I have side effects after taking tamsulosine?

I have side effects after taking tamsulosine. I took it because of urine retention. I had one box 2 years ago and still have major problems. Bigest is erectil disfunction, with pain in muscle im whole body, stuffy nose, constipation, noisiea… What can i do to improve my function? Can alfa agonists help? Have you heard of similar problem before? Can you help me somehow, because nobody can? A im healty in all diagnose..very depressed

Age: 34
Medications: None

I have a pharyngeal pain on the right side, please advise?

I have a pharyngeal pain on the right side. Pain is very low in the morning but after 10 -11 start to irradiate in the right ear , mandible , right shoulder and cervical spine on the right.
Swollen right SCM muscle , trapezes etc ..
Swollen inflammatory glands on the neck on the right side.

Pain is bearable when i lay down in bed and i can sleep at night but i cant sleep on the right side.
Pain is better when i go to the gym but it’s worse the day after gym.

I have this pain for 2 years now .
– I removed my tonsils
– I did lots of tests like 5 MRI , 1 Angio MRI , 3 fibroscopy , all blood teste etc…
nothing is wrong and the pain is getting worse .
I am losing my mind.

I attached mi MRI of cervical spine .
I don’t know what to do next.
I excluded eagle syndrome . My styloids are 2 cm and 2,2 cm

Age: 40
I tried all antibiotics and pain killers in the world Nothing Work ! |Not even 1% of pain is gone

Doctors think that something in my spine is pushing in my throat in the vallecula epiglotis region .
Here is my pictore from fibroscopy on the Right side. This is my normal side on the left

I went to the Er Saturday night for chest, left arm pain they diagnosed me with gerd?

I went to the Er Saturday night for chest, left arm pain they diagnosed me with gerd. I was taking medication they prescribed and it wasn’t helping. I went again last night for trouble swallowing and pain right where my ribs end in the middle and they just gave me IV fluids and some other medication that didnt help but made me get a migraine. They prescribed me that medication but it doesn’t help all it does is make my head hurt. I am not today experiencing left arm pain, back pain, and neck pain and I have no energy I feel like a zombie it’s hard to even walk even taking the liquid medication the prescribed me I can barely eat or drink still. I’m wondering if I should go back to the hospital or try a new one or just push through this. They did an EKG on my heart and said it was fine and that my blood work was fine. I don’t feel fine though.

Age: 21
Medications: Zantac, carafate, protonix
General Information: Had my gall bladder removed

After eating greasy food yesterday left side of body aches?

My husband is 46 y.o and after eating greasy food yesterday his left side of his body aches. He hasnt had any health issues as of yet. And his stomach aches him also right where his gall bladder is.I want to know what we can do or what he should take ? He doesnt want 2 go to the emergency room.
Please tell us what you think it might be.

Age: 46
Medications: Noro, gabbypattin
General Information: Gall bladder aches

I experience nausea when I exercise?

hi my name is (—).I experience nausea when i exercise.Could it be caused by second hand smoke because i spend at least 7 hours a week around smokers.People have said its because i am unfit but have been unfit many times and havent had this problem and it started when i started to hang around smokers

Age: 29
Medications: Non
General Information: Used to take aripripazole but have been off it for 4 months now

Are theses stool culture findings normal or abnormal?

I need some help knowing if I need to follow up with these results in the document. The test was done in the hospital and I did not get the results until after I was home. I was not sure if these were normal findings or abnormal. I do not see my Dr. For a while but if this is something that needs attention I will try to get in sooner. Thank you in advance, (—)

Age: 60
Medications: Lisinopril thyroid med
General Information: Diarrhea

I stopped taking Percocets, is it OK to take Ambien?

I stopped taking Percocets 3 days ago on my own the only problem I’ve had is it’s hard to sleep I do I have Ambien wondering if it’s ok to take now I was taking 5 mg of Percocets 4 times a day for 2 years just wanted to stop taking them had a little diarrhea but not bad.

Age: 63
Medications: Eliquis, carita xl, carvedilol,and enalaprlil
General Information: Just got tired of taking the drug was on it for 2 years and wanted to stop the Percocets

I had an MRI done about 4 wks ago and the results stated that I had a Capillary Telangiectasia?

I had an MRI done about 4 wks ago and the results stated that I had a Capillary Telangiectasia thats about 6mm in size. My neurologist stated that its something that’s usually not treated and that the worst that could happen is that it could hemorrhage, cause a stroke and/or death, but that is very very very rare. Is that true? Do I have anything to worry about? I am very scared. How would I know if it has ruptured? What can cause it to rupture?

Age: 52
Medications: Gabapentin tramadol
General Information: I have my forehead moving forward. Headaches bad body sweat at times. I’m very very emotional.

I was recently in the hospital for a kidney infection?

I was recently in the hospital for a kidney infection. I was released yesterday morning on the antibiotic ciprofloxacin and the pain medicine hydroporphone. Today i started having different symptoms all together that i have never had and is kind of worrying me. I have severe abdominal pain, distended stomach, nausea, clamy/sweaty, lots of gas, constipation, and when I was able to move a very small amount of bowel a small stream of blood came out with it. It has had me laid in bed. What can this be.

Medications: Ciprofloxacin, hydroporphone

Back pain on off for couple of years. Gristle feeling along lumber spine?

I have had back pain on off for couple of years. Gristle feeling along lumber spine. Saw chiro recently….he thinks disc bulge? I get restless legs…tingly feeling in back thigh to feet at times…walking feels heavy. It can feel like my back goes into spasm….I have a sitting job. Shooting and tingly pain in arms at times too. Your thoughts? Got xray yr ago. No MRI though. Just concerned.

Age: 27
Medications: Valium when needed. Multivitamin.
General Information: Hereditary Spherocyctisis. No gallbladder.

Suffering with a lump in throat feeling for 6 months, I thought I had throat cancer?

So i have been suffering with a lump in throat feeling for 6 months. So i thought i had throat cancer. I have become mentally unwell thinking about it. I went to my ent who did a full exam and scoped my throat. Then i had a upper endoscopy and mri. Followed by a barium swallow. Nothing has been shown. So i have pulling my tongue out and pushing my tongue to the side to look with a flash light. I never see anything but by stretching out my tongue the pain goes away for hours and comes back. I think i have ocd. So i have health anxiety. I think they missed my cancer. What should i do? I am 34 y/0 male don’t drink but used to chew.

Age: 34
Medications: Prontonx and lexapro

I’ve had nausea/stomach cramps, fatigue and occasionally a low grade fever for 4 days?

I’ve had nausea/stomach cramps, fatigue and occasionally a low grade fever for 4 days. I had diarrhea on the second day (which has since cleared) but have never vomited. I think it’s simply a virus but I’m starting to wonder if I should go to a doctor.

Age: 44
Medications: Buproprion 150mg