I had a couple of blisters on my lip & a burning sensation in my mouth?

In 2015 I went to the obgyn because I had ulcerations on my vulva. Along with that – I had a couple of blisters on my lip & a burning sensation in my mouth & could only consume milk for a couple of weeks. The OBGYN did a swab test on the ulcers on my vulva for herpes as well as a blood test. Everything came back negative. I have had nothing similar since. 4 days ago I had oral/vaginal sex. A singular blister appeared on my lip 2 days after. There is nothing abnormal in my genital region. What could be going on?

Age: 31
Medications: None
General Information: In 2015 the dr felt as if my issue was a complex yeast infection (oral sex, vaginal sex, then oral sex again). I visited the obgyn a month prior due to not having a period for 3 months. Within a span of a month I had the previously described sexual encounter & then started my period – which is when all my symptoms began. When I went for the swab test I also had 2 endocervical polyps removed that we did not know I had until my exam. Since then I have had no issues even remotely similar other than the removal of another polyp about a year ago. The sexual encounter 4 days ago was the same with the same person as before (oral, vaginal, oral, vaginal). Two days later is when the single blister appeared in the almost corner of my lip. No pain or anything. I’ve been monitoring my private area and there is nothing abnormal in that area thus far which makes me feel like it is isolated to my mouth.

Chronic fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, throat and lung irritation…?

I am 26, 5 foot 10, and currently my heaviest weight at about 225 pounds. My main complaints currently are chronic fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, throat and lung irritation, weight gain, dizziness, stomach cramping, too frequent bowl movements, and issues with my eyes feeling irritated. I can maybe connect it to getting sick back in 2014. I got a really bad fever, and was throwing up for a few days while I was on a vacation. I never saw a doctor since I was out of town and most symptoms passed quickly. But when I got home, I was teaching at a summer school and I was SO TIRED all summer. I would almost fall asleep during lessons, and I would have to take a couple naps a day. I had really bad joint pain all over, especially in my hands. I think it slowly just got better but it feels like I have never been the same. I am wondering if I got mono and it is still in my system? I have tried going vegan, gluten free, dairy free, doing anti candida diets, and most recently trying to regulate my pcos. Have not seen many results. Recently I am also gaining weight quickly even with changes to my diet and activity. Daily I am taking cinnamon, turmeric, licorice, berberine, chromium picolinate, vitamin B complex, vitamin d3, ashwaganda, Alpha lipolic acid, and a probiotic. Since taking these supplements, I have been getting strong waves of nausea, dizzyness, and stomach cramps in the afternoon. I also had a couple weeks of spotting before my period.
I really just feel like I am a mess in all these little areas and any advice would be appreciated! I’d love to keep doing things on my own and naturally. But If I were go to a doctor what should I inquire about? What blood work should I possibly have done? Should I invest in a food allergy test?

Medications: cinnamon, turmeric, licorice, berberine, chromium picolinate, vitamin B complex, vitamin d3, ashwaganda, Alpha lipolic acid, and a probiotic

Maybe my doctor made a mistake, is this even balanitis?

This incident happened approximately 7 months ago – I had sex with a woman who had a bad reputation for sleeping around a lot. I used a condom however the condom broke midway and didn’t realize it until we were done with having sex. When i saw the condom broke i freaked out. I took a bottle ofScotch/whiskey (like an idiot) and washed my penis with it hoping that i wouldn’t catch any diseases. 2 days later my penis was feeling different and got a rash. (either from her or the whisky)

I went to the doctor around a week later and i got tested for most common STDs – All came back negative. The doctor said i have balanitis and he gave me some anti-fungal cream and i did that for a few months and not much of a difference happened, after several months with no change i was prescribed a stronger anti-fungal cream and still no change. After no change, i used a steroid cream (Hydrocortisone 1%) still there is no change.
My penis used to be so smooth and pink in color, now the infected area has lost its color and not smooth anymore. I keep it clean all the time, shower everyday washing the penis with warm water even after i urinate.

It does not pain, i never had any pain. I did have inflammation on the forskin initially but that is gone. My only problem is the Rash. I have tried multiple products, yet nothing seems to work. The redness tends to get darker at times but the rash is still quite visible.

Maybe my doctor made a mistake, is this even balanitis? Will this ever go away ? I have been depressed, i cannot do anything except masterbate. 7 months without sex, i have lost the motivation to go to the gym. I have wasted so much money on various products.

