My mother in law has been ill for a month today. Feeling very tired.Loss of appetite?

My mother in law has been ill for a month today. Feeling very tired.Loss of appetite ,when she does manage to eat a little she heaves and brings up frothy spittle. As a consequence of this she is becoming confused. She has had two trips to the hospital. she has had 2 ecg,s , 2 x.rays and 2 full blood counts and all came back normal. A doctor from her local surgery came this week and gave her some anti sickness tablets but nothing seems to be helping. She is 91 years old

I had wrist surgery it was the biggest mistake of my life?

I made an operation to the wrist, where they made me a fusion of four corners, and they removed the scaphoid. This surgery was the biggest mistake of my life, I could live with the pain I had, now I have pain all the time, the wrist movement is close to 10%, more than that is always pain. Before surgery I was promised that I would not have any pain, although I would lose 50% of the movement, and that recovery would be between 2 to 5 months. The results I had was pain always, and I lost about 90% of the movement. I’m a cook, obviously I need more wrist movement. My question is what are the solutions to my problem, and if there is any expert who is specialized in this problem. I wonder if there is a possibility of reversing this fusion of four corners.

Me and my wife have been trying to have a child for two years?

Hello please help me and my wife. Me and my wife have been trying to have a child for two years. She eats healthy. Exercises daily most of the time. But her periods are irregular and for the past three days she’s been having symptoms of pregnancy but two tests came back negative one took today and one took last Tuesday. She’s 4 weeks late period (we think) her last period was last month 19-26. Idk if her hcg are just too low or what. But 99% of the time of her period or about two days before she gets breast pain. But she hasn’t got breast pain. She has weird feeling stomach. Some pain in the pelvic area. Dizzy sometimes. Better sense of smell. But still no positive.

My eldest daughter is suffering excruciating pain, need second opinion?

My eldest daughter, she is 16 years. Last year (2015 December) she was having pain at the right back of her neck. I took her to Dr. Dr. told that it is an allergic or cold problem. He prescribed antibiotics. Then she was ok for about 3 months. After 3 months the same area was paining and a lump can be seen like tumour. I took her to a renowned Dr. He said, may be it’s an allergic problem and gave some blood test n FNAC test. The reports were normal. Dr. prescribed her medicines, which helped her to be ok for another one n half month. Again it started paining and this time it was unbearable. Surprisingly, I saw 4 more lumps at the right and left side of her neck. Her spinal chord started paining n she was having a bit fever. Immediately I took her to Dr. This time we did her FNAC again and some blood test, but result nothing. Again and again we r going to different Dr’s, tests, medicines but no improvement. One of the Dr. told to do biopsy. Then we consulted a neurosurgeon but he told that its a sensitive area to operate. He needs time for it n gave medicines.

Finally in the end of December I took her to India (New Delhi). There we appointed a medicine Dr. He gave tests. In the reports he found a huge deficiency of vitamin D. After that we consult a neorology Dr. He gave for MRI test. In the report ARACHNOID CYST can be found. He gave 6 months medicine. Now my daughter’s spinal chord and the lump is paining. My daughter is now screaming out of pain. As a mother it’s very painful to see my daughter in this condition. Please, please n please help me out. Help my daughter. Suggest us something. I am attaching the reports n prescription. I will be grateful to you dr. If u can suggest us anything.

I had surgery in 2014 for ruptured ectopic preg. I currently have hydronephrosis and kidney stones?

Im a 29 yr old female. I surgery in 2014 for ruptured ectopic preg. I currently have hydronephrosis and kidney stones. Not on medications currently. Also had rhabdo in 2011. In july of 2016 i hemmoraged in labor. 4 weeks of EXTREME exhaustion. No matter how much i slept i couldnt stay awake. Eyes wouldnt stay open. Unfocused. Rolling. Hearing was fuzzy. Would just fall asleep. Even drinking energy drinks. After i called dr i got labs and hemoglobin was 6.4. I was put on blood transfusions and iron infusions. After 6 weeks felt back to normal. 5 months later it has started AGAIN. 4 days ago exact same symptoms. Cant physically get up in the morning. I cant stay awake in the day. Eyes rolling vision unfocused eyes cant stay open etc then fuzzy hearing in spurts. Jerking/twitching/jolting uncontrollably to wake up. And cant control when any pf this happens. I can drink coffee or energy drink and still fall asleep. I have not hemmoraged again so idk whats goin on!!! I have 4 kids and oldest is 6 and recent diagnoses (9-11-16) i work in a call center as well. I cannot afford for this to be happening again and literally outta nowhere. 4 days ago. Please help!!

