My CT scan results indicates renal angiomyolipoma, what do I need to do?

My CT scan results indicate splenic hamartoma, left renal angiomyolipoma. I had a scan done because I suffer from stomach pain. Is this dangerous? What do I need to do now?

Age: 49
Medications: NSAIDS occasionally

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Dr. B. Lewis
4:55 pm

Hi. Splenic hamartomas – renal angiomyolipomas are usually benign. That is to say they are often non-cancerous. Your surgeon may or may not recommend surgical excision, removal. But they certainly do require removal if they are causing any hematological disorders such as a decline in renal functions. To better understand your situation your CT scan report should be uploaded so as to read the Radiologist’s comments. You need to meet with an oncologist for further evaluation and rule out malignancy. You also need to consult with a vascular specialist – surgeon to decide if excision is recommended.