My second daughter is seven years old and has hormonal problems, please advise?

GnRh stimulation test and its results

My second daughter is seven years old. She has some hormonal problems. May be you can help us in this matter. Briefly I will describe the situation for you and attached some analyses tests:
1) Since 8 months she got treatment. I took her to endocrinologist. After analyses hormonal, Brain and Adrenal CT they decided that she has hormonal problems. Brain and adrenal CT were normal. But they said adrenal material is now so developed and it could not produce hormones normally.
2) Since 8 months doctor started treatment with hydro cortisol tablets for regulation Cortisol, DHEAS and other hormones. During 2 years my daughter got this treatment. After this they stopped it and started Norditropine injection for growing. About 2 years she got this injection. And when we discovered liver infiltration after sonography doctor stopped all treatment and said every think is ok now. About 1.5 year she did not get treatment and everything was ok. But recent 3 months we discovered the menstruation in my daughter and make test. The Estradiol level increased and after sonography we find out that she has a small cyst in uterus.
3) Additionally we mad GNRH stimulation test (0, 3 and 24 hours). LH level is under 4 but estradiol is high. Doctor recommended injection but I am hestitating because I read if LH level is under 4 it does not importatant the injection. For now doctor prescribed Medroxyprogestrone

My son has been sick for about 3 days now?

So my son has been sick for about 3 days now, here are his symptoms
Fever (High of 100.5)
Super sore throat, can barely swallow.
Lumps on the back of the throat, pinkish red
Swollen tonsils, not swollen all the way. just a bit.
Hurts to swallow.
Painful headache, the worst I’ve ever seen. He normally sleeps on his side, but he couldn’t, it was too painful, even after he took a pain reliever, couldn’t even look at our computer, it made it worse, now he still has the headache.
No appetite.
Thick mucas
Bit of a cough
Bit of a stuffy nose.


After staph infection, I have been getting pressure and sharp or dull throbbing pain in my upper left leg?

I have pain and pressure in upper left leg

I am a 30 yr old nonsmoking female who is a couple of pounds underweight but not malnourished. I don’t take any prescriptions or drugs and only drink about once a month. About two years ago, I had what doctors thought was a staph infection due to an ingrown hair in my groin area (it was never tested for staph, but he told me I had one and gave me antibiotics, which I took as prescribed). Ever since the staph infection, I have been getting pressure and sharp or dull throbbing pain in my upper left leg. The pressure/pain is on the very top and the inside of my leg. Before the last two weeks or so, the pressure and pain would only occur for a couple of minutes in very sporadic intervals. Sometimes I would go several days without any pain or pressure. However, in the last two weeks or so, the pressure and pain has been in my leg more often than not, so I am a bit concerned. When I press on the area, it doesn’t hurt, but is a bit tender. There’s no redness, sores, or puffiness there or anywhere on my body, and it doesn’t appear that I have another ingrown hair. When I walk, the pain lessens or is the same. When I sit, the pain/pressure usually gets a little worse. Also during the last couple of weeks or so, there have been sharp pains in my left armpit. The pain only happens approximately once a day for a few seconds. I can feel small nodules in my groin, neck, and armpit they don’t hurt. I’m not sure how new the nodules are. A few years ago or so, a doctor told me I had permanently swollen lymph nodes, and he thought it was because of a tonsillectomy that I had as a little girl.

I have Lordosis of back spine, need second opinion?

Loss of lordosis of back spine

I have this problem since last 10 years but I don’t aware of it but last 15 days I have very bad back pain so visit doctor and he took x-ray and the x-ray show that I have loss of lordosis problem.
AND physiotherapist TELL ME THAT IT WILL NEVER RESTORE NATURAL CURVE OF SPINE. I have to live rest of my life with lordosis problem. So I want to know that is it possible to restore the natural curve of my spine. Or it will never get back to its original posture.

I’ve been diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS), losing weight can it be Lyme Disease?

