I had a vasectomy but my girlfriend says she is pregnant?

Question:  from a 52 yo male, good health. In the course of dating a 36 yo woman, a situation has arisen which I cannot find any clarification on beyond the normal conclusion.

In October 2020 the relationship had escalated to a sexual nature and in the same month, she contracted the COVID 19 Delta variant. About 1 month later she advised that she had 2 positive pregnancy tests conducted at home (with faint lines on each test). She went to her OB/GYN and they confirmed the formation of a gestational sac via ultrasound.

The problem is I had a vasectomy in 2011 and verified the procedure with 2 follow-up exams 60 and 90 days apart which concluded at that time that no sperm was present in the semen. I know there are cases where vasectomies have failed but my research indicated they are less than 1% as time progresses. Last week, February 10, 2021, I had another semen analysis conducted, under the guidance of a Urology office. The lab indicated that there was NO sperm present in the semen sample delivered that day.

So I am either being lied to when she vehemently denies having sex with someone else or is there a remote possibility that her ordeal with COVID 19(d) somehow messed with her body into thinking it was pregnant? She had other oddities with COVID, Thyroid problems which have now cleared up, Pneumonia which has cleared up, 2 DVTs that have gone away with the only lingering issue of permanent scarring on her lungs from the Pneumonia. I have read that the medical community still has some difficulty determining exactly what COVID can and can’t do to a body so is there any case where it can cause a woman’s body to think it’s pregnant and react accordingly when in fact it is not? Thank you.

Answer: Hello. Of course there is a remote chance that the vasectomy failed but – in my opinion – the chances are 1 in 100,000.

Dr. Isabelle Dandurand

My wife had a cervical stitch procedure done. What to do now?

Question: My wife had a cervical stitch procedure done in the 19th week of pregnancy. She is now almost 37 weeks old and doctors oppose the removal of the suture. The last time the cervical length measured in week 23 was 36 mm. We suspect that he did this to encourage the delivery of a caesarean section. Do we have to get a second opinion in this case? My wife does not like going to cesarean section unless absolutely necessary. What to do now?

Age: 37
Medications: NA

Answer: After inserting the cervical suture( to prevent pregnancy or premature birth), the goal is to remove it after the woman enters the latency phase or works actively in the workspace. There is no reason to have it withdrawn earlier so she can return home because this renews possibility of labour.. Once again, it is not related to cervical suture. If the baby is in proper position delivery must be performed. But if there is asynclitic (first shoulder) or non-progressive labor or fetal burden at birth or a tight neck strap, as determined by ultrasound and based on NST (non-stress test), then only cesarean section is planned and not due to the cervical suture. So she is right not to get rid of it now and continue with intent to deliver. You can actually wait until finished 40 weeks plus 3 days to start natural labor.


I was not sure whether I am pregnant or not?

I am a 22 year old girl who has had an unplanned pregnancy. have gone the way of an abortion. I was not sure whether I am pregnant or not because I did not take a pregnancy test. No pregnancy test but I did do abortion kit, called Mifegest kit, on the third week. On day 2, I had heavy bleeding and I saw some kind of ejection of meat or flesh looking material. I wanted to make sure that whether I was pregnant or not. It has been a week after taking the abortion pills, I am still having bleeding. Did I do something wrong….what should I do next?

Age: 22
Medications: Na

Did I have an early miscarriage?

I left my teaching position to return to school and as a result I had to change medical insurance. I had (—) all docs are in network. This meant I needed to find new doctors as of December. Four months ago I started having issues of bad bloating, abdominal pain, weight gain, distension, spotting white tissue, fatigue, and brownish -reddish discharge during sex. I had to establish care with new doctors. This began April 30th. End of May I had a pap smear with new ob/gyn and he said everything is normal. I was still experiencing all the symptoms above (coffee grind specks when wiping and white tissue not enough to wear a panty liner and brownish discharge during sex). I scheduled another appointment to follow up on the continued issue of irregular discharge, but I canceled due to travel.

