Pain in my lower back down the back of my left leg, is it a torn or pulled ligament?

I have a pain in my lower back down the back of my left leg. Feels like a cramp sometimes. I dont remember hurting it. Just started to happen 3 days ago. When I walk my left foot is difficult to lift. Toes don’t want to raise up. Is it a torn or pulled ligament in my foot?

Age: 45
Medications: Cypro BP meds

Feel uncomfortable when lying down, ct scan and blood tests normal?

Hello. I am a 27 year old male. For about the last year I have had this weird sensation on my left side. From my left hip up to below the bottom of my left rib cage. It’s mostly just when I am laying on my side. When I lay on my left side it feels like I am laying on something a flat piece of cardboard or something like that. It’s mostly along the hip and under the ribs. When I turn over and lay on my right side, my left side feels really tight and it is very uncomfortable. Once in awhile it will also feel like it’s back behind my left shoulder blade also. Again this has been going on for about a year now. I have had blood work and a ct scan about 6 months ago and they both came back with nothing. The feeling just isn’t going away though. What could be causing this?

Age: 27
Medications: None
General Information: Yes. Blood work and ct scan came back with nothing

I have been feeling lots of stress and anxiety lately and experience hip joint problems?

Hi. I am a 24 year old female and I have been feeling lots of stress and anxiety lately. I study during the day and work during the evenings. My question is I have been feeling pops and clicks at my hip joints when I move my hip and legs sideways and turn. It is not pain more like a funny light precise sensation. My joints at the elbows also seem to do the same thing sometimes. Could this be the signs of a problem? This worries me a lot.

Age: 24
Medications: None

I have spinal stenosis, an object struck my head, please advise?

I have spinal stenosis but have been working for many test using lumbar edidual blocks percocet lyrics and ambian

A 50 pound peice of steel lad needs on my head damaged cervical faces

Q1) I think it did a number on my back also it that possible
Q)I use my back to compensate since my neck doesn’t work well now I am cripled don’t want to put wait on left leg without pain medicine way to sever Again is this regaled to any accident I was doing well handicapped but working 55 hours a week

Medications: Percocet ambian topaman lyrics cylobencamine and other
General Information: Pain starts base of shill facel joints headaches accross forhead one spot lower shoulder left low like a cock. Stats to long long and pain would make me faint down left leg to burning acne raised numb big toe has the ability to switch and Ron pain down right sise

I have had this lower left back pain and lowest left rib area, please advise?

I sleep on a thin foam mattress which has given me back issues in the past but just mild discomforting pain. I sleep on the side and my back through the night. Last week for two nights I started sleeping in the other direction (180 degrees change) and I slept that way 2 nights in a row and since then I have had this lower left back pain and lowest left rib area. When I sneeze or cough I can feel the pain. I haven’t taken anything for it yet. When I pulled a door, I could feel the pain in the lower left back again. I pulled the door with my left hand.

Age: 32
Medications: Nothing. Just started taking Aleve right now.

I had spine surgery exposing my spine, is there risk of infection?

I recently had surgery to confuse five vertebrae in my neck the problem is is my incision started to create a big hole looks like it was infected my surgeon told me it was not infected but he put me on antibiotics anyway. So I have this big gaping hole it is exposing my spinal cord and my spine.I’ve had surgery once to correct it and close the incision, he cleaned it out and closed the incision and stitched it. Well the hole has returned. I was supposed to go out of town to a plastic surgeon to close the incision again but I haven’t heard back from my surgeon’s office for 2 days. What is my risk of infection from my having my spine exposed? I like my surgeon and I don’t believe that he’s trying to hurt me in any way, but should I be seeking second opinion or another doctor to close this incision and should I be doing it faster than it’s being done? it’s now been seven days since the last time I was in surgery to have it closed.

Age: 56
Medications: None

Do I have traumatic toe injuries or can this be something else?

Hi. I had one toe run over by a heavy baby stroller, (the right big toe) . However, in the past few days I have developed blood under the left big toe nail too. The traumatic injury was about 9 days ago and the other tow started hurting about 3 days ago.

Could these be just traumatic injuries or possibly something else? Luckily I have some time off to heal, but if it needs intervention , better now that later, as I go to (—–) January 7th.

Age: 37
Medications: Edaybclor
General Information: None

I woke up with a stabbing pain in my right shoulder, after 2 weeks still have pain?

I woke up with a stabbing pain in my right shoulder blade in my back, next day had same pain but pain also started in up part of the back of arm and that evening, I could not grip with my thump and index finger, dropped coffee cup, and lower arm up from pinky finger is numb. Two weeks later still have bad pain under shoulder blade in back and in back of upper arm. I am a Diabetic, A1c is 7.3 and I take high blood pressure meds and have a sluggish thyroid I take meds for.

Age: 59
Medications: Blood pressure meds, victoza insulin, humalig insulin at meals if blood sugar is over 150, sertraline, acrid,
General Information: No

I suffer from gout and pain in big toe (hallux), how long will pain last?

I am a cross country skier and have gout in big toe. For the past week I developed pain in big toe but I kept on skiing on it. I only found out today that I had gout. The inflammation is now gone but pain persists. Should I have stopped, did I make my gout worse? Will the pain continue? For how long?

Age: 45
Medications: Naproxen, Synthroid

I heard/felt a pop in my knee, I can’t even start to bend my knee w/o excruciating pain?

I was at gymnastics last night and I landed weird after a tumbling pass..I heard/felt a pop in my knee but didn’t think anything of it at the time because it didn’t really hurt, it did swell quite a lot though, it’s the afternoon after and I can’t even start to bend my knee w/o excruciating pain please help me out

Age: 15
Medications: None
General Information: Stress fracture in knee about a year ago, tibia + fibula break the year before

Suffering extreme right arm muscle pain when I try to raise my arm

I am suffering extreme right arm muscle pain when I try to raise my arm over and above right shoulder.
Can hardly put any weight on it without suffering. tried different treatments with virtually no positive effect.
Tried steroid injections, advil, anti inflammation pills. Just wondering what this may be and what to do?

My son broke his tibia and fibula, is it safe to manually manipulate the fragment in place by hand?

My son recently broke his tibia and fibula in the lower part of his leg requiring extensive surgery that included utilization of steel plating and several screws. Afterwards, upon reviewing his post op x-rays, it was discovered that a large splinter from the back side of his fibula had separated from the main bone and was in essence floating in the surrounding tissue (see attached). In response to our concerns regarding the same, my son’s followup physician has advised him to manually manipulate the fragment in place by hand. Our concern is that doing so could possibly result in further damage to the surrounding tissue and prevent fusion to the main bone. Is this really a safe and soundly establish practice in regard to such injuries, or should we be considering looking for a second opinion?