Age: 25
Medications: N/A

Our 9 years old son have a long-term problems/difficulties when eating?

our 9 years old son have a long-term problems/difficulties when eating, esp. immediately after a meal. We have also observed a permanent hyperactivity, tiredness and other symptoms. 2 months ago we decided to let him check for food allergy. A blood IgE test results showed an allergy on cow milk protein with a value measured 12,6 kIU/L. The medical report marked it as a class III. allergy on milk protein. Unfortunately we have not got any type of related consulting and advice how to follow this findings. Should we absolutely exclude only cow milk or also everything where any kind of milk is included? We also have read this allergy can be dangerous, i.e. sometimes sympthomes can be signifficant and there should be always at disposal an injection. We would appreciate a lot any kind of advise how to proceed and how to keep our boy. Would you recommend also other type of second testing in order to confirm the first results? Is the class III. significant? Can it be developed in the future even higher. Is there a high chance it will be eliminated together with age?

Age: 46
Medications: I asked on behalf my son problems

I was told I have AML and need treatment?

i collapsed whilst away my father paid for me to see a doctor they took blood they came back with concerns i was admitted and a bone marrow aspira was done this came back they then said to me i had aml and needed induction treatment i scared so left the hospital and returned home (–) i have not told anyone about this but have had the copies sent thru post of reports are they right in saying i need treatment please docs are enclosed in attachment

gapathein 300mg 3 times dy amitripaline 10mg night ensures plus drinks niephin gluosophane

My son (age 3 years and 8 months) was diagnosed with Purpura Schoenlein Henoch?

My son (age 3 years and 8 months) was diagnosed with Purpura Schoenlein Henoch. He started with a fever on 17th of March and did not have any further symptoms, apart from a few spots, until the 20th. Within hours his joints started to swell, he developped a serious rash and oedema on the legs, had trouble walking. Because of the severity of the joint involvement, we were admitted to hospital and discharged the next day. The swelling receded already a day later and my son has been absolutely pain-free and playing normally at home since the 23rd. No medication was required. He is having his urine checked daily, as well as his blood-pressure in weekly intervals, and gladly up to now there is no sign of bowel or renal involvement. He is still getting the occasional spot though (developped several small ones on the knees on Monday, which have since receded, and a moskito bite like one yesterday).

He has been told by our paedeatrician that he should “rest” for a longer period of time, though I did not quite understand whether this was to prevent further swelling, whether to prevent kidney involvement, or to allow him to recover more generally. I am aware that the symptoms can reoccur but am unsure if there are measures I can take to prevent this, or rather of there are activities that would make renal involvement and a relapse more likely.

Please can you tell me more about how I should manage him at home (limitation of physical activity, jumping and running, playing with friends, returning to Kindergarten etc.)


I have two blood clotting conditions . Antiphospholipid syndrome and idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura?

I have two blood clotting conditions .
Antiphospholipid syndrome and idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. I was diagnosed with these conditions approx 10-12 years ago after the birth of my 4th child whom I had a normal birth but ended up having an emergency subtotal hysterectomy due to uterine atony . I had to receive 10 pints of blood to due the enormous amount of blood loss . After the birth I developed a pulmonary embolism on my lung due to surgical stockings not being applied and needing bed rest after the traumatic events after giving birth .
My question is could I have acquired any if not both of the blood conditions I have now due to the blood transfusions I received .
I had never had any blood conditions prior to the massive blood transfusion . Plus no problems in previous pregnancies except an emergency c.s with my first child due to her being in distress .

Age: 49
Medications: None
General Information: My itp is mild and I have only ever had one blood clot after childbirth .

I had a Hysterectomy over 7 years ago, can it be ovarian cancer?

I am 39 years old. I had a Hysterectomy over 7 years ago. My uterus and all of cervix was removed and ovaries left behind. I had this because of two reasons 1:) major issues with heavy pain and bleeding. Then… 2.) I was do with severe high grade precancerous cells which ended up being the decideibg factor for doc to do the procedure. For well over 6months I have had various issues… increased urination, abdominal pain and bloating. Severe unintentional weight loss (30+pounds in 6 months. Nausea, feel full after eating, not much of an appetite. Occasional pain during sex. (Just started) and SEVERE lower back pain that’s comes and goes and length of time it last varies from each episode to on and off a couple hours to several days of constant lower back pain that brings me to tears at times. My question is: could this be ovarian cancer?
Nothing u can tell me that can be any scarier than the internet itself, so please just be completely honest and forth coming.

Age: 39
Medications: Norvasc

Should you have an echo cardiogram before a cardiac stress test?

My daughters best friend is 22 she is approx. 100lbs overweight, she’s a large farm girl, her breasts alone must account for at least 25% of this excess. She has been having heart rate issues, when sitting her heart rate is 90 if she walks down the street it goes up to 160 this was verified by a halter. She has had a ct scan and they saw no blockages. Her cardiologist has ordered a stress test later this week, but I think she should have a echo cardiogram first to make sure their are no internal cardio problems prior to the stress test. I’m afraid she could have a heart attack if her heart rate is pushed too high. Please advise! thanks (—)

Age: 22
Medications: none

Had low risk exposure to hiv?

Had low risk exposure to hiv. Had 4 tests – 4th gen 20, 36 and 95 days. Also rna at 26 days. All neg. Have small post.cerv lymph nodes, many dr’s examined and all smaller than 1 cm so they’re not concerned. I had unprotected sex with my wife 16 days after event. My wife had a nose bleed 70 days later in presence of my toddler. My toddler got full body Rash. ive been told i’m conclusively negative but terrified i infected my whole family. Please help. What does ARS rash look like? Dr. said it’s just dry skin but it started on stomach and chest, then moved to back, then arms and thighs. Stomach and chest better now but thighs stronger, so its kind of moving. 12 days now. Since I was told I was conclusive I neevr told pediatrician. does my daughter need to be tested?

Age: 31
Medications: none
General Information: I had no symptoms besides the small lymph nodes. I first felt the nodes 30 days after the exposure so tested again at 36 days (4th generation). I was told the combination of those tests (20 days 4th gen, 26 days pcr/rna, and 36 days were conclusively negative by infectious disease specialists. I tested again for peace of mind, full std panel, at 95 days. All negative. But I’m terrified somehow my baby got infected. My exposure was no inter course, but there was some fluid transfer as my fingers touched myself after being in her. Also she put her fingers in my butt for about a minute and she may have had her fluid on her fingers, im not sure.

I have a left fibia weber b fracture?

I have a left fibia weber b fracture. Post op of four weeks for plates so still non-weight bearing. I can stand /sit down nwb. Sometimes I may have to rest on the floor of a taxi or when sitting on the toilet. I am very anxious post op about not causing any injury. I have not felt pain or swelling since returning home post op. Apart from the 1st couple of day post surgery.I am just seeking re assurance and browsing the web does not help.

Age: 45
Medications: N/A
General Information: I am not experiencing pain or swelling since it recovered post surgery.

I had a sleep study to check for sleep apnea?

I am 58, female, 5’5″, 165 lbs. I take the following medications:


Last month I had a sleep study to check for sleep apnea. When I went for the follow-up appointment, all the doctor said was that I had mild sleep apnea, and he didn’t think I needed CPAP treatment. He asked if I had any questions, and I didn’t. He did not show me a report or go into any detail.

As I was leaving, I asked for a copy of the test results, thinking it would be interesting to see. The report was very detailed and contained lots of terms and abbreviations that I had to look up. The first thing I noticed was that REM sleep was only 1.5% N1, N2, & N3 did not fall within the normal range either. The technician noted many RERA. I have suffered from chronic severe major depression for most of my life, so I guess I’m looking to see if any sleep factors could be contributing to it.

Skipping over to cardiac summary, I was alarmed to see bradycardia and unclassified tachycardia checked, with highest heart rate 255 bpm. This scares me, because my mother and grandmother had heart problems, and both had pacemakers.

If the doctors had shown me the report, I could have asked them about these things. They did not reply to my email. Seems like they would have mentioned the findings. Are they nothing to be concerned about? I have anxiety disorders also, so maybe I’m worried over nothing.

I wrote a detailed letter to my regular doctor,and she did not answer any questions – just replied, “Will order CPAP titration and pulse rate evaluation.” I don’t even know what that means. I don’t want a CPAP, I want to know if my brain waves and my heart are ok. Is a pulse rate evaluation going to explain why I had arrhythmias in my sleep?

I just want another doctor to look at the test results (attached) and tell me what they think.

Thank you so much.

Age: 58