MS multiple sclerosis or Lyme disease

Hello doctor, I’ve been diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS), I make 2 MRI’s brain and spinal cord and found lesions both of them..since august I’ve been diagnosed I’ve noticed some strange things happened to me..first of all I’ve lost weight, more than 15 pounds in a year, second I’ve noticed a light face atrophy in the left side, arm and legs weakness and it normal..does multiple sclerosis affect the weight I am taking Tecfidera for ten months Age:38 Male

My immune system is deficient in the 1gG3 classification, please advise?

Chest congestion, sinus congestion, inner ear canal has fluid moving around.

My immune system is deficient in the 1gG3 classification. Currently, I cough and have to hold my chest because of the pain. I seem to be on a 3-4 week cycle of getting sick. I call my asthma doctor who prescribes an antibiotic over the internet. I had this 3 weeks ago but it was better for a week or so after an antibiotic and prednizone. Getting into the doctor takes days and I don’t trust the urgent care facilities. The doctors seem to be inexperienced. Should I go to the emergency room this time? How do I know if I am in real danger of the congestion affecting my ability to live?

Bone Tuberculosis (TB) Diagnosis cannot be confirmed, do we opt for surgery or TB medication?


My name is (…) from Australia. My nephew – (…), (male) aged 16 year, living in Bangladesh, has been suffering an acute pain in his spine. Doctor in Bangladesh wasn’t able to unambiguously diagnose his disease, however based on some of the medical investigation such as MRI scan and assessing the symptoms they strongly suspect that (my nephew) has been suffering from Bone TB. As the diagnosis was not unequivocal so the prescribed course of the treatment given by the doctors in Bangladesh doesn’t build a solid confidence in us. In that circumstance my sister brought him to Hyderabad, India as India is deemed to be better than Bangladesh in regards to medical science. However, the outcome is almost absolutely identical. In this circumstance we are seriously confused and cannot take our decision, whether we should go for surgery or TB medication. We are even thinking about taking the patient to Bangkok as Bangkok is even better than India.
Please give me a guideline.
Kindest regards,

I was recently diagnosed with an Atypical Mole (Dysplastic Nevi), please advise?

Questions about atypical moles

I was wondering if you can help me with some (mostly neurotic) questions pertaining to some dysplastic nevi which I was recently diagnosed with. I’m currently suffering from health anxiety and tend to make the mistake of googling these health conditions as well. My dermatologist recently removed three nevi at my request, primarily for cosmetic reasons but also because I didn’t want to obsess over them changing anymore. She did shave biopsies, one came back as mild dysplasia and the other two as mild/moderate dysplasia. She indicated that no further treatment is needed. Last year, I had two other larger moles removed which were biopsied and normal, and I had about five larger (but no bigger than a pencil eraser) removed by my primary care doctor seventeen years ago (a dermatologist had actually clinically diagnosed them as normal a year prior to that). Unfortunately, he had used electrodessication and currettage without biopsies after saying they were normal clinically (not sure if they were moles anyways, possibly seborrheic keratosis?); all that are left now, seventeen years later, are flat white hypopigmented areas and no reoccurrence of pigment or other changes has taken place where they were removed ( I would think if they had been dangerous I would have seen major changes by now and perhaps wouldn’t even be here). Given the above, that is a total of about ten larger -sized moles which I’ve had; any other pigmented spots which I have are sun spots, freckles, etc. There is no history of diagnosed melanoma in my family — my father did have some strange pigmented lesions on his back, but I know for a fact that he had them for over twenty years (he would’t go to a dermatologist) and he died from cardiac arrest — I’m thinking that perhaps they were seborrheic keratosis, which I understand can resemble melanoma. I am vigilant about having professional skin cancer screenings done, and as a matter of fact just had a free one which a local cancer hospital sponsored…all was fine.

