I have received my lab report, are these results bad?

Question: I have received my lab report and my SGOT is 73, my SGPT is 84 and my gamma glutamyltranferase is 422. Are these results bad?

Answer:  Labs show a mild elevation of SGOT and SGPT, with a more marked elevation of GGT. This pattern is suggestive of a disease process that affects the bile ducts that drain the liver and the gall bladder into the intestine. There are many causes for this, some serious (such as malignancy), others more benign (such as stones or alcohol use). The next step would be an ultrasound to look for something outside of the liver that could be blocking the bile ducts, or whether it looks like there is disease in the liver itself that is causing bile problems. The work-up would then continue based on the results of that ultrasound.


Dr. Deepak Patel
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