I am pregnant, is it twins and are my thyroid levels normal?

Hi doctor I am 5 weeks 4 days pregnant. Please let me know if I need to increase thyroid dosage I am currently taking 50. Also the hcg levels look elevated to me is there a possibility of twins. Or does that indicate a singleton pregnancy? I am just wondering if it is multiples as it looks high to me but maybe it’s normal for a single.

Age: 25
Medications: Euthyrox 50

Lab results show high total iron and % saturation, please advise?

I had lab work done to test for iron, and it showed high total iron and % saturation. Should I see a doctor for this, or donate some blood, or not worry about it? (I uploaded the lab results.) I don’t have any medical problems other than infrequent migraines.

Age: 50
Medications: amitriptyline 20mg/daily for migraines
General Information: no

I did a blood test 7 months back, is there something abnormal?

I did a blood test 7 months back and it yielded a
RBC =5.97 10E12/L
HGB =16.3 g/L
HCT 49.3 %
I did a retest again 7 months later to the test mentioned above at the result was
RBC =5.81 10E12
HGB =16.8 g/l
HCT =51.9 %

Does the results indicate something abnormal ???

Age: 28
Medications: No

I was injected intravenously with iodine for CT scan, now having side effects?

I had a CT of my chest and abdomen. I was injected intravenously with iodine contrast twice. The next day I was having constant palpitations, my heart felt like it was racing and bogged down. I was short of breath and lightheaded, I also felt a weird pressure in the arteries in my neck. I was having mood swings and very stressed and depressed. This was constant for a week and a few episodes the next week. This week, the third week seems to be more frequent. I read that iodine contrast can trigger hyperthyroidism, since they injected me twice I think it is probably the case. How long will this last and do I just wait it out? It feels awful. I emailed my Dr and she just said to drink a lot of water to flush it out, I don’t see how that can help.

Age: 42
Medications: Singular, pulmicort inhaler.
General Information: I had constant fatigue and brain fog for several years. I started taking 1 gram of l-arginine in September and felt a little better. I have b-12 anemia but b12 shots made me feel worse. I take deplin methelfolate. I got sick with a respiratory infection and had to be put on 10 days of prednisone at the end of october, it has cured my fatigue and brain fog. I had my CT

I take Adderall for Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), will it show up positive on a drug test?

I am seeking employment and need to get tested for drug use. I take Adderall for ADHD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, will it show up positive on a drug test. In particular will it show up positive as amphetamine and methamphetamine usage?

Age: 35
Medications: Adderall

I am positive carrier for the Kell antigen, can I donate or receive blood?

Recently found I am positive carrier for the blood antigen kell. I am a 25 year old women and was curious if I should be concerned in regards to donating blood or receiving blood. For instance if I needed a blood transfusion. Or if somebody didn’t have the kell antigen

Age: 25
Medications: N/a

I have unusual weight gain problems, what is the cause?

I’m 29 yrs. / female. I’ve troubles with my cholesterol levels and my weight. the problem started after I took these medicines (eltroxin 50 mcg,deltavit b12,inegy 10/20) for only one month starting from 1st June 2016, I gained 25 kg in 16 months even I work out three times a week and my eating habits never changed. I attached my blood tests history before and after the medicines.

Age: 29
Medications: eltroxin 50 mcg,deltavit b12,inegy 10/20, now I’m just taking Omega-3
General Information: 4/12/2017 I had a pelvi-abdominal sonography only comment was “fatty liver”, Sometimes I’ve slight pain in my waist (right side). I experience pain in my feet (lower back) when I wake up in the morning, it disappears after couple of minutes.

I have severe anemia, what can I do?

I have severe anemia (lack of iron in blood) my test results were 3 and it should have been at 89 and am wondering what are my options? I have been taking an all natural organic liquid iron 4x a day and my levels have not gone up in 8 or 9 months! What can i do?

Age: 37
Medications: Liquid iron
General Information: Ive been anemic my whole.life

I did a home dipstick urinalysis test, should I be worried about the results?

Hello, i did a home dipstick urinalysis test and i have trace of leukocytes, trace of protein, high specific gravity and trace of glucose. Just wondering what this means? I’m pretty sure I have a uti as I am feeling nauseated and have temperatures and my asthma has been playing up.
I’m a bit worried about the glucose being in my urine though.

Age: 35
Medications: Ventolin, Symbicort, panadol osteo x 2 daily, celebrex, levelen ed
General Information: Fibromyalgia Asthma Osteoarthritis in the hips, boarderline sjorjens.

Failed In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), does HSG confirm tubal disconnection?

A case of bilateral hydrosalpinx , did tubal disconnection followed by failed trial of In vitro fertilisation (IVF).
After 4 months , hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to confirm the tubal disconnection and here the image .
I would like an advice from a radiologist.
Thanks so much.
Female 36 years
a case of infertility

Age: 36
Medications: nothing

I failed a drug test, what drugs can cause this?

I recently had a drug screen from a lab and I failed to my surprise for methamphetamine.
My doctor stated that only five things that I could have ingested could cause a faulty positive. Could you please tell me what could be? I am on a number of medications for migraine relief, I am not sure why this has happened.

Age: 35
Medications: Propanol, elivil, topomax,imitrex,sucacarafate, Omeprazole

My thyroid blood results show TSH and T4 are normal but is T3 low?

Is .59 too low for t3? it says ref range iminimum is .87. My TSH and T4 were normal but I have all the symptoms of low T3 issues. I have fatigue weight gain edema thinning hair just always SOO tired. I am 22 year old female 5’4 110lbs. It is so hard to get out of bed in the morning and I am always just SO tired. I noticed my blood work always comes back with low T3 but normal TSH T4 and I am wondering if it is of concern. I don’t have insurance or a primary to ask.

Age: 22
Medications: none

I have had traces of blood in my urine, but blood tests are ok?

Hi i have had traces of blood in my urine when doctors do the dip test they say every time there is blood.but when they send it of it comes back as normal and i am in so much pain with left side of my back going into my tummy i cant even stand can this be connected as really worried and have 3 kids to look after

Age: 30
Medications: Neflex and codine

I broke out in hives and itchy, swollen purple like skin, is this a consequence of my low blood test results?

In January 2017 I broke out in hives and itchy, swollen purple like skin. I was admitted to the ER 3 days in a row. On the last day I was so out of it I barely remember what the doctor said before she released me. For the last several months I have continued to have itchy skin, night sweats, and major fatigue. I’ve even developed hives on the vaginal area. I decided to log in to my health care chart online and check out my blood test results from 10 months ago. They seem alarming low and other very high. I’m waiting to get more blood drawn this week. can you give me some insight on these number? I will say that I was on 20mg of prednisone at the time the test was given. Would prednisone really affect the test this much?

WBC – 13.2
RBC – 3.87
Neutro Auto – 92%
Lymph Auto – 4.9%
Mono Auto – 3.0%
Neutro Absolute – 12.1
Lymph Absolute – 0.6
Mono Absolute – 0.4

Medications: Adderall but not at the time of the blood test

This is an ultrasound of my baby’s spine. How does the spine look to you?

This is an ultrasound of my baby’s spine. The perintologist that l see thinks it ends abruptly. What do you think it could be?

Also the baby is never in a different position during sonograms. This is the picture we always get of the end of her spine and he thinks it’s the best picture we have.

How does the spine look to you? Any advice or further questions you think I️ should ask after her birth.