What happens when you lose sensation to have bowel movement?

what happens when you lose sensation to have bowel movement i did because for two month i was fore my self to pass what can they do fix the problem sometime think i did same to anal if i surgery can that fix problem with out for a bag because i am idot for do this ty

Age: 67
Medications: high blood pill sugar dietbeett

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
2:40 pm

Usually this type of problem is caused by muscle and/or nerve damage which can result in in poor or loss of control over the anal sphincter. A number of tests can be done to identify the exact problem, followed by treatment which may include dietary changes, specialized exercises and perhaps surgery. You should consult a Proctologist who is specialized in these types of problems and who will work with you and recommend a course of action

Original Poster
Original Poster
2:54 pm

i need sugary will i need bag with rigth trement it come back what kind of test so sometimr at little peivi bone

Original Poster
Original Poster
3:31 pm

for two month i had fore my to pass gas every day more one want sit cheeck bone hurt my anal fell in some in because damge muscle or nerve damge of damge mt colon anything i sugray will i need a bag ty

Dr. Deepak Patel

Hello. The treatment will depend on the exact nature of your problem. You first need to obtain a diagnosis by a specialist. Regards.

Dr.Honey Arora
8:51 am

Frim your medical history you are Diabetic and it can be a cause for loss of bowel control as diabetes especially that is high for long can damage the nerves and muscles causing lack of sensation and muscle control in that area.
So you should get a thorough examination done so that the exact cause is confirmed.
Pelvic floor exercises, proper medications can help in improvement.