Is back pain, discomfort or soreness a common sign that shows lung cancer?

Hello there doctors, I am a 31 year old woman, and I experience pain in my back. I need to find out know about the possible connection of back pain to lung cancer and if it is a cause of lung cancer. My family history has zero signs of cancer.I do not smoke and have not done so for over 16 years. No real vices – no alcohol – tobacco gum – no drugs, weed or any thing else!!! Rarely eat junk food. rarely go out to restaurants and when I do its good expensive ones. Veggies and fruit and fish is my thing . No meat Little fatty stuff. I am slightly overweight but do exercise every so often. I have been suffering from mostly upper back pain for awhile and do suffer from Vitamin D deficiency which I am now addressing with D supplements Lately the pain has become more severe in the last few days Most often it arises near the center slightly to the right side of the back. There is no coughing symptoms no breathing problems no loss of appetite no fatigue or lack of energy. No pain while breathing or at night when sleeping or lying down. I do have sinus issues which were examined by an Otorhinolaryngology specialist who said it was just drip problems. Is back discomfort a common symptom associated with lung cancer? And what stage does that} usually happen? Exactly what are the probabilities my getting lung cancer if I have back pain?

Age 31
Medications: Vit D

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
11:46 am

Early signs of lung cancer may be detected by your Doctor if there is an unusual sound when breathing or there are .swollen lymph nodes. Testing ( x-ray, cbc, scan) is the best method to detect lung cancer. Back pain is not a common symptom of lung cancer …unless it is at an advanced stage with metastasis.. Your symptom is not related to cancer at all. It is probably due to strain. Physiotherapy can be used to treat your problem. Considering your age, your lifestyle and habits without a family history of cancer and exposure to carcinogens, the chances are… Read more »