Fever of 100, migraines, can I take care of this at home?

symptoms: stomache for 2 weeks now after everytime i eat, about a week ago major headaches and migraines (which is rare for me)and they were constant,id take Advil or Tylenol but it would only dull it , about 2 days ago i started throwing up about 15mins every other hour or so,today i started running a fever of 100, to 102,and a very recent thing, i am extremely constipated, which isn’t unusual for me but now its to the point im not going to the bathroom at all and its become painful.

about me: DOB: 10/12/98, 5’2, 160lbs.

medical history: bladder surgery in 2003, cue fever 2011-2012, cat scratch fever 2012.

Age: 19
Medications: wellbutrin 200MG, seraquil 50MG.
General Information: i have not seen a doctor. i was wondering if i should or if this is something simple that i can take care of at home.
additional info: my stomach hurts all the time. like a sharp stabbing pain. along with my headache that is CONSTANT. its never stopped hurting. my sleep has been effected very much by all of this, i get maybe 3 to 4 hours of sleep.

I got a nasty blister on my foot and I swelled up?

Hi there i am unsure if any of these could be related but, I am holiday in new zealand and the day before yesterday I got a nasty blister on my foot. Later that evening that swelled up. In the morning I woke to find that it had gone down but instead both my eyes were badly swollen so much it affected my eyesight. I also noticed that on my arms I had a bit of a red rash. It went down over a few hours and this morning the same eye swelling has happened again. Please help

Age: 19
Medications: Noneā€¦just the pill
General Information: As I am holiday it will be difficult

I was diagnosed with Type A influenza with bronchial thickening, is this anything to be worried about?

Hello…I am a 50 year old female. I was diagnosed with Type A influenza three weeks ago, on December 24, 2017. I continued to have the regular flu symptoms for several weeks and was experiencing quite a bit of coughing and some chest pain. I went to an urgent care center on January 9, 2018 to follow up, at which time they completed a two view chest X-ray, and I am attaching a copy of the results. The doctor indicated that I did not have pneumonia, but prescribed azithromycin to be safe, which has helped. He said I may have had bronchitis. I just saw the chest X-ray results today and see that it mentions “bronchial thickening” which made me concerned (I suffer from health anxiety). Is this anything to be worried about? I did have a CT scan and ventilation perfusion (?) scan of my lungs back in 2005, which showed mild bronchiectasis in both lungs. I have never smoked, am in good health and have never had shortness of breath, etc. Thank you for your assistance!

Age: 50
Medications: Azithromyacin

Woke up with chills and fever, is it due to flu shot?

i have had post nasal drip for two days and treating it with nasal inhaler and nedi pod. last night I woke up at 230 am with chills aches and pains and a fever of 101.5. two hours later i broke out in the sweats and when i woke up in the morning I felt fine and fever was gone. I got my flu shot in late October 2017. What was this ??

Age: 64
Medications: sivastatin, lisinipril celexa
General Information: no

Is it the same virus that causes sores inside and outside the mouth?

when it comes to mouth cold sores, is it the same virus that causes sores inside the mouth (cheeks gums tongue etc) as the one that causes on the outside of the mouth (lips edge)? Why do some people present with exterior sores vs interior sores, and if you already experience interior sores but not exterior, are you likely to experience exterior lip sores if you are in contact/saliva exchange with someone who is symptomatic with exterior lip sores?


Age: 35
Medications: N/A
General Information: no

I had a UTI received antibiotic for severe kidney infection?

6-8 weeks ago I had a UTI, the symptoms went away so I didn’t give it any thought. About 3 weeks ago on and off I started having pain on the right side of my back, thought I pulled a muscle. This past week pain has gotten worse, Thursday night vomited, but not notice of fever. Went to urgent care this afternoon around 2 p.m. and received antibiotic for severe kidney infection. Between then and now the pain has gotten significantly worse. I know the antibiotic doesn’t work that quick, but my worry is did I wait to long for an oral antibiotic to have any effect for several days. The smallest thing from talking, moving, bending, reaching for a glass sitting next to me, pretty much anything has me verbally moaning in pain.

Age: 48
Medications: Trintillex, Ropinirole, CEPHALEXIN

I have a skin rash, fever and flu symptoms, is it the flu or something else?

I have fever of 99 – 101 and it changes throughout the day, body aches, severe headache over and around the eyes, feel tired and my back shoulders and back hurt. Feels like the flu – had it last year and turned out to be the flu. But after 5 days of these symptoms now found red skin rashes on my left leg this morning. Here is a photo for you. Not sure it is the flu now. Can it be some other disease? Your opinion would be highly appreciated.

Age: 47
Medications: Advil

I Have had a fever for 5 days, should I go to hospital?

I Have had a fever for 5 Days 104 – 104.5 degrees . I suspect it may be caused by a tooth infection since my gums are swollen and has minor tooth pain .Two weeks ago I also had a recent stomach ulcer surgery procedure and a follow up scope last week. Should I wait it out or do I need to go to hospital and get IV antibiotics and make sure the Stomach repair is not causing the high fever.

Age: 26
Medications: Tylenol ,
General Information: Past Stomach ulcers corrected by surgery

Developed an allergic reaction after having my upper right side lip pierced, what should I do?

Developed an allergic reaction all over the right side of my face after having my upper right side lip pierced.
I am red, itchy and it burns. Some small bumps are showing up here and there on that side of the face as well as swelling. What should I do?

Age: 21
Medications; None

Experiencing flu symptoms for over a week, how long this will last?

I have been experiencing flu symptoms for over a week and am concerned about how long this will last. I have missed 7 days of work. First 4 days I spent in bed with chills, congestion, head and body aches, cough, not eating. Then for about 3 days continued congestion, productive cough, chills/sweats. Still very sick but not as sick as the first 4 days. I now feel worse again past 2 days and this morning. Cough worse, headache, chest congestion, and fatigue today. No difficulty breathing. I have not been in to see my physician. Clinic is overloaded and i have no insurance. We are treating with rest, fluids and cold/cough medicine. Initially was told duration could be 1-2 weeks. Wondering what to expect next!! Because I’m not getting better, I’m getting worse.

Age: 62
Medications: None
General Information: OCT allergy meds

My mother has water in her lungs and in critical condition, what is the best course of action?

My mother was brought to the ER because of vomiting and difficulty breathing. The doctors found there was water in the lungs. She is in critical condition. What is the best course of action?

Age: 79
Medications: levadopa/carbidopa, pramipexol
General Information: Suffers from Parkinsons disease

After antibiotic treatment, I still have white spots in throat?

I have been coughing for about a month. Two weeks ago my tonsils swell up and my throat became extremely painful, for which I received antibiotics. This worked fast and the inflamed tonsils are gone.

However, now that I have completed the antibiotics cure about a week ago, I am still coughing and I have these white spots in the back of my throat. What do I have that was not cured by the antibiotics? Thank you!

Age: 21
Medications: None

Intestinal virus seems to act up again, I was sick again, please advise?

I was on here Yesterday about a stomach intestinal virus i have had since Monday! I went to my Doctor & she said that it was probably an intestinal virus that had to “run it’s course”. that was wed. I was ok. thursday & Friday. Friday I had chicken rice soup;a buttered roll;Mashed potatoes. i slept thru the night & then Saturday Morning i was sick again!1 sat. I just had Chicken Broth & Ginger Ale. This morning i was sick again. I am VERY WORRIED NOW!! DO YOU THINK THAT THIS IS REALLY SERIOUS? Should I get some blood tests?

Age: 74
Medications: Mycardis
General Information: Not Really.

I was sick to my stomach, is it something serious?

Hi I was sick to my stomach and throwing up mucus about six times Monday. Tuesday it was better but, still about twice. I went to my Doctor Wed. ans she said that i had a Viral infection and it had to run it’s course. I was better Thursday and started with some ginger Ale and sliced peaches. yesterday i had more peaches. some Chicken & rice soup and a mashed potatoes with a buttered rool. I slept through the night. When I woke up this morning i had to go and throw up again. this time it looked like the soup and other things. Why was i getting better and now this? i am worried that this is something SERIOUS!!

Age: 74
Medications: Mycardis
General Information: Not Really. My friend Really has me upset about a REALLY SERIOUS PROBLEM!!