I have developed blisters on my glans (head of penis).

Question: I have developed blisters on my glans (head of penis) and a particular nasty blister on the tip. This happened after masturbation. They have now popped and the skin underneath is quite tender and painful. Now they seem to have cured, they are no longer painful – there has been no discharge or fever. What can this be? I have not had sexual relations with a partner for over 1 year!

Answer: Based on the information you have provided it seems your masturbation caused ulcers. But it is probably indicative of genital herpes. Please consult with a specialized doctor. Your doctor will probably prescribe: Acyclovir 400 mg one tablet three times a day for 10 days. Mupirocin ointment over the ulcer area twice daily. Diclofenac twice daily for five days. Pantoprazole 40 mg once daily


Dr. Deepak Patel
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