I have a drug abuse problem, will info be kept confidential?

Question: I have a drug abuse problem, will info I give to my personal doctor be kept 100% confidential?

Answer: Absolutely. Your doctor is bound by his/her own code of ethics to keep your information confidential. This being said, your doctor will be using an EMR (electronic medical record) so there may be other healthcare workers that may be able to access the info on a – need to know basis – but this can be prevented if your doctor indicates the info as -confidential- on the EMR. Of course, electronic info, like all info in this day and age can be leaked or hacked. But do be completely honest with your doctor regarding the use of street drugs, OTC or prescription medication, if you want your doctor to help you, you need to provide him/her with all the info that is necessary for a proper evaluation.


Doctor Beverly Lewis
Dr. Beverly Lewis

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