On Friday June 22nd while out of state I passed an enormous mass on what would have been the first day of my cycle. One ended looked like gray chicken skin covered in the coffee grind discharge mentioned earlier and the other end a long uterus shaped clot covered in the mysterious white tissue mentioned earlier. I passed a tremendous amount of blood that day. I consulted my new doc’s office and they said to go to an ER in that state or wait and see a different doctor in my hospital group first thing Monday. After a urine test second ob/gyn dismissed it as a polyp and said I wasn’t pregnant. On 6/29 a transvaginal ultrasound showed a 1 cm mass. My ob/gyn said it looks like a miscarriage/endometrial cast but he was unsure. He sent me for a hysterosonogram the following cycle. On the first day of that cycle 7/14 I passed more tissue. The last 5 pictures in the collage. Hysterosonogram 7/24 came back no signs of mass. I had odd smells up until I passed the last tissue. Ob/gyn says it wasn’t a polyp, but he doesn’t know what it was consult a new physician in my new state of Ohio. I moved 2 weeks ago. Did I have an early miscarriage?

Age: 32
Medications: Vitamins
General Information: I am not on birth control. Took a morning after pill early June. After the initial symptoms weeks before passing the tissue on 6/29. I dilated and had contractions and cramps

(unattached photos)

What could be the cause of the heavy bleeding and clotting?

I have been using the Gynera oral contraceptive pills for more than 2,5 years now. Just this past weekend I started again with a new pack but someone I have some rather heavy bleeding and some abnormal blood clotting. What could be the cause of the heavy bleeding and clotting?

Age: 31
Medications: Gynera, Vexal, Depakine
General Information: I have gone open water diving last weekend and ever since the weekend it has been like this. I had some spotting only last week Thursday and Friday. Saturday it was a little more and then after the diving it has just been an abnormal flow

I am 45 and in perimenopause. I no longer have regular periods?

I am 45 and in perimenopause. I no longer have regular periods. My last period was 6 months ago and it only lasted two days. I also have fibroids. Recently I have had a light brown discharge. I have only had the discharge in the morning. Just after I get up and usually nothing for the rest of the day. What causes this?

Age: 45
Medications: Metformin, amlodipine, metoprolol, atrovostain, hydrochlothizide

I started with a late period. I also started to have nausea, minor headaches, and fatigue

age: 24, height: 5’5″, weight: 128, gender: Female, meds: N/A, medical issues: none, duration: 6 weeks, hormonal imbalance?

So it the strangeness started with a late period. I also started to have nausea, minor headaches, and fatigue. Six days later I get my period although it’s shorter and lighter. The nausea, headache, and fatigue continued. A month passes and over that time I also started to get this pressure/heavy kind of feeling in my uterus, like it was expanding. I’m starting to get a little freaked out because I’ve been feeling strange for a while with little change. I didn’t think it was pregnancy because one unfortunate instance occured a day or two after what I calculated to be when I would have ovulated (although I’d been irregular the 3 months prior). I finally decided to get a $1 test just to make sure and it came out negative. I’m feeling relieved but I still felt strange, something was still wrong.

Three days later I start my period, but it’s very strange. Day 1 was pretty normal maybe heavier than normal but in late morning of day 2 I started passing clumps (not like the ones I would normally get at the end of my period, they were larger and looked a little different, like tissue). The first two were pretty normal but they kept coming getting larger and more frequent. Towards the end I had to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes or so to pass 7 cm clumps. There were about 7 clumps in total 4 of them were large, 3 of them were very large about 3″ clumps. I was also cramping very bad. I normally only cramp the first day and if it’s bad enough I’ll take some medicine and I’m usually fine after that. Not the case, even after taking medicine it was still very painful. The clots stopped after 5hrs, I felt completely drained emotionally and physically (my uterus felt bare/empty). My period continued for 3 more days. The other symptoms I felt over the month subsided after that. What was wrong with me?

