Pain in stomach when I eat, is it something serious?

Hello doctor. I have a pain in the middle of my stomach area. Gets worse after I eat and when I lye down. Pain also shoots back directly towards my back at that general area. Is it something serious. My sister also had the same problem and my grandmother too. Both had gallbladder problems. Do you think I may have the same problem. Thank you.

Age 46
Medications: naproxen

Can I have a stomach bug without vomit or diarrhea?

Can I have a stomach bug without vomit or diarrhea? The last 2-3 days had bad pains extremely nauseas. I’ve been taking zofran because I have a fear of throwing up but I’m not sure without diarrhea what else it could be. I have anxiety but this isn’t my normal anxiety nausea and I’ve been around people recovering from a bug. And will suppressing it with zofran make it worse? I can handle diarrhea but that’s not happening either so I’m confused.

Age: 35
Medications: Zofran Ativan

My cholesterol and liver enzymes are high and was feeling sick?

I had fever and vomiting about four weeks ago. I shed about 4 Kg. Now I am feeling well but I have had blood tests done and the results show my cholesterol and liver enzymes are pretty high. i also have swollen lymph nodes on neck near top of spine. What can this be? Just wondering if its cancer or some type of other disease or infection?

Age: 23
Medications : None

Intestinal virus seems to act up again, I was sick again, please advise?

I was on here Yesterday about a stomach intestinal virus i have had since Monday! I went to my Doctor & she said that it was probably an intestinal virus that had to “run it’s course”. that was wed. I was ok. thursday & Friday. Friday I had chicken rice soup;a buttered roll;Mashed potatoes. i slept thru the night & then Saturday Morning i was sick again!1 sat. I just had Chicken Broth & Ginger Ale. This morning i was sick again. I am VERY WORRIED NOW!! DO YOU THINK THAT THIS IS REALLY SERIOUS? Should I get some blood tests?

Age: 74
Medications: Mycardis
General Information: Not Really.

I was sick to my stomach, is it something serious?

Hi I was sick to my stomach and throwing up mucus about six times Monday. Tuesday it was better but, still about twice. I went to my Doctor Wed. ans she said that i had a Viral infection and it had to run it’s course. I was better Thursday and started with some ginger Ale and sliced peaches. yesterday i had more peaches. some Chicken & rice soup and a mashed potatoes with a buttered rool. I slept through the night. When I woke up this morning i had to go and throw up again. this time it looked like the soup and other things. Why was i getting better and now this? i am worried that this is something SERIOUS!!

Age: 74
Medications: Mycardis
General Information: Not Really. My friend Really has me upset about a REALLY SERIOUS PROBLEM!!

I suffer from serious digestive problems, nothing seems to work, need advice?

have ibs dyspepsia heartburn delayed emptying lactose intolerance gluten allergy been for all tests tried all meds otc prescription changed diet always getting worse am a shutin affecting my independence have stomach cramps bloating for 2 mths am taking cholesterol pill not that trazadone carbamazepine divalproex loxapine precacid cipralex. domperidone tried going without what condition does ongoing stomach cramps bloating sickness digestive problems point to.

Age: 39
Medications: loxapine divalproex cipralex carbamazepine precacid domeridone cholestererol med
General Information: been through all tests not side effects of meds. have prediebetes am overweight.

I get a very bad pain in the stomach when I eat any food, now happening when I drink liquids?

when I eat any type of food I get a very bad pain in the stomach sometimes only after eating a few mouthfuls of food I then have to go to the toilet and what comes out is very very loose sometimes like water. This happens every day now and the only way I can go out at all is to eat nothing as I do not want to get caught out when I am out I cannot take a chance of eating anything as I once did and just made it home and to the toilet.This is now happening with any drinks as well hope you have some idea of what this might be.Thank you, DC.

Age: 66
Medications: ramipril,atorvastatin,tamsulosin,co-codamol,paracetamol,cyclizine,metformin,mintec,pantoprazol,propranalol,gliclazide,amlodipne,solifenacin,tadalafil,morphine sulphate oral,spironolactone,amitriptyline,sumatriptan,gaviscon double,sertraline.
General Information: all of the above are on prescription by GP.

I suffer from diarrhea and had blood in stools, what causes my digestion issues?

What causes my digestion issues? I’m 20 yr old female 5’4 115 lbs. most the time I am normal however I go through phases where I have diarrhea instantly any time I eat or sometimes terrible constipation. A year and a half ago I had bright red blood in stool for 2 months that went away and around that time I lost 20 lbs without having any change in diet (I eat ALOT). Since then I’ve gained weight back and I fluctuate rapidly between 110-125. Just about everything I eat causes terrible instant bloating especially soy, bread, and dairy I’ve noticed. Sometimes my lower abdomen is so bloated and swollen to a point of uncomfortable minor pain. Sometimes I notice a fleshy mucus in my stools. This happened a couple days ago and since then I’ve thrown up anything I eat or I have diarrhea instantly. I also go through phases where I am very abnormally fatigued. Also This may be unrelated but since I was a little kid, this weird thing happens where my body uncontrollably shakes (I am conscious ) I get terrible nausea and a terrible horrific pain that feels like it’s in my bones. Last year it happened a couple times a week for a few months but it usually only happens 1-2 times a year. Each episode lasts around an hour, 4 being the most. I’ve talked to drs but it seems they all blow it off. Any answers?

Age: 20
Medications: None

I contracted some food borne disease, can e-coli or salmonella poisoning be causing UTI? Or antibiotics?

While in Vietnam, I contracted some food borne disease. Diarrhea (almost immediately after any attempt at food) chills, night sweats, exhaustion, cramping. This lasted about 4 days until I got to Taipei and got cephalexin. First day, I took four 250mg tablets and started to get some relief. I took 4 again the next day… but abdominal pain became acute in the lower left quadrant. Frequent urination, increased pain as bladder filled. Question: can e-coli or salmonella poisoning ALSO cause a UTI or can the antibiotics? If the latter, should I stop taking them? I won’t be back in the US to see a doc until after Thanksgiving – any advice is appreciated.

Age: 53
Medications: N/a
General Information: Additional symptoms: lower back pain, reduced appetite.

I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago for endometriosis, have side effects please advise?

I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago for endometriosis ages 27. After the surgery I suffered severe infection which resulted in two further surgeries one to remove scar tissue around my bowels and lower intestine and one to remove my remaining Fallopian tube I also was admitted to hospital and put on IV antibiotics for 7 day periods over a period of 13 months I was admitted 8 times doctors could never control the infection. I recovered for a period of around 6 months then started getting strange stinging electrical shock symptoms around my genital area and my back and head after many test I was diagnosed as delusional and put on medication which after being adjusted many times eased my anxiety but never my symptoms they continued to worsen I now constantly feel like something that feels slimy like small worms are crawling from my genitals or scalp I get a bad burning pain in my right shoulder blade that often extends down my back into my lower back/ buttock I often feel something is crawling or moving up from my bottom round either side of my waists to my belly button. Area this can sometimes produce also a strange smell which other people have smelt. This causes me to feel exhausted extremely bloated to the point I feel my stomach may pop and it becomes very distended I often feel sick and have random hot flushes, concussion a fuzzy feeling and low mood last time I was in the bath the sensation from my genitals was bad so I took a photo and I would like you to look and see if you see the dark worm type looking problem I see and feel

Sertraline and rispiredone

I had a pelvic ultrasound, what does this mean?

I had a pelvic ultrasound and was wondering if you can tell me what this picture means and refers to? I am a 40yr female. Have had a hysterectomy 5 years ago they took everything but my ovaries. I have been suffering lethargy and nausea. Abdominal/pelvic bloating and feeling of needing to urinate often as well as deep low pelvic pain.
Medications: None

I’ve had pain and discomfort in my lower abdomen on and off for over 20 years?

I’ve had pain and discomfort in my lower abdomen on and off for over 20 years after straining on the toilet and was diagnosed with IBS. Recently the discomfort has come back and won’t go. Yesterday I had a CT scan and was told there was nothing visible, and that my bloods were all fine but that I’m quite dehydrated. I’m going to ask for a 2nd opinion as I know there’s something amiss…. and my feeling is I may have either and abdominal tear or maybe a Spigelian hernia (I have had 2 bouts of extreme pain and vomiting in the past 10 years). That said in the meantime, is there anything I can buy over the counter to ease the pain and discomfort?… Maybe Laxido or Fybogel?? Many thanks.

Medications: None

I have severe acid reflux?

I have severe acid reflux and after years of conventional treatment that has failed. I have been booked in for a nerve block. I wanted to know what is the difference between a cephalic and splanchnic nerve block? Is there a difference? which is safer? I read in a journal that cephalic nerve block can lead to diarrhoea and there have been few reported deaths. It seems to be one of the risks involved?

Is this the case? Does the same risk exist with the splanchnic nerve block?


Medications: None

I have taken a Second Generation FIT Colon Cancer Screening Test, but I still feel something’s not right?

I have taken second generation fit test and did complete blood count for lab testing, but I still feel something’s not right. I still experience change in bowel habits, narrow stools, inability to empty completely and rectal bleeding. I’m 22 and have been fine until I found out that constipation which I was was a cancer symptom than I started having these other symptoms and have not felt like myself since. I’m so stressed out can you help me out please?


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