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Fooducate App Review by Doctor Beverly Lewis

Fooducate claims to empower you to achieve your diet, health, and fitness goals.

Losing weight is a great challenge and for many, the hardest part is changing diet. In this regard, Fooducate has proven to be extremely useful. This app helps by making people conscious of the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. This realization has had a transforming effect and contributed to many people’s productivity and well-being.

One of the cornerstone features of this app is that of monitoring calorie intake and thus providing a means of controlling your day–to–day diet. After using the app myself I found this feature was particularly useful in helping me see my progress and pushing me in the right direction, by making me aware of successes and my failures.

It also provides detailed information on the nutritional aspects and ingredients, which contributed to my understanding of what I was consuming daily and its expected effects. This fact alone had a tremendous effect on the way I approached my diet and my body. It is something I know is of importance and it continues to be at the heart of the problem many people face when changing diets and one of the most impressive features and innovations of this app.

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Another aspect of Fooducate is the community, which is always helpful and interesting to interact with. The topics discussed are usually interesting and the answers insightful. It also presented a positive perspective for me, as it opened my eyes to the practical understanding that many people were going through the same challenges, problems, and changes, which helped me feel like a part of this community and get inspired by this common goal. The motivational quotes also helped. The interface of the app also deserves a lot of credit. It was instantly familiar, with its Instagram-like esthetics and design and a joy to interact with.

The recipes and ingredients presented are quite varied and of course healthy. The quantity is just staggering. I never felt compelled to eat the same thing continuously day by day and thanks to the community I was always able to find appropriate substitutes or different ingredients to spice things up. In a rare occurrence, compared to my prior efforts, my healthy diet became a source of joy and experimentation instead of dread and complaints. This leads me to appreciate the experience even more and also become a better chef in the process.

The Diet tips section contributed a lot to my education, where it comes to the importance and effects of specific ingredients. I was also surprised at the amount of specific information it contained for people of different ages and in specific conditions. The tips also pushed me to experimentation with cuisines from all over the world and different substitutes to some of my favorite unhealthy snacks, all of which widened my horizon of taste and have made me a generally better-rounded person, willing to appreciate change and different cultures and civilizations.

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Today great apps are often determined not by the amount of content in it but how they decide to present that content in easily manageable bits that make them useful and above all achieve the aim which they propagate. On the right picture, in a simple display yet effective it gives important information regarding some key features of the app such as health tracker and the daily calorie tracker. If u are like me, who loves cooking but has little time to truly dedicate itself to it, then with food founder you get access to a whole range of food recipes that are not only delicious but they help track down the daily calorie intake so that you are constantly at check. Now I admit is not easy living by measuring the daily calories, every single time, but presumed you are putting yourself in a strict regimental diet for a few months which if anything will do you good physically and mentally then investing in this app would be a prudent choice. The app gives me the feeling it is designed to be one size fits all, which means in the huge jingle of apps promising u miracles, this one is very decent in what it delivers. Ultimately however no app helps you lose weight, it boils down as my hard experience has taught me, losing weight is all about calorie deficit. So if u are struggling to keep calorie count, this app will help u immensely in this regard and lose a few pounds on the go. I noticed also that it made me more aware of what I eat every day and perhaps this is the strongest point this app has to offer. Your life won’t be turned around by apps, but if they manage to create the necessary awareness around your daily calorie intake, then the app has gone a long way for sure!

Diet tips and a friendly community to keep yourself motivated and reminded that you aren’t alone in the process is for sure a quite useful source of motivation that with a proper mindset can take a person a long head forward. The interface of the community, similar to a social network was a nice feature that I found all in all useful but in my view, it isn’t what makes this app shine. But the “Diet Tidbits” were very practical and all in all, I found them useful. The amount of information available is a good guide to optimizing your daily dietary choices and that makes the app a treat.

All in all the fooducate is a solid well build food tracking app with a decent and useful interface, with a fine balance between not too flashy but also not too messy, with excellent food choices and a very robust calorie tracking system that makes this app worth the try.

Doctor Beverly Lewis

Dr. Beverly Lewis

My Food App Pick : Fooducate


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