I have pain not only in my hand but from my leg up to my neck.

Question: Hello. I am a 39 year old. Male. I do some activities like dancing and recently I think I pulled a muscle or maybe twisted a nerve in my arm and right hand while dancing. But the result was pain not only in my hand but from my leg up to my neck. Pain is precisely in neck, shoulder, arm and hand.  And I am quite worried about this. A week ago I  had an MRI scan taken and I would like to have an opinion from you, I guess  a second opinion. I uploaded the results. Please provide best possible answer. Thanking you in advance.

Answer: Hi. Thanks for contacting QuestionDoctors.com. Based on the information you have provided and uploaded, I can see your MRI indicates:

  1. Disc bulge indenting the theca at c4/c5
  2. Disc protrusion indenting the theca – left lateral recess at c5/c6
  3. Degenerative cervical disc disease.

In  my opinion, development of the degenerative cervical disc disease results from the cervical spine fractures.

Sensory pain radiates in the direction of the cushioning discs and nerve roots involvement. The pain you feel along your neck, shoulder, arm is probably caused by c4/c5 involvement. The pain you feel specifically in hand is probably caused by the  c5/c6 involvement.

Naproxen can be used to help alleviate degenerative cervical disc disease.  Tens machine can also be used to help with the pain. Your doctor may recommend the use of Baclofen and calcium. I would also recommend you consult with a Physio Therapist who may suggest further treatment and the use of a cervical collar and hot/cold compress treatments.


Dr. Javez Ernesto
Dr. Javez Ernesto
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