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What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism is a solution for patients who seek out quality medical care at an affordable cost. It involves patients’ intentional travel to privately offered medical care in another country. Today patients increasingly seek out more accessible, affordable and unrestricted care elsewhere. Patients are traveling to a growing list of international destinations to obtain an array of procedures, ranging from those with low-to-high risk of complication as well as those deemed as new and innovative procedures not available in their home countries.

What are the top destinations?

United States, Costa Rica, India, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey

What are the top specializations and treatments requested by medical travelers?

Cosmetic surgery
Dentistry (general, restorative, cosmetic)
Cardiovascular (angioplasty, CABG, transplants)
Orthopedics (joint and spine; sports medicine)
Cancer (often high-acuity or last resort)
Reproductive (fertility, IVF, women’s health)
Weight Mahagement (LAP-BAND, gastric bypass)
Scans, tests, health screenings and second opinions.

How much can be saved?

Using average costs in the United States, average range of savings for the most popular destinations are:
Brazil: 20-30%
Costa Rica: 45-65%
India: 65-90%
Malaysia: 65-80%
Mexico: 40-65%
Singapore: 25-40%
South Korea: 30-45%
Taiwan: 40-55%
Thailand: 50-75%
Turkey: 50-65%

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