Based upon all of that information, do you feel that there is any need for me to be concerned about FAMMM
(familial atypical mole malignant melanoma syndrome)

I also see that there is an atypical mole syndrome which increases your chance of melanoma. So far I’ve only had ten larger moles (about the size of pencil erasers), all of which have been removed– two were normal on biopsy, three mildly dysplastic, and the five removed by my primary care doctor 17 years ago were not biopsied. Other than that I have about 35 other smaller freckles/moles (I’m not sure how to distinguish them), the largest of which look like the ones in the attached image of my arm. Is it safe to say that I don’t appear to have atypical mole syndrome (I understand that usually has HUNDREDS of moles)?

I’m attaching an image of my back; you may see some hypopigmented areas from where my doctor removed lesions seventeen years ago and red spots, which are areas which my dermatologist just treated with cryosurgery and some with electrocautery. The second image is of my upper arm, just to show you the other types of freckles and sunspots which i have in other locations. Age:50 Female

Based upon all of that information, do you feel that there is any need for me to be concerned about FAMMM
(familial atypical mole malignant melanoma syndrome)

Sudden bald spot on top of head, please advise?

Sudden bald spot on top of head

I suddenly have a very large bald spot on top of my head , I am 23 years old , I smoke but eat quite healthy and I’m active , I am not experiencing and other symptoms but I’m quite sure it wasn’t like that when I got my hair cut maybe a couple months ago. Age:23 Male

Low resting heart rate can it be a secondary adrenal insufficiency, if not what is cause?

Low resting heart rate (woke up with it week ago)

Last Thursday, I woke up short of breath and lightheaded, so I checked my heart rate about an hour later, and it was only at 43, and My normal resting heart rate is 78 or so. It’s stayed between 40 and 55 since then. Two days later, I went to the ER where they did a blood test and an xray of my heart. They released me saying I was stable, and that there was no signs of heart damage nor signs of any clots, but to see a physician within 3-5 days. I am unable to see a doctor due to the lack of insurance, so I am wondering if anyone could tell me what this is. I had a traumatic event happen to me 4 days before the first day if the symptoms, and I was in pure “fight or flight” mode with my adrenaline pumping almost nonstop. I seem to have a lack of it, so I brought up secondary adrenal crisis to the ER and it was dismissed. Please help Age:30 Female

I developed breathing difficulties approx 2 years ago, which have worsened daily since?

I developed breathing difficulties approx 2 years ago, which have worsened daily since. I am consistently told by the doctor that I am hyper ventilating due to anxiety …. I only wish this were the case but it isn’t.

