I have been experiencing a rectal prolapse that happens when I pass a stool ?

I have been experiencing a rectal prolapse that happens when I pass a stool for about 2 years. I can push it back in each time and it doesn’t seem to be getting worse. Since this has been happening I also have trouble urinating if passing stool at same time. I saw a colorectal surgeon about 8 months ago who performed a Rigid Sigmoidoscopy and told me I have some “unhappy haemorrhoids”. He said he could offer the banding procedure but this may take several goes and may not work. He also said that it probably won’t help with the prolapse. As for the urination problem he said I would need to see a urologist.. I asked questions like “Could the banding procedure worsen the prolapse?” And he said “indeterminable” “If I do nothing will things get worse?” – “Indeterminable”. So I now feel like I should not do anything about it as the condition appears not to be getting worse and the banding may not just be a waist of time and discomfort but might make it worse? What should I do?? It cost me $300 to see the specialist and I really can’t afford a second opinion. I am waiting for my turn in a public hospital to have the banding procedure performed so I am looking for some advice before they call with my appointment. Thanks for any words of wisdom..

Age: 47
Medications: Metamucil

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
8:37 am

Banding should not affect the muscles and ligaments that hold the rectum attached – which have been affected, unattached and cause the prolapse. Banding is a relatively simple procedure – considering your age I don’t think you should leave this problem unattended. It will probably get worse with time.

Original Poster
Original Poster
8:22 pm

Thanks for your response, I think my confusion is that banding the hemorrhoids won’t fix the prolapse why get the banding done? Or is surgery (which I would prefer to avoid if possible) the only option to correct the prolapse and I should get the banding done with the goal to only achieve some improvement with the hemorrhoids?

Dr. Javez Ernesto
4:13 pm

You have 2 issues – prolapse and hemorrhoids – each require a different intervention. banding will resolve the hemorrhoid problem.