Fitbit Sense Smartwatch : Product Review

Fitbit Sense Smartwatch Review by Doctor Javez Ernesto

Are you wondering which is the best smartwatch that will help evaluate your health problems and tell you about the status of your health? Then you are at the right place here is our product review.

The Fitbit Sense Smartwatch is one of the most famous and technologically ambitious smartwatches. Yes, it is more helpful and advanced than the Apple and Samsung watches because the Fitbit Sense Smartwatch has many interesting features as well as FDA approval…

This smartwatch contains all the latest features and functions as compared to Apple and Samsung watches. It is the best health watch with an ECG sensor and blood oxygen reading. it also measures electrodermal activity and your skin temperature. The Apple Watch presents blood oxygen levels, too; however, Fitbit is leading the evolution of
smartwatches as they morph from devices that just track our steps to devices that take an additional holistic check-up on our health.

As I found throughout my Fitbit Sense review, these new options incorporated in the product were designed not to provide you with a way of imminent doom but instead an improved plan of however you’re doing. That’s why the Fitbit Sense is one of the unique and best smartwatches.

Fitbit Sense Smartwatch: Display And Design

Design: The Fitbit Sense Smartwatch is made of high-quality stainless steel, and it is beautifully designed to give you an elegant look. It is small and comfortable to wear with lightweight features providing you with a fantastic look in your hand. You can even wear it both day and night. This smartwatch’s right side has a small touch-sensitive with a solid-state sensor that acts as a button. It has a silicone band strap that straps your wrist, and you feel comfortable while wearing this strap.


Display: The display of this smartwatch is AMOLED. It has a high resolution like apple, and Samsung watches buy Fitbit beats apple and Samsung in health features. The display is bright with excellent colors, and you can easily read every instruction on a sunny day. The screen has three different brightness settings; you can change the brightness according to your requirements. You will love the display of the Fitbit Sense Smartwatch.

Fitbit Sense Smartwatch: Health Feature And Function

Compared to any or all the most effective Fitbits, Apple Watches, and Samsung Galaxy Watches, the Fitbit Sense is the boldest when you consider its new health options. The EDA and skin temperature sensing elements are distinctive to Fitbit and are meant to provide you a far better understanding of how you’re doing. However, it remains to be seen how helpful these metrics are; however, Fitbit deserves some credit to try these new features.

Best Health Features:

● EDA Sensor

You will be shocked to know that this best smartwatch will tell you how stressed you are. It does not work with what you feel, but it will tell you about your stress levels using different health measures. This watch will check your heartbeat, sleep, and activity level. You can check the EDA scan with the health app by measuring your electrodermal activity. The Fitbit sense smartwatch will also evaluate your feelings and give you the option of consulting a guide about the medication.

● Skin Temperature

The Fitbit sense smartwatch monitors your skin temperature to provide you a general sense of your overall temperature. It has a SpO2 sensor, which you can wear while sleeping if you want to measure reading. You must sleep three consecutive nights to obtain baseline results. A higher or lower skin temperature could mean you have any disturbance in your body or face any medical illness. It is also recommended for pregnant women to provide info on pregnancy.

● ECG Sensor

The third smartwatch to receive agency approval for its ECG app (the Apple Watches and the Samsung Galaxy Watches being the other two), the Fitbit Sense, will evaluate your heartbeat to visualize any irregular activity or signs of cardiac arrhythmia.

To use the ECG app, you’ll have to unfortunately g0 through many pages to learn rudimentary cardiology, best to acknowledge you’ll need the help of a doctor to diagnose a problem like an AFib – which will be perceived as an assessment – not a a diagnosis.

To use the ECG app, open the app on the smartwatch, using your index finger, place it on the screen. It will automatically scan your ECG. The app will indicate if you have a ok or irregular heartbeat or if the check was inconclusive. It worked well for me when I tried it, consistent with the app. ECG is the best health app in these smart watches.

● SpO2 Sensor

Checks blood chemical element. The Fitbit Sense, besides the Apple Watches and other Garmin watches, use what’s called a reflective detector. They shine a light-weight into your skin, these sensors explore for reflections. Partly due to reflective sensors square measure being less accurate than transmissive sensors, the Sense, Apple Watch, and many other wearables aren’t FDA-approved; therefore, their readings ought to be questioned and taken with a grain of salt. Several Apple Watch reviewers have reportable wildly-fluctuating tasks, too. The Sense produced pretty correct results in my tests.

It recorded my blood chemical element levels at ninety-six p.c,  and in fact my blood chemical element was  at ninety-eight p.c. Unlike the Apple Watch and numerous Garmin devices, the Fitbit Sense doesn’t allow you to
perform spot checks of your blood chemical element saturation. Instead, it takes a reading when you’re sleeping. It’s most likely higher at this time; therefore, you’re not perpetually checking. Initially, you had to use a selected Spo2 watch face when you were sleeping to induce this reading; however, an update to the Sense’s computer code currently permits you to use any watch face you wish. Fitbit says it’ll add seven new watch faces with SpO2
information by the end of the year.


The Fitbit sense smartwatch is one of the best watches globally, and it has a lot of features and functions related to your health and fitness. If you need a watch to help evaluate your health situation, then you just need this beautifully designed smartwatch. It will take care of your health and wellness. You will love to wear this elegantly designed Fitbit sense smartwatch every day.

Dr. Javez Ernesto

My Smartwatch Pick : Fitbit Sense




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