I am positive carrier for the Kell antigen, can I donate or receive blood?

Recently found I am positive carrier for the blood antigen kell. I am a 25 year old women and was curious if I should be concerned in regards to donating blood or receiving blood. For instance if I needed a blood transfusion. Or if somebody didn’t have the kell antigen

Age: 25
Medications: N/a

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Dr.Honey Arora
1:04 am

Thanks for the query..

If you have Kell positive antigen on your RBC then it is advisable to be cautious while blood donation as if the blood is transfused to Kell negative individuals then there can be antibodies production against the antigens.

Although after a single transfusion there is less chance of severe reaction bit of progressive transfusion are done then there can be hemolysis or damage to the antigen containing blood cells by the antibodies..

So you should always indicate to the doctor/ blood bank or anywhere else if you donate blood..

Take care..