All Americans must start wearing masks right now!


What are Americans waiting for?

People in Asian countries have adopted the use of masks for years now. During the corona virus covid-19 outbreaks in Asia, everyone was obliged to wear a mask (and in some areas still are obliged to do so). That’s how they beat it! The use of a mask is NOT necessarily to protect the user from the virus but to PREVENT the user from spreading the virus to others! It is a very simple and intelligent thing to do. Common sense.

I don’t want to get into the reasons why North American and European governments do not promote the use of masks – that is a political issue – probably due to the fact that too much money is spent on military hardware and little to nothing spent on biological warfare or pandemic protection. Maybe it is because there is no available mass production of masks in America or not an integral part of the American culture – but that’s another issue altogether. So my advice is – WEAR A MASK, WEAR A MASK, WEAR A MASK.

Dr. D. Zluf

Dr. D. Zluf

I’ve got candida, seemingly yeast infection in urinary tract?

I have got burning pain in my scrotum – I’m taking ampitritpyline for this – 20mg per night

I’ve got candida, seemingly yeast infection in urinary tract. Doctor has prescribed me 10 day course 50 mg per day Diflican – on 5th day, but the burning is getting worse. I’m scared – should I stop the Diflucan?

Age: 66
Medications: Amitriptyline 20mg per day/diflucan 50 mg per day
General Information: Symptom are burning feelings on scrotum, very unpleasant

And hot and burning urination – stream’s ok

I just want an opinion on whether I should continue to take the Diflucan, I feel it’s making the scrotum issue worse.

I have got a bad allergy to broad spectrum anti-biotics, does this mean I should avoid anti-fungal antibiotics too?

I’m really down and scared, ‘ve had this for 3 months now

I recently bought an essential oil scar massager, is it possible that I just exposed myself to someone’s MRSA or worse?

Hello, quick question on health/safety. I recently bought an essential oil scar massager and used it on a newer keloid scar, but I realized only after using it that the massager did not have a safety seal. I contacted the seller, who told me that it should’ve had a safety seal, and that no seal means it was likely used before me. I’m now worried about germs and illness. Is it possible that I just exposed myself to someone’s MRSA or worse?

Attached is a photo of the essential oil / metal-based scar massager, for reference.

Age: 26
Medications: Supplements
General Information: I have had MRSA in the past and am very prone to infection.

I’ve got an anal yeast infection and bad thrush?

I’ve got an anal yeast infection , and bad thrush. I have been prescribed a course of itraconozole for 14 days – I’ve taken one capsule but I am really scared it will make it worse

Is it possible it could make it worse. I took one last night and it is worse this morning

I have had candida before – a severe outbreak 25 years ago when I was prescribed 2 courses of broad spectrum anti-biotics. It’s always been there underlying but now it is back with a vengeance

Please advise, should I go on taking the drug?

Age: 66
Medications: Itraconozole
General Information: The other thing is that I have become very constipated, this after some nasty unnatural looking bowel movements. I think that is down to the anal yeast infection. There is some redness on the scrotum and in the back passage. I haven’t used topical creams like nystatin etc because in the past I have found them to be totally ineffective.

I Have Multiple Sclerosis and I think I have Listeria from food that I ate?

I Have Multiple Sclerosis and I think I have Listeria from food that I ate A few weeks ago & My Doctor retired without any warning a week ago. I need to know how dangerous this could be and what do you think I should do?
I saw my dr. on feb 7th with the tail end of a cold I could not get rid of and she gave me a prescription for Amoxicillin 500mg 3 x a day, I got it filled but never used it because I did start feeling better after I saw her.
I ate some delezza Belgian Custard cream filled Mini Eclairs over a 3 day period – approx. april 25-28 and on april 4th I started feeling bad a slight fever and diarrhea off and on for a few days (I thought it was just the cold again) but then I started aching all over like someone beat me up and I’ve had a Severe Head Ache that will not go away no matter how many asprin. My Neck is super stiff and my back hurts, I am Salivating a lot because I keep feeling like I am going to throw-up, but never do.
What is funny – I liked these eclairs that I had eaten before any of this started and my husband was feeling so bad for me – he said he would get me more & he couldn’t find any. We got online looking to see who had any and saw that they have been recalled because of Listeria. When we looked up all the symptoms, I have most of them, So I started taking the Amoxicillin that my dr. gave me a prescription for (that I hadn’t taken for my cold) I started taking Amoxicillin 500mg 3 x a day on april 18th, But I feel worse – I keep loosing my balance and I can’t think very clearly. I am just worried because I have MS and I take Ampyra for it, I have low Thyroid and take Synthriod and Losartan Potassium – Hctz for Blood pressure.
Could you Please Tell me What to Do? Many Thanks, (—)

Age: 58

I have had an infection in my finger for About 8 days?

Hi, I have had an infection in my finger for About 8 days. I believe that it is paronychia. A few days ago I noticed severe pain in my left underarm, and the following day I began to have flu like symptoms. I have full body aches, fever, and the pain with the finger, as well as swelling. Not really sure if this is something that I can treat at home , or if I need to seek my doctor. Thank you so much .

Age: 19
Medications: None
General Information: I was at a spring last Saturday and I feel like I had a cut on my nail and may have gotten something into my finger to cause this.

Had low risk exposure to hiv?

Had low risk exposure to hiv. Had 4 tests – 4th gen 20, 36 and 95 days. Also rna at 26 days. All neg. Have small post.cerv lymph nodes, many dr’s examined and all smaller than 1 cm so they’re not concerned. I had unprotected sex with my wife 16 days after event. My wife had a nose bleed 70 days later in presence of my toddler. My toddler got full body Rash. ive been told i’m conclusively negative but terrified i infected my whole family. Please help. What does ARS rash look like? Dr. said it’s just dry skin but it started on stomach and chest, then moved to back, then arms and thighs. Stomach and chest better now but thighs stronger, so its kind of moving. 12 days now. Since I was told I was conclusive I neevr told pediatrician. does my daughter need to be tested?

Age: 31
Medications: none
General Information: I had no symptoms besides the small lymph nodes. I first felt the nodes 30 days after the exposure so tested again at 36 days (4th generation). I was told the combination of those tests (20 days 4th gen, 26 days pcr/rna, and 36 days were conclusively negative by infectious disease specialists. I tested again for peace of mind, full std panel, at 95 days. All negative. But I’m terrified somehow my baby got infected. My exposure was no inter course, but there was some fluid transfer as my fingers touched myself after being in her. Also she put her fingers in my butt for about a minute and she may have had her fluid on her fingers, im not sure.

I have the flu and bronchitis to go with or some type of lung infection?

hey Im pretty certain I have the flu and bronchitis to go with or some type of lung infection I’m taking niocitran my question is do I need to go see a doctors to get a prescription for antibiotics or will the niocitran do its job iv never taken it before as I live in Australia and not sure we even have it there, I’m over sees atm so not sure what to do cheers for the help

Age: 21
Medications: niocitran
General Information: cough, trouble breathing, headaces, sore overall body feeling sluggish

Can shingles affect the gastro intestinal tract?

Can shingles affect the gastro intestinal tract? Since a bout of shingles in Dec. 2017, I have experienced lack of hunger, queasy stomach and sometimes stomach pain when ingesting food. When food has been taken, bowels become erratic and sometimes with spontaneous movements. Movements sometimes occur two or three times a day tho little food is eaten. Sometimes bowels appear to contain micous. Movements occur with little or no normal indicators such as stomach growling or gas passing. Occurences sometimes by just standin from a sitting position with no prior need to excrete felt before standing.

Age: 58
Medications: tylenol

I was recently diagnosed with the H. Pylori stomach virus?

I was recently diagnosed with the H. Pylori stomach virus. I have been put on an antibiotic regimen. I have felt extremely nauseous during this time.
My issue is for the past two nights I have had diarrhea in my sleep and woke up to quite a mess. This has never happened before. Could this have been caused by the H. Pylori?
Please tell me that’s all it is and it will go away.
I am a 51 year old male.
I appreciate your help…

Age: 51
Medications: Tinzanadine, niacin, ambien, hydrocodone, morphine, amoxicillin 500mg 2 tabs 2xday, clarithromycin500mg 1-2xday, prevastatin, fenofibrate, omