Should I check with a doctor to see if the mould has affected me?

Hi, on the 29th of August, I decided to tackle a heap of clothes that had been in a broken washing machine for several months, some probably as much as six months, and retrieved about a half a dozen items, which were covered in dry and dusty mould. I washed them twice, which resulted in a pair of trousers being reduced to rags, the rest were able to be saved. I later read that mould can be dangerous (which I didn’t know), and am worried about my health, as I smelled them before washing them, and I am highly intolerant to odours, such as detergents, although I have no allergies. Should I check with a doctor to see if the mould has affected me? Is there a danger to me? I have not tackled the remaining massive amount of clothes; can they still be washed or should I throw them away, give the dangerousness of mould? Thank you. I am 62 years old, male, have hypothyroidism, normally healthy.

Age: 62
Medications: Levothyroxine sodium.

I am having tightness, cramps, dull and achy throbbing pain in my legs?

I am having tightness, cramps, dull and achy throbbing pain in my legs when I am standing or walking. The more that I am standing, the more the tightness in my legs gets worse. When I am walking, I become dizzy and unsteady and the tightness in my legs gets worse. The tightness, cramps, dull and achy throbbing pain starts from above my knees and goes down to the lower part of my legs. What tests can be done to determine this problem? What doctor or specialist should I see regarding this problem?

Age: 56
Medications: None

I have had anxiety for over 6 years?

I have had anxiety for over 6 years. I’ve tried effexor, zoloft, lexapro, seroquel, and klonopin. A mild chiari malformation with 6mm herniation was found incidentally. I have a problem with sensory overload. I cannot read more than about a page or two per day, or watch too many videos, etc., or it will make me feel extremely anxious and panicky. This problem has stolen my life away. Is there any explanation for this?

Age: 31
Medications: effexor
General Information: These are minor compared to main problem:
pain behind eyes
tachycardia with mild exercise
tingling in forehead
occasional headaches at back of head
right ear pain
weight loss

Does this look like a bat bite?

Does this look like a bat bite? Husband and I were outside around 11pm in Indianapolis in a hotel parking lot. Husband was lifting heavy items, like an unboxed microwave, boxes, and an ironing board into another car. Husband was wearing a hoodie, jeans, and shoes. I saw bats flying around a distance away, nowhere near us. When we got inside, I found this mark on his hand. Husband says he neither saw a bat near him nor felt a bat touch his hand. I want to know if he would feel it and if this looks like a bite. It is one mark, not two puncture holes. Could it be a scrape from lifting things instead?

Age: 23
Medications: Citalopram
General Information: Talked to the Indianapolis county health department, who did not recommend treatment. Talked to an RN in the family who did not think it was a bite. Talked to an ER nurse in the family who also did not think it was a bite.

I have been taking tramadol for pain in my shoulder, knee and for a large toe joint replacement?

I have been taking tramadol for pain in my shoulder, knee and for a large toe joint replacement. I have been on these pills for over 11 years now and was taking up to 300 mg twice daily. I want off of them due to the terrible side effects. Recently I decided to put these pills down cold turkey and currently am on my 5th day with no tramadol. Needless to say this has not been anywhere near pleasant and I am begging someone to give me an answer for the restless legs. They are just relentless in these last 5 days I have slept about 6 hours but lack of sleep has benefitted some plumbing fixtures that needed updating LOL. Today problem is severe cramping and uncontrollable diarreah. Could someone give me a clue about the duration of this withdrawal process PLEASE

What is treatment for very hard itch diagnose as herpes 2

treatment for very hard itch diagnose as herpes 2, with a big rash in genitals, warts, inside legs, back. I used aciclovir to reduce the appearance of siympoms but the itch is insane and very uncomfortably, I can’t made a doctor visit because they are not available until October, thanks for your help.

Age: 62
Medications: aciclovir, and benadryl
General Information: according with the symptoms it is a herpes type 2 what I got. I have warts in the genital area, penis, prepucio, and they appears almost every 1 or 2 weeks between. The worst thing is the itching, is very hard, I can’t sleep at all, any help would be appreciate, thanks.

Did I have an early miscarriage?

I left my teaching position to return to school and as a result I had to change medical insurance. I had (—) all docs are in network. This meant I needed to find new doctors as of December. Four months ago I started having issues of bad bloating, abdominal pain, weight gain, distension, spotting white tissue, fatigue, and brownish -reddish discharge during sex. I had to establish care with new doctors. This began April 30th. End of May I had a pap smear with new ob/gyn and he said everything is normal. I was still experiencing all the symptoms above (coffee grind specks when wiping and white tissue not enough to wear a panty liner and brownish discharge during sex). I scheduled another appointment to follow up on the continued issue of irregular discharge, but I canceled due to travel.

On Friday June 22nd while out of state I passed an enormous mass on what would have been the first day of my cycle. One ended looked like gray chicken skin covered in the coffee grind discharge mentioned earlier and the other end a long uterus shaped clot covered in the mysterious white tissue mentioned earlier. I passed a tremendous amount of blood that day. I consulted my new doc’s office and they said to go to an ER in that state or wait and see a different doctor in my hospital group first thing Monday. After a urine test second ob/gyn dismissed it as a polyp and said I wasn’t pregnant. On 6/29 a transvaginal ultrasound showed a 1 cm mass. My ob/gyn said it looks like a miscarriage/endometrial cast but he was unsure. He sent me for a hysterosonogram the following cycle. On the first day of that cycle 7/14 I passed more tissue. The last 5 pictures in the collage. Hysterosonogram 7/24 came back no signs of mass. I had odd smells up until I passed the last tissue. Ob/gyn says it wasn’t a polyp, but he doesn’t know what it was consult a new physician in my new state of Ohio. I moved 2 weeks ago. Did I have an early miscarriage?

Age: 32
Medications: Vitamins
General Information: I am not on birth control. Took a morning after pill early June. After the initial symptoms weeks before passing the tissue on 6/29. I dilated and had contractions and cramps

(unattached photos)

I’ve got candida, seemingly yeast infection in urinary tract?

I have got burning pain in my scrotum – I’m taking ampitritpyline for this – 20mg per night

I’ve got candida, seemingly yeast infection in urinary tract. Doctor has prescribed me 10 day course 50 mg per day Diflican – on 5th day, but the burning is getting worse. I’m scared – should I stop the Diflucan?

Age: 66
Medications: Amitriptyline 20mg per day/diflucan 50 mg per day
General Information: Symptom are burning feelings on scrotum, very unpleasant

And hot and burning urination – stream’s ok

I just want an opinion on whether I should continue to take the Diflucan, I feel it’s making the scrotum issue worse.

I have got a bad allergy to broad spectrum anti-biotics, does this mean I should avoid anti-fungal antibiotics too?

I’m really down and scared, ‘ve had this for 3 months now

For spider bites. when they bite. do they just draw blood, or are they also injecting venom?

For spider bites. when they bite. do they just draw blood, or are they also injecting venom? If infecting venom, what type of blood test should I get to see any damage done? I have aprx 40 bites, some small, some apx size of a dime. I have had 2 pest control people out, still getting bit. all I want to know is if a blood test will show any thing, if they are injecting venom.

Age: 75
Medications: none

I am planning for an hGH treatment with the goal to repair the various healthy tissue, and build up the appearance of the skin?

Dear Doctors,

I am planning to do a Full Health Checkup including detailed Cancer Screening.

Reason: I am planning for an hGH treatment with the goal to repair the various healthy tissue, and build up the appearance of the skin. In short, an anti-ageing treatment.

Therefore, I need to be checked for any potential side effects, like the risk of heart disease/diabetes or the growth of cancerous tumours. The goal of my test is this full test and diagnostics.

My question to you, is what should I be looking out for and what kind of diagnosis?

I am 49 years man from Scandinavia, and I have had a stressful work for over 20 years now. I often have diarrhoea — perhaps I did eat something when I lived Latin America several years ago.

I have always felt for something in my belly. To have a light pain, but a feeling like there is something there, close to the location of the left ductus deferens. I also need to check my skin for any potential danger, like skin cancer. It’s in my family.

I have one boy, born in 2000. However, not been able to have another child after that, and we have tried everything.

I also like to test for a potential pituitary gland tumours. But, I like to look into deeper testings like clinical microbiome test for bacteria analysis on gut conditions (test for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and diabetes).

I would very much appreciate your insides, views and feedback on what I should do. Thank you!

Age: 49
Medications: None

My face is pale almost white compared to my tanned body?

small squishy lumps slight swelling side of neck sleeping for days on end missing day out headache back of head ear pain no infection ache in neck shoulder hurts loss of appetite pelvic pain all swabs clear for infections my face is pale almost white compared to my tanned body

Age: 28
Medications: sertraline
General Information: night sweats for past 3weeks lump swelling 2.5month extreme tierness for 3 weeks apetite loss for 4weeks slight weight loss over 3 weeks 9kg loss not trying

Six months ago my new GP put me on the anticoagulant Rivaroxaban?

Six months ago my new GP put me on the anticoagulant Rivaroxaban. From the outset I had blood in my urine. She sent me for urological tests and kidney stones were found which have now been operated on.
It took three operations and before the third operation I had to have a blood transfusion.
During the 8 days I was in hospital I was not allowed to take Rivaroxaban and the blood in urine stopped.
Going back on them after discharge and I am back to blood in urine. I am still on these tablets and back to losing blood every time I urinate. How can this be right I feel I will soon need another transfusion.
My GP has an interest in heart problems and ordered the following tests for me (not that I had visited or requested any tests) The results were as follows:

Clinical cardiovascular examination normal

Resting ECG sinus rhythm

24 hour tape sinus rhythm

Echocardiogram normal sized LV and good LV systolic function and no significant valvular abnormalities.

They say I have paroxysmal AF which apparently is worse than persistent AF. I have very, very few episodes. The ones I have only last less than a minute. Do I actually have AF?

From 2016 to date I have been under tremendous stress, illness and death of father and separation from husband, moving house, selling properties etc. but before my GP putting me on these tablets my health was very good, despite all the stress.
I am in no way over weight, size 10 and always eat a healthy diet. I do smoke when under stress but have given up several times, only to resume with stress – 5 to 10 max per day.
Should I keep taking these tablets. I can’t really – unless I want another blood transfusion soon!

Age: 66
Medications: Rivaroxaban 20mg and Citalopram 10mg and Atorvastatin 20mg
General Information: Diagnosed with AF in 2008. Awful stress had to sell our home. Put on tablets (don’t remember the name) taken off after a year. No treatment until this year – see above.

I started spotting on August 1st 4 days before my period?

My last menstrual period was on July 5th lasted 7 days i had unprotected sex on July 17 .. i started spotting on August 1st 4 days before my period , the spotting lasted 2 days.. not sure if that’s implatantion bleeding? Or just a sign that I’ll be getting my period.. I’m a day late on my period. Took a pregnancy test today came back negative.. how many days should I wait to retake the test? Or am i not pregnant?

Age: 20
Medications: None