My 8 months old baby girl has a high fever, cough, and cold, diagnosed with bronchiolitis?

My 8 months old baby girl had a high fever, cough, and cold. We went to the ER and she was diagnosed with bronchiolitis. She was prescribed a nebulizer and then put on Asthalin. At the hospital she was put back on nebulizer after 2 days because her peripheral capillary oxygen saturation went to 87. How dangerous is this?

Age: 8 months
Medications: Asthalin

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Dr. B. Lewis
11:23 am

In my opinion, the treatment may have been too short. I think your child needs nebulization for at least 5 to 7 continuous days. An x-ray should be done to see if the bronchiolitis has progressed to a bronchopneumonia. In addition to a nebulization treatment she may also need antibiotics. Please consult. See your Doctor.