What are the physical signs of vaginal cancer?

Hello Doctor, I am concerned that I may have vaginal cancer, can you please tell me what are the physical signs of vaginal cancer and what testing is done? Thank you

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Dr. Deepak Patel

Hello, physical signs of vaginal cancer are spontaneous or provoked metrorrhagia (vaginal bleeding) in 80% of cases, leucorrhea (vaginal discharge and swelling) in 20% of cases, pelvic pain in 10% of cases. a metastatic inguinal may also be involved, rarely a hematuria, and vaginal mass. In the case of an advanced vaginal tumor, dysuria, rectal signs, pelvic thrombosis, edema of the lower limb or recto-vaginal or vesico-vaginal fistula may occur. Your Doctor will carry out a speculum examination and patient will be referred to a specialist who may elect to carry out CT and MRI, Endoscopy or a Colposcopy with… Read more »