I was not sure whether I am pregnant or not?

I am a 22 year old girl who has had an unplanned pregnancy. have gone the way of an abortion. I was not sure whether I am pregnant or not because I did not take a pregnancy test. No pregnancy test but I did do abortion kit, called Mifegest kit, on the third week. On day 2, I had heavy bleeding and I saw some kind of ejection of meat or flesh looking material. I wanted to make sure that whether I was pregnant or not. It has been a week after taking the abortion pills, I am still having bleeding. Did I do something wrong….what should I do next?

Age: 22
Medications: Na

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Dr. B. Lewis
12:13 am

You should have confirmed intrauterine pregnancy before by your Doctor and then – and only with your doctor’s advise, an abortion kit could have been used. OK. What’s done is done. At this point you should consult and get your blood beta hCG level checked to confirm whether you were pregnant or not. It can be still elevated slightly if you were pregnant. as far as your heavy bleeding is concerned your Doctor can prescribe Tranexamic acid tablets. In my opinion you should also get a transvaginal ultrasonography done to confirm whether or not there was a complete abortion.