Does sudafed work for a bad sinus infection?

Question: Hi doc! I had a really bad sinus infection – really bad and I blew my nose non stop for awhile, now my ears are completely blocked. I feel as though my head is underwater. Does sudafed work? If not – what should I do????

Answer: Hi and thanks for your question. A sinusitis may cause your ears to clog. First and foremost, stop blowing your nose. Start using Xylometazoline nasal drops followed by steam inhalation. Also take an anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen (advil). You may need best prescription based oral and topical steroids as well as antibiotics if there is evidence of a bacterial infection. If symptoms persist order please consult, you will need to get blood and CT scan for sinuses, nose and mastoids. Rest and avoid extreme weather changes.

Doctor Beverly Lewis

Dr. Beverly Lewis

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