My mother is coughing, can it be cancer?

Question: My 72 year old mother has a cough for 4 weeks now. She has a bad and consistent cough which began just a few days after having had high fever. The cough is dry with a little transparent mucus every so often. Her tests were all normal ( CBC, blood test, chest X-ray). She is right now on mild antibiotics and nebulizer. I am worried because she is still coughing. She is having problems sleeping and eating. She is taking medications for acidity and high BP.  Can it be cancer?

Best Answer: Hi and thanks for your question. Based on the info you have provided, I do not think it could be cancer. A blood count, X-ray, and an ECG review with your personal physician would be useful. Also it would be good for me to know if she is a smoker and there is a history of asthma?


Dr. Javez Ernesto
Dr. Javez Ernesto
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