I originally felt like something wasn’t moving properly when I breathed in and out, so doc ordered chest xray which came back clear. No wheezing or any symptom like that, just that i couldn’t breathe deeply any more. Problems have persisted, getting worse with worsening pantness, shortness of breath at all times and worsening feeling of suffocation especially when lying down. I’m breathing about 40 breaths every 30 secs now, constantly like this and am exhausted with it and scared at the increasing shallowness and choking feeling. Very bad feeling of choking all the time and gurgling noises in throat now, very shallow breaths n and out. Can still swallow but feels very odd and uncomfortable. Have also had a diaphragm test as i had read this can cause respiratory issues like this, this was also clear. Have now such a shallow breath in and out and permanent choking feeling, wretching sometimes which is so difficult even as so little air. The huge problem i have is that i haven’t been taken seriously about what is happening and has continued to happen, worsening., and am now at a complete crisis point and still not believed…after my partner died, i got put on medication for anxiety, this worsened on medications which i reacted badly to and I have ended up with a diagnosis of bi-polar. I stopped the meds sometime ago because of physical side effects like twitches and high cholesterol, fatty lipids on eyes from it and other pretty bad side effects…but obviously still have the diagnosis of bi polar which has prevented being taken seriously on this. It has been horrific trying to persuade people something is wrong and worsening to be constantly told its it my head…, i wish it were this easy! I have been complaining of the worsening feeling of some kind of paralysis a long time, and am consistently told by the doctor that i am hyper ventilating due to anxiety. I only wish this were the case. I ve been back to the doctor again this week, told i am hyperventilating and need medication to treat the anxiety, and that my swallowing is fine because I can take a sip of water and swallow that. Also my oxygen saturation level is ok. AM very scared as feel throat could close very soon, my breathing is very weak, very short and shallow and am waking up choking…Getting to sleep is very difficult as the breathing is so shallow and just panting so fast…Im now despairing because if i go to urgent care, Ive been told they will say the same thing… this has been said to me more than once in the past three months, but nothing is improving just worsening. (…) Just to add to this, i couldn’t do sprirometry test recently as have such shallow breath, and they said i wasn’t doing it properly due to anxiety. (…) It took a year faster chest xray to ask for diaphragm test too, despite me continually saying it was worsening both to my gp and psychiatrist. Just cant believe what is happening and nowhere to turn. I would take medication if this were anxiety, but it isn’t and is so so uncomfortable and frightening now…. and i just wonder what if anything can I do. I have a feeling i will choke to death whenever i lie down now and am feeling its pretty urgent. I just get told it isn’t getting worse, because i first mentioned it two years ago, and am unable and powerless to prove otherwise. Can someone please advise on what I can do now. Fearing for my life now and don’t know how. Age: 44 Gender: Female

After reconstructive surgery, I have extreme pain when I relax bladder muscles?

Extreme pain when I relax muscles to urinate.

I’ve recently had reconstructive surgery done on my bladder and right ureter as a result of a cold knife cone gone wrong. All while I had my catheter in, there was still a lot of pain if I relaxed my muscles. I’ve recently had the catheter removed and when I go to urinate, there is a god awful pain that is intolerable. Is this common? I’m taking my pain meds just to be able to use it, but it’s not working.

I have some hip pain 9 weeks. Had MRA image recently, would welcome second opinion?

Some hip pain 9 weeks. Had MRA image recently, would welcome second opinion.

Hello, I kindly request a 2nd opinion for my hip pain. Attached is MRA image recently done of Labrum. I would like opinions if they feel it is torn, freyed or not affected. My doctor is unsure and i dont want to have unnecessary surgery. I am 48yr old male.

Is my Anti HIV Test Conclusive or need retest?

My Anti Hiv Test Conclusive or need retest until..?

Dear Dr. I had an sexual intervourse with an escort 7 months ago. It last 2 minutes..I have several Anti Hiv 1/2 + P24 Antigen test. 35,67,88 ( Anti Hiv 1/2 ), 112,120,150,180 ( Anti Hiv 1/2 ) and finally after 214 day I have final AntiHiv1/2+P24 Antigen test. All my result wasnegative.Arethesetest, I have, possible to detected the Hıv İf I was infected.. I’m afraid that my result turn to positive. Pls Could you tell me all these test are enough and conclusive to say I’m totally free from Hiv or need re-test until for example one or two year..?

Can I say I’m totally free from hiv after my last test 214 day (over 7 months )..Could you give me a hundred percent guarantee that my test results will not change..As long as I am not exposed to any exposure..I am psychologically treated because of fear of returning test result positive..Pls help me…I can not assign fear of returning positive test from my head..Finally can I sex with my wife without using condom


I AM Diagnosed with Inflammatory bowel disease unclassified (IBDU) don’t want to stop treatment for another colonoscopy?now have to go for another scope

I had a colonoscopy a few months ago and the biopsy results came back as Inflammatory Bowel Disease Unspecified. I have been told to stop treatment and have another scope in a month’s time. Is this really necessary? My symptoms are consistent with ulcerstive colitis with lower left abdominal pain etc and the treatment I am on is keeping things under control. Very reluctant to stop treatment and go through another scope. Please can you advise. Age:35 Female