Age: 24
Medications: None
General Information: Haven’t felt symptoms or had a period like that since.

I have been having lower left pelvic pain that radiates to my groin, down my upper front thigh, hip and to lower back?

I have been having lower left pelvic pain that radiates to my groin, down my upper front thigh, hip and to lower back. It gets severe after my period ends and sometimes around ovulation and can last for days. I had a Plain CT scan without contrast last June in the ER when I first had this severe pain. It came back normal. I am worried maybe it missed something ( like diverticulosis and or diverticulitis. I was wondering if a 3T MRI without contrast would be able to diagnose and or rule out diverticula and diverticulitis? I cannot tolerate the contrasts or dyes as I get nasty adverse reactions to them.

Age: 43
Medications: none
General Information: I have seen sevreal doctor’s and keep getting bounced around. This issues started last June. I keep having episodes. I was told it may be gynelogical. I consulted with a gynecologist who specializes inn gyne issues and he said he could do a laprsocopy to explore. I want to be sure this lower left pain is Not being caused by something else like Diverticulosis / diverticulitis before going under the knife. I am super sensitive to chemicals in general and get nasty reactions. I have read that 3T MRI has higher resolution and can diagnose issues without the use of the dyes and contrasts. Is this true?? Would a 3T MRI be able to see diverticula and diverticulitis?

I am unsure what my cycle is like when I’m not on the pill, but I am on day 33 with no period?

Hi. I have recently stopped taking my birth control in hopes of trying to conceive. I had been on the pill for about 8.5 years. I stopped taking my pill at the end of my last packet which was one month ago.

I have yet to start my next period. I am unsure what my cycle is like when I’m not on the pill, but I am on day 33 with no period. However, another strange thing is that my last period (while on birth control) was very irregular. It was only two days instead of the usual 4-5 and it wasn’t even enough flow to fill a tampon. I would call it spotting more than anything. I thought that I might be pregnant, but I have taken multiple tests and they all have had a negative result.

Should I be concerned that I have not had my period yet and that my last one was so strange?

Age: 26
Medications: None
General Information: I am currently experiencing very normal symptoms regarding PMS: cramps, backaches, headaches, and nipple soreness.

Doctors want to push postpartum depression pills again?

I had a baby in nov. 1 week later i had emergency hysterectomy and blood transfusions. 5 weeks later i started ending up in ER every few days same problems: shortness of breath , racing heart ,PVCs , legpain, dizzyness, blurry vision, memory and cognitive problems,faintness, even from the smallest activity. All i could do lay in bed.They all said its only in my head and all doctors kept pushing post partum depression pills. Finally end of january they did an iron panel and that showed extremely low iron levels and ferritin levels. Which meant my body made faulty (small size) red blood cells thta didnt carry enough oxygen in my body after the surgery (for months) . They gave me 2 iron ivs and discharged me . By now (april) blood normalized, but i still have the pvcs, cant really leave the house, brain and eyes didnt improve either. This is not a life .Doctors want to push postpartum depression pills again … my question is where to go from here? Is the damage permanent? Who can improve my condition? (On brain MRI there are more than 10 spots in white matter that could be caused by hypoxic ischemia) . Thank you for your answer in advance

Age: 40
Medications: Xanax for 1 month (to be able o deal with this condition for 5 months now )
General Information: Before this i was a very active, very healthy, very bright person. I live in (—-)

I inserted an implanon on 26 October 2017 and am still bleeding?

I inserted mine an implanon on 26 October 2017 and am still bleeding. There was a brief 2 week period in December when the bleeding stopped but it has been almost 5 months of continuous bleeding. I just read something that says you could be bleeding for the full time you have the implanon in. My doctor it will be 6 months at most. I could be bleeding for 3 full years? What causes the bleeding?

Age: 29
Medications: Non