiting for her to pass stool isn’t it too long now please tell me what u assume might b happening to her

While admitted in hospital My amylase and lipase percentage has been 5 time the normal range?

Hi, My amylase and lipase percentage has been 5 time the normal range high due to acute pancreatitis. While admitted in hospital, the WBC count was also abnormally high which has now been under control, however the lipase and amylase enzyme range is still alarmingly high. Please suggest medication to control the same and to help bring down the levels to the normal reference range of under 140 U/L

I found bumps on my labia is it HPV or vestibular papillomatosis?

Im a 30yr old female. No medications or known health conditions.
I recently found these bumps on my labia and I am wondering if they are HPV or vestibular papillomatosis.

I tried the vinegar test and couldn’t see any difference but am wondering how white warts appear when in vinegar? Would it be very obvious?

Diagnosed with a benign ovarian cyst around 10cm, clinic wants to do full hysterectomy, need second opinion?

Hello my partner who is 53 has been diagnosed with a benign ovarian cyst around 10cm. We are expats living in Cyprus and the private clinic here want to do a full hysterectomy, i am seriously debating taking her for a second opinion on the other procedures available. Do you agree?

4 year old child loses conscious every 3-4 minutes and losing sensation on side of body?

hello, my family friend’s 4 year old child is suffering a problem. He loses conscious every 3-4 minutes which lasts for few seconds. Its been on going for more than a year. Hes seen doctors but since they life in a country where the medicine isnt advanced, they are not getting satisfying answer. He has also started losing a little sensation on one side of his body

I had inguinal hernia surgery (laparoscopic), pain hasn’t gone away?

I had inguinal hernia surgery (laparoscopic) on Nov 17th. I have been experiencing testicular and scrotum pain for about 2 months. My doctor said it will go away in three months, ever I feel that it is getting worse. It’s been hurting after I masturbate and light exercise, which I have since stopped, however the pain does not go away. I can’t do normal things like shopping without the pain in my scrotum. Is this normal or is something else going on? I was told that masturbation does not cause the pain, but I know it does. Will this pain ever go away?

I had a HIDA scan last week my doctor wants to remove gallbladder, need second opinion?

I am a 25 year old female. A few months ago I started getting upper right abdominal pain when I ate. It would move to my side and back. I lost my appetite and lost about 10 pounds. It went on for about a month before I went to the doctor. He sent me for an ultrasound of the gallbladder, which came back normal with slight sludge in the gallbladder. I decided to wait a few weeks to see if it would improve, but noticed at least one each week I would have an episode when I ate a large meal. I had blood work to check for H. Pylori, which came back normal, so was sent to a gastroenterologist. While I waited for an appointment, the pain improved some, but I would wake up with what felt like morning sickness most mornings. Eating would help some, as long as it was something light. I had a HIDA scan last week, which came back as an ejection rate of 76%. Technically this was viewed as normal, though my doctor still wants to refer me to a surgeon to see about having it removed.

My question is does this sound like it could be gallbladder related issues? I am young, work out at least three times each week, and have never had health problems. I have been getting frequent cramping feelings in my stomach, and it constantly makes noises (gurgling sounds). Of course I have asked around, and several people have mentioned that it sounds like IBS, stomach ulcer, etc. I will say my bowel movements over the past three months have gone from regular (everyday) to every three days. If i drink coffee, it is more regular. Sometimes though I will have four bowel movements in one day. My upper abdomen hurts when I press it. I had a fatty meal (fried chicken, fries, and a biscuit) last week, and I hurt for hours after.

I had the flu or bronchitis and now developed serious sinus infection?

Hello I am a 45 year old female with no disease and I am on no medication and very healthy. Last month I had the flu or bronchitis badly, the head pain was unbearable, it tooks a couple of weeks to get over and I still have headaches a little bit. My entire life I have always had sinus infections and my nose is always blocked. Three days ago I used a netti pot and I did it with my own salt and it burned. That night my vision was off and now for the past two days I have had double vision badly and today a headache- i have no health insurance and I literally have no money- at all- nothing for a dr…is this from the netti pot did I gives my self a sinus infection.I cannot go to the ER and be in debt thousands to find out its a sinus infection thank you.