I have had a severe sinus cold which has affected my sense of smell?

Hello doctor, 2 months ago I suffered from a severe head sinus cold for 2 weeks. After which i felt fine, but I started to lose my sense of smell. It began slowly but now is continuing and I am worried. I saw a doctor who said I had nose polyps and inflammation. what do you recommend I do. I don’t want to no longer be able to smell!

Age: 35
Medications: None.

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Dr. Deepak Patel

Hello. Your loss of smell is probably due to the polyps. They are preventing air to come into contact with the olfactory mucosa of your nose. You need to speak to your Doctor and obtain Acyclovir and begin using Avamyse spray. This should make the polyps disappear. If they don’t disappear, you will require to have them removed surgically. But remember that the damage done to the olfactory system may be irreversible. please consult your Doctor as soon as possible. Regards.