I have constant constipation?

I have constant constipation, I am 80 yr and have always been regular and have gone several times a day. I had prostate ca, currently under control, have been on many medications for over 20 yrs. I do eat a lot of fruit and cereal, balanced meals. I came down with shingles the last part of April and have been on all the shingles meds and I am still on the steroids. I take laxatives and use Fleet enema when it gets so bad, but even that has stopped working. I have talked to family dr and get no results. CA doctor said to take Miralax and it did nothing. I have taken Metamucil, milk and black strap molasses.
I need to know what I can do to get some relief. I walk every night around my 2 acres 3 laps to get my exercise. I have been eating a lot of fruit.

Age: 80
Medications: synthroid 175 mg,isosord 15 mg,crestor 20 mg,lupron shot every 3 mo.steroids 10mg

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
11:13 pm

In my opinion the cause of your constipation is either your prostate medication of resulting from the shingles. You should speak to your Doctor about changing your medications. In the meantime I recommend you make sure you drink plenty of fluids and eat/drink probiotic foods and take probiotic supplementation.