I felt like vomiting, but I thought that it was because of the fatigue?

On the night of 9th May, I was busy doing work. I felt like vomiting, but I thought that it was because of the fatigue. I ordered a pasta from outside. I ate a little bit and after 20 minutes, I started vomiting. The vomiting occurred 9 times till the morning, waking up every hour or so to vomit. On the 8th time, the vomiting had blood coming out too. I vomited once more after that but no blood came out. I went to GP, the doctor who gave me a medicine called “Cyclizine”, which was so strong. She also asked me to suck ice cubes. Since that day till this moment, I get nausea every day. I do not vomit, but the feeling of nausea is strong, which makes me feel that I want to vomit. I do hear some noise in my stomach when its moving and I keep on bleaching burping a lot. When I burp, I feel like there is something at the top of my stomach that goes up and makes me burp. I do not feel comfortable at all and when I sleep if I sleep on left side, I feel not bad, but if I sleep on right side, it feels worse. I did take from chemist counter something called “Pepto-Bismol” and tried “Gaviscon”, but did not get better. This is now has been happening for around 5 weeks. Any advice for this nausea?
Just for your note, I am a 21 years old male.

Age: 21
Medications: Now: Pepto-Bismol for the nausea, but did not work
General Information: This is the first time that this happens to me. Please note that due to Ramadan, I have been fasting since 14t/15th May. The fasting is expected to end tomorrow or day after.

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
1:00 pm

In my opinion you are suffering from more than just motion sickness which is treated with Cyclizine. You may have Gastritis or Stomach Ulcer. I think you need to consult again. Ideally you should consult a Gastroenterologist and get an Endoscopy done. Depending on diagnosis appropriate treatment will be prescribed.