I have numerous small stones, is removing gallbladder necessary?

Hello, please advise:
1) if removal of gallbladder (which has numerous small stones between 2-5 mm and 4-5 stones with the sizes of 8-16 mm) may cause a cancer of duodenum, or small intestine or any intestine in the future?

2) would you recommend removing gallbladder with such stones (described above) or keeping such gallbladder?

3) would keeping such gallbladder (as described above) cause cancer?

Thank you.

Age: 45
Medications: none

I’ve had a bump on my eyelid for over a week, is this cancer?

I’ve had a bump on my eyelid for over a week. At first I believed it was a cyst but it won’t subside and is larger. I don’t know what it is or how to deal with it, hopefully it isn’t as serious and will go away but please help me identify what this bump is, the cause and solution.

Medications: None

Suffering from umbilical hernia that is reducible, should I be alarmed?

I have small (about the width of two fingers) umbilical hernia that is reducible. I have no pain and seem to be passing stool and urine fine. I know the need to get repaired and am in the process of figuring that out. However I do feel an sensation of fluid coming out of the area where the hernia is. I do touch the spot a lot to make sure the hernia is not pushing out. I assume this can be a sensation of blood rushing to one area? Should i be alarmed if I have no other symptoms?

Age: 26
Medications: amitryptline

After oral sex I have flu like symptoms, can it be HIV?

I performed oral sex on a women I do not know and do not know her hiv status. A week has gone by and I feel weak have a dry throat and also some thursty on my tongue. I have been worried for the past few days as I feel like I have got the flu but it’s made me think what are the chances of getting hiv

Age: 29
Medications: None

My MRI seems to indicate a PONS abnormality, is the case or is MRI showing UBOs ?

I had an mri in September. I have ms btw. And my Neuro thinks I’m a hypochondriac because he never explains my radiology report or has ever Let me see an mri. I didn’t see my report till well after these symptoms started over a month ago- facial numbness in the right side like novacaine or glove sensation, From two inches into the scalp down to the bottom lip and not quite to the ear, right side mouth numbness, tongue, teeth, throat, nose, eye- can’t look extreme right because eyes Will move uncontrollably, ear fullness, hear myself talk, popping noise, face jerky movement, feeling of something touching The side of my eye socket(bone)at all times, no taste, can’t swallow, weight loss, memory loss, slurred speech, double vision, spontaneous crying, low bp, cold all the time. My pain mgmt even called my neuro on my behalf. I finally have an apt next week and my MRI was 9/6. My friend is a Neuro Trauma Nurse and said my report shows the abnormality on my pons may have just been a ubo Unidentified Bright Objects but these symptoms suggest otherwise. What do you think? Am I crazy? Like I said, the symptoms came before I saw the report let alone knew what a pons was.

Age: 37
Medications: Rebif
General Information: I have ms

I contracted some food borne disease, can e-coli or salmonella poisoning be causing UTI? Or antibiotics?

While in Vietnam, I contracted some food borne disease. Diarrhea (almost immediately after any attempt at food) chills, night sweats, exhaustion, cramping. This lasted about 4 days until I got to Taipei and got cephalexin. First day, I took four 250mg tablets and started to get some relief. I took 4 again the next day… but abdominal pain became acute in the lower left quadrant. Frequent urination, increased pain as bladder filled. Question: can e-coli or salmonella poisoning ALSO cause a UTI or can the antibiotics? If the latter, should I stop taking them? I won’t be back in the US to see a doc until after Thanksgiving – any advice is appreciated.

Age: 53
Medications: N/a
General Information: Additional symptoms: lower back pain, reduced appetite.

I’ve been experiencing an itchy crawling sensation on my body, is it caffeine?

I’ve been experiencing an itchy crawling sensation on my body recently with no rash or bites or anything. I’ve had this before about 2-3 weeks ago and sometime before that too and it seems to gradually disappear and then return again. I get the itching on my face, scalp, arms and legs. I did go to my doctor and she said it must be an allergy because there’s no sign of anything on my body. Did think it may be caffeine as i previously started to drink it a lot more often, so have took that out my diet but still not sure that is the issue.

I suffer from Hair Loss (Hair Fall), is it AGA or Ferritin induced ?

I have been suffering from hair fall from since sometime. I am unable to identify if it’s AGA or Ferritin induced hair loss. My hair loss is equal all over, but a little more in sides in the TOP of my head.Based on my recent blood test report, I have slightly high iron(31), where max

normal is 27 and high % Fe saturation (58) where max normal is 50. But my Ferritin is Low (29). Since my iron is high and Ferrin being Low, how do I increase my Ferritin. I have tested for thyroid and results are normal.

I suffer from irregular heartbeats, severe headache in back side of head..a state of fear?

My name is (…) my age is 21 years..my weight is 48 kgs..From few weeks i experience something strange ..suddenly irregular heartbeats,severe headache in back side of head..a state of fear.hot face and ears.i want to cry that time..weakness.i have fear of death..but after sometime i get fine

Age: 21
Medications: nothing

Can a small pigmented spot on the head of a penis be a sign of a medical problem?

Hello! I’ve been suffering from health anxiety lately, primarily focused on the skin (I’m currently on an SSRI and am in therapy). This question actually pertains to my son, who is 19 years old, and a small pigmented spot I recall seeing on the head of his penis back at an early age when he was in diapers and pull-ups. It was a very small and lightly pigmented spot resembling a freckle and the pediatrician never expressed a concern over it when I pointed it out. Unfortunately, the thought of it entered my mind again during a current flare of health anxiety, worrying about what it may look like now (for all I know it could be tiny or have disappeared). I took my son to a dermatologist for a skin screening a few months ago, but that area was never checked. For obvious reasons, it would be difficult for me to bring the topic up to my son and ask him what it looks like. I guess I’m just reaching out for any reassurances that I’m overthinking this and that having a spot in that location is not extraordinarily rare. Please don’t suggest taking him to a doctor for it to be checked, as I simply cannot bring up the topic with him and do that, and that suggestion would just heighten my anxiety. Thanks for your input and any reassurances which you may be able to provide!!

I have had traces of blood in my urine, but blood tests are ok?

Hi i have had traces of blood in my urine when doctors do the dip test they say every time there is blood.but when they send it of it comes back as normal and i am in so much pain with left side of my back going into my tummy i cant even stand can this be connected as really worried and have 3 kids to look after

Age: 30
Medications: Neflex and codine

I’ve started to get heart palpitations and food makes me nauseous?

My entire life I’ve gone without health issues and then suddenly this year it’s been like I’ve become a completely different person.
It started about 10 months ago/at the start of the year.
Food makes me sick and nauseous. The smell of it, being near it and even when eating – I’d say 90% of the time.
That has been my biggest issue but in the past 2-4 months I’ve started to get heart palpitations that last up to 10 yours straight and just random heart flutter.
I get enough sleep but my undereye circles are insane. Sometimes I’m abnormally pale but then suddenly my face starts burning up and it feels like it has a fever. (Only my face, my body does not feel feverish.)
Generally I regularly feel nauseous and sick, even without food causing it. Just randomly.

Note that I am not pregnant or anything of the sorts.

Age: 20
Medications: Nothing

Rashes are spreading throughout my body, is it ringworm?

This happened to my foot and rashes are spreading throughout my body, should I go to the ER? I don’t have health insurance but I’m very scared that this may be an infection. I originally thought it was a ringworm but it’s not. I have dermatitis and would get ringworm shaped dry patches which I was treated for in the past. This however, spread bigger so I thought it was a ringworm and applied over the counter medication

Age: 33
Medications: None

Can a corticosteroid shot to treat arthritis have side effects?

My father-in-law had a stroke nearly 2 years ago and has not been able to walk without a walker since. This week he had a corticosteroid shot to treat arthritis in his shoulder. Since then he is walking unassisted. He is agitated and anxious. He is now complaining of not being able to sleep. Could these be “side effects” of the steroid shot? How long should we expect that to last? Are these effects serious or dangerous?

Age: 80
Medications: Aricept, Pravastatin, Lisinopril, Terazosin, Depakote, Metformin, Glipizide, Plavix