I always develop a bad cough near the end of the year?

I am 52 year old man. I always develop a bad cough near the end of the year which doesn’t disappear after at least 4 months. I get a little bit of help using advil tablets but not completely until the year after when I have the same problem. I underwent X-ray, etc., all ok??

Age: 52
Medications: Advil

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
6:01 pm

It would be relevant to know where you live and know the weather and immediate environment you live in However it seems your cough may be related to the weather, humidity, pollution, heating or allergy season in your country. Seems to be a type of allergic bronchitis that can be addressed to by reinforcing your immunity system. Consulting an allergy specialist is recommended. Natural remedies that may help include lemon and ginger. Taking vitamin C supplement may also help. However consulting a health professional to rule out other conditions is prudent.