I have been through so many tests, and surgery and have gotten worse?

Hi, my name is (…) and I have been through so many tests, and surgery and have gotten worse. I had laprascopic gallbladder removal Dec. 16, 2016. I have seen cardiologist and ruled out my heart. I have had chest xrays, HIDA Scan, blood tests, h.pylori tests. Emergency visits. So here is what I am experiencing right upper abdominal pressure. Chest pressure, stabbing pain off and on to the right of my navel when walking and driving. Urine that smells like poop, frequent urination, abdominal heaviness, can not get in a comfortable position when sitting, fatigue, weakness, extremely low vit. D, slow healing with bruises, like the one I got from getting my blood drawn and its been 3 months. Always feel that I have a lump in my throat.

I have not had a voice for 7 weeks and a sore throat and really sore neck?

So I am 19 years old and have not had a voice for 7 weeks and a sore throat and really sore neck and have been back and forward to doctors and they said I have a virus so I had pencillen v antibiotics took them no change then had throut spary a gaggle paracentmole but still no change so I left it for 2 weeks to see if it would get better it self but still no voice so went back to doctors and they said still a virus to gaggle salty water and steam my faces with menthol crystals for 2 week did that but iv still no voice well just a whisper and my neck is still getting soreer should I go to doctors again or just go to A&E ? Could it still be a virus but I have never had a virus to last this long and its just not getting better

I am 20 weeks pregnant and I think I have a severe kidney infection?

I am 20 weeks pregnant and I think I have a severe kidney infection.
I have severe pains at the bottom of my belly on the right hand side and also at the bottom of my back on the right hand side. My urine smells quite foul and I have discharge. My midwife said if the pains don’t go then she recommends I go to the hospital and the pains are still there.

Husband is having a hard time breathing especially lying down

Husband is 46, diabetic 20+ yrs, dr gave nat-oseltamivir 75mg n tyl 500 mg on Wed for flu. Plus flu symptoms, he’s having a hard time breathing especially lying down. He woke me up 5 am this morn, he said he was sitting up and “idk, I fell over”. He fell to the floor. Flu can be treated at home but at what point do i take him to the hospital?

I have hormonal imbalance, I was diagnosed when I was a teenager?

Hello, I have hormonal imbalance, I was diagnosed when I was a teenager and the gynecologist prescribed me Diane 35. I also had polycystic ovaries.

Now I’m 26 and I’ve been taking the Diane for about 10 years, more or less.
I stopped the pill for about 9 months and the symptoms from the hormonal balance started so I started taking it again.
I don’t need the pill for birth control, so I looking to take something else to control the symptoms of the hormonal imbalance, which include facial hair, acne and no menstrual cycles at all.
The moment I stop the pill, my menstruation stops right that moment.

I’ve had several ultrasound tests done to check on my ovaries, it seems the Diane 35 eliminated the polycystic ovaries.
I take Diane 35 daily, except one week a month. And I take paroxetine daily.

I would really appreciate any advice and recommendation.

I have central posterior disc herniation with annular tear?

Age:17, Gender: Female

At my l4-l5 i have central prosterior disc herniation with annular tear and a degree of subligamentous extrusion of the disc material, which is occupying the anterior epidural space and causing partial compromise of the left lateral recess with potential for impingement of the left transversing nerve root. There is mild bilateral nerve root exiting forminal stenosis, aggravated by some facet joint arthropathy with widening of the joint spaces and hypertrophy. No direct exiting nerve root impingement is demonstrated at this level. My L5-S1, there is central prosterior and left paracentral and foraminal disc protrusion causing obliteration of the anterior epidural space and partial compromise of the left lateral recess with displacement of the left transversing nerve root. There is also mild stenosis of the proximal aspect of the left nerve root exit foramen with no definite direct exiting nerve root impingement.
Are these results bad and what would you recommend, i have already tried physio for 4 months with symptoms only getting worse, i am also on medication with no improvements, i have tried exercising and avoiding bending or sitting for long periods. I have also tried accupuncture with no change.

More details about the presenting complaint:
Numbness down left leg frequently, shooting pain down back of left leg and stabbing pain under big toe. Doctor said i have decreased quad and hamstring strength bilaterally and slump test produces leg pain bilaterally.

Current medications:
Naproxen 500mg 1 tablet 4 times daily, cocodomal 2 tablets 4 times daily. Doctor said thats the highest dosage they can give me because of my age.

Lab tests performed:
Mri performed.

Height, Weight, BMI
Height (cm) BMI Weight (Kg)
180.00 16.98 55.00

I began to have pain in my left hip, across my stomach and in my left groin?

I am a 69 year old male, the week before Thanksgiving i fell down my front steps ,I was able to get up without any difficulties. The next day I began to have pain in my left hip, across my stomach and in my left groin. I went to my Doctor and an x-Ray of my pelvis was ordered and obtained ,the x-Ray showed no fractures or anything that would cause the pain. The pain was still present after a month, I contacted my Doctor, a order for a cat scan was ordered, the scan showed no fracture or any other reason why the pain is still present, it has been three months since the fall and the pain is still an issue,my Doctor says that the next step is a MRI, Any ideas on what the problem is.

I broke my tibia and fibula in a snow blade accident, fibula seems displaced?

One month ago I broke my tibia and fibula in a snow blade accident. I had extension put on my leg and in two days surgery where I’ve got metal plate with 8 screws on the tibia but nothing on the fibula. Now I’ve had X-ray and doctor is saying it is OK with some minimal bone healing, but to me it looks like the fibula is a bit displaced. I wonder is it normal not to put plate on the fibula, having in mind it was multifractured fracture. Also I wonder whether it is normal to have only minimal bone healing after one month and when the bones should be fully recovered.

I experienced a sudden tingling on my lips and in my gums, is it Guillain Barre syndrome?

Hello! Over the past several weeks, I have been something of an anxiety ridden wreck. Actually, anxiety and high levels of stress have been with me for a long time, though recent circumstances have changed how I react to it. The stressors were more or less related to being an entrepreneur, college student, navigating a quarter-life crisis, as we millennials seem to do, etc. But in any case, I recently had a string of symptoms that I’m more worried about than before.

Several weeks ago, February 4th, I experienced a sudden tingling on my lips and in my gums. The tingling lasted, perhaps not more than a minute, and then was completely gone. Approximately two weeks later, I was struck with a short lived but moderately intense cold, the symptoms to be described as: itchy + scratchy sore throat, congestion and sneezing, a mild fever, night sweats, and extreme fatigue. The fatigue lasted for the entire duration of about 3 days. The itchy + scratchy sore throat, lasted only approximately 24 hours, as did the congestion and sneezing and mild fever, which occurred on the second day of this three days episode.

Around the fourth and fifth day, the symptoms of the cold more or less abated, but another symptom appeared: A tingling in my feet and lower legs, and some muscle soreness and weakness. For the next three days, leading up to today, I’ve experience more or less this tingling, along with a mild sense of dizziness and some difficulty walking.

I’ve looked up the symptoms online, and for better or for worse, would like to ask some questions about Guilliard Barre syndrome. When march first comes around, I will have access to health insurance, thank god, but I would like to see if I can rule out Guilliard Barre syndrome before that point, hence, why I’m asking about it on here.

Are there discrepancies between what I’ve said here and how Guilliard Barre syndrome progresses? For example, the speed of the progression symptoms with respect to my legs and feet. It’s been four days, and I can still stand and walk. The websites I consulted said that the syndrome progressed rapidly over the time span of two weeks, but how rapidly is that? And does my time scale fit what should be expected? Likewise, the symptoms of my cold matched up fairly well the symptoms for mononucleosis, but the entire episode was very brief.

Furthermore, in Guilliard Barre syndrome, is the tingling more or less constant? Or does the tingling come and go when you rest and/or use your legs respectively? In my case, the tingling hasn’t been constant, and while sometimes I may think that the tingling is slowly moving up my legs and spreading higher up my body, it’s difficult to distinguish that from the possibility that my anxiety is simply imagining things, so to speak.

Finally, though my hands are located “physically” higher up on my body, Guilliard Barre syndrom starts to attack the extremities of the body first, yes? This would imply that my hands should also be experiencing some tingling as well. They did experience some tingling a few days after the lips and gums were tingling, but only in isolated episodes, and only after using them for a period of time.