About Us

At QuestionDoctors.com we believe everyone, everywhere has the fundamental right to proper medical care.

Our mission:

  • To answer medical questions online free for people who cannot pay for doctors and those who
    simply don’t have access to doctors.
  • To help provide answers to difficult and complex medical questions which otherwise would not be answered.
  • To reduce the cost of medical care and improve productivity through the innovative use of technology.
  • To provide Express Doctor Services to anyone seeking immediate medical answers.

We are an open public Question and Answer forum where everyone can participate. Our approach is based on crowdsourcing – where medical questions are answered by a diverse group of people spearheaded by Doctors, Medical Experts, and Medical Professionals.

As a non-profit organization we count on Express Service Questions, Donations, Sponsors, Responders and the support of the Medical Community to attain our goals.