I’ve had nausea/stomach cramps, fatigue and occasionally a low grade fever for 4 days?

I’ve had nausea/stomach cramps, fatigue and occasionally a low grade fever for 4 days. I had diarrhea on the second day (which has since cleared) but have never vomited. I think it’s simply a virus but I’m starting to wonder if I should go to a doctor.

Age: 44
Medications: Buproprion 150mg

My legs get very cold, much colder that in the past and only when I lie in bed?

My problem with thyroid started when I was 60 years old. In the morning, when I was getting out of my bed, I felt extremely week physically and mentally. During the day, when I was laying down for a short nap, my legs were soon getting very cold. Gradually I was getting more sensitive to cold in general, but only my legs were really affected and only when I was lie in horizontal position.
Over the following years, as I sometimes was feeling very bad, (I was very week, sweating, my skin was itching), it has been establish by my family doctor that the synthroid 0.075 mg. is the right dose to cover deficiency of my thyroid stimulating hormone.
At present I am 82 years old. I take synthroid 0.075 mg. every day. I swim, go for a walk and feel very good in general. Unfortunately my legs get very cold, much colder that in the past and only when I lie in bed, even as I am dress very warm and covered with 3 thick blankets. It prevents me from sleeping which creates many other problems. I am not getting referral to an endocrinologyst .
Is it possible to help me with this problem? My t.s.h. is now 5.2
Thank you for your time,

Age: 82
Medications: Synthroid 0.075 mg., Rabeprasole, Nadole, Spirolactone
General Information: Until one year ago I had Hepatitis C. It was eliminated with special, new treatment by Dr. — in —– Hospital.

Blood on bathroom toilet seat, what can be the cause?

Hi, I was cleaning the toilet and I noticed some little tiny blood-like specks on top of the rear part of the toilet seat. (on the top back part of the U of the sitting area of the toilet seat) The only person that uses that toilet is a 58 year old male. He sits for bowel movements and also sits to urinate to avoid drops/spots of urine on the seat/floor. In other words, the top part of his buttocks and crack are touching that part of the toilet seat. What can be the causes for these tiny blood-like specks on top of the rear part of the sitting area of the toilet seat? (I don’t know if this has anything to do with the question, but he could be/is bisexual and he uses the same pair of underwear for one week. He says, he doesn’t sweat and they aren’t dirty. He only does bowel movements in the house and immediately goes into the shower to clean/bathe his buttocks.) Thank you.

Age: 62
Medications: None

I noticed a pea sized lump in front of my left ear?

A couple of days ago I noticed a pea sized lump in front of my left ear. It doesn’t seem to move, and is not painful. I cannot tell if it has changed in size at all. It definitely doesn’t seem to have gotten any bigger. I cannot get an appointment with my GP for a couple of weeks, and don’t know if it’s urgent enough to spend £50 on a private appointment. Thanks.

Age: 26
Medications: N/A

Is Sildenafil safe to take with Isentress, Norvir and Reyataz?

Hi. I’m presently on Isentress, Norvir and Reyataz for HIV and thinking of using sildenafil (A Viagra Alternative) to help with my ED problems. Is it safe to take both HIV meds and Sildenafil at the same time?

Age: 59
Medications: Isentress, Norvir and Reyataz

Chronic pain and tingling sensation in both legs, please advise?

I am a 23 year old female with chronic pain and tingling sensation in both legs accompanied by issues with urinating. I have had to urinate multiple times in just a short 30 minutes…some times i feel like i can’t empty my bladder. My legs have been hurting for about 6 months. They hurt all day every day and even wake me up during the night. I can’t find relief with anything…please help.

Age: 23
Medications: Synthroid, zoloft
General Information: Saw a doctor and had xrays done. Went to an ER one time because the pain was radiating to my abdomin and back..urgent care said there was blood in my urine and figured I was having a kidney stone. They gave me a shot of muscle relaxer which did not help and sent me to the ER for a CT and they refused to do one.

I have a major acne problem, what should I do?

I have a major acne problem which cannot be corrected. Acne all over my face. Went to several doctors but no solution can be found. Was tested for just about everything. CBC, TSH, HB, Blood sugar and kidney. All normal. Also tried all kind of acne products including clindamycin and minocycline. Nothing. What should I do?

Age: 29
Medications: clindamycin and minocycline

I developed neuropathy in my feet, right foot primarily, burning, tingling, please advise?

I developed neuropathy in my feet, right foot primarily, burning, tingling, etc. since December 2016′ symptoms went away in June last year, and now they are back, same right foot. Neurologists could not find cause after tests were done, including MRI. I tested negative 4 times early last hear for HIV, however, positive for herpes 1 and 2. Can herpes cause this neuropathy, I have never had any outbreaks of any kind.i suffer from very high anxiety and high blood preassure. Gabapentin, lyrica did not help

Age: 64
Medications: Lisinopril
General Information: Yes, last year , early in the year.

I’m 4 months postpartum with first baby and have joint pain?

Hi I’m 4 months post partum with first baby and have joint pain++ I’m eating pain killers. It’s worse in the morning, every joint seems stiff and sore and particularly my hands and ankles and they are swollen I’m morning. I have to crawl to the bathroom then it eases up
During the day apart from if I sit for long. My fingers and ankles seem the worse and lower back. I’m so fed up not with this. I went to gp they have tested me for rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and autoimmune diseases and all came back normal. I also had my thyroid tested, liver and kidneys. The only thing that flagged up was my kidney function which was poor so got it repeated and was back to normal. The doctor said it had likely been affected by anti inflammatory med he put me on so he has stopped that now. All I’m taking is co codamol and trying to get on with it but it’s ridiculous I feel like a 90years old. The gp doesn’t want to no now and thinks I’m exaggerating. I’m not over weight apart from some baby weight I have put on. I was very healthy and fit before getting pregnant and now after having my baby I feel terrible
Physically. I go to classes with other mums and no one seems to know anything about this and they all say they are feeling fine. The doctor has said maybe I just need exercise but I can hardly move never mind exercising! I was quite fit before having my baby and exercised regularly now I just can hardly bend up and down!
During the pregnancy I did swell up quite bad with fluid but that went away a few days after delivery. In fact I didn’t feel that bad immediately after. Please help

Age: 31
Medications: Co codomol
General Information: Yes and had several bloods which have all came back normal

I have severe narcolepsy as well as CFIDS, need second opinion?

Are Doctor’s paid to research? i.e. when they have a patient who has an illness they are not familiar with can they bill for the time spent learning as much as they can about it? I ask this question because I have severe narcolepsy as well as CFIDS; what is considered “invisible” illness. I was recently hospitalized for an acute and unrelated condition – a severe GI infection. I was NPO and unmedicated for any and all symptoms which as you know can mimic psychiatric disease. For the first time in decades I suffered – without medication, from symptoms of automatic behavior, hallucinations at night and during the day, disrupted nighttime sleep and more. I recently received a copy of my inpatient records and also of outpatient visits and tests too – all of which indicate I have now at age 64 been adjudicated with “mental illness of long standing duration,” “bipolar disease unspecified.” The discharge summary states, “Patient states history of narcolepsy and chronic fatigue, however psychiatry indicates diagnosis of bipolar disease…and so forth. There are statements such as how I am unable to follow a conversation, appear confused, inappropriate at times; of course I was; my prognosis was initially guarded and my husband was called regarding code status as I was deemed incapable of making decisions. I asked as did my husband that my providers familiarize themselves with the symptoms of my chronic illnesses. An outpatient visit with a gynecologist (!) states bipolar disease, in partial remission, most recently depressed, indicating this was discussed during that visit – which was not. (Nor has anyone informed me I am bipolar or is treating me for it…). My other questions are: What would you do and what should I do?

Age: 64
Medications: n/a
General Information: no

I slipped and fell l broke my femur in three places?

I slipped and fell l broke my femur in three places , they have put a surgery metal plate in my leg l am recovering well after 6 days in hospital , l would like to know the weight of the metal plate in my leg for my future diet , l just want to know the weight of the metal plate so l know how many pounds to lose please

Age: 59
Medications: Paracetamol

I have a strong steady burning sensation right where my sternum comes together?

I have a strong steady burning sensation right where my sternum comes together. I can’t sleep with the discomfort. I can feel the heat, on that area, when I touch it. I have tried drinking cold water, and , placing a cold wet wash rag on it, but, it still remains very hot.

Age: 72
Medications: atorvastatin, metoprolol, isosorb,jordiance,finofibrate,metformin, terazosin, finasteride,aspirin,allopurinol
General Information: A quadruple, and a double heart bypasses. A stent put in. A belly-button hernia. Slightly leaking valve. High blood pressure, type 2 diabetes. .

Can you get a rib fracture as a result of anesthesia?

Can you get a rib fracture as a result of anesthesia? Had back surgery on 12/8- complained x3 post op visits to surgeon about left side rib pain. He said the rib pain had nothing to do with the back surgery. .Still having pain, saw GP on 2/1- Chest x-ray shows healing 7th left side rib fracture. Pre OP chest x ray is normal I have not bee sick. Can this fx have been a result of the anesthesia?

Age: 55
Medications: Ambien 10 mg

I have had an issue with my stomach since. December 2nd 2017?

Hello. I have had an issue with my stomach since. December 2nd 2017. Had an endoscopy done last month. Only found gastritis (biopsy was clear…no precancer or h.pylori infection ) and hiatal hernia. Upper middle stomach near rib cage been hurting really bad but now my upper left side is hurting really bad. Can’t eat (wasn’t eat much anyways) and can’t bend over. Now left breast is inflamed all the way in,my arm pit and can’t move my arm at all. What exactly could it be ? Not just gastritis

Age: 42
Medications: Coumadin (MECHANICAL HEART VALVE), Simvastatin, Digoxin, Protonix, medical marijuana and allergy drops (allergist concoction)
General Information: I have attached ER admit notes.

Can a frostbite injury be related to hypertension, diabetes or renal disease?

Link (or show a connection to produce health related causation, to include a more than likely than not opinion), between bilateral lower extremity frostbite injury (including peripheral neuropathy of the lower extremities with loss of use of the feet), to hypertension and/or diabetes, to renal disease.

Age: 41
Medications: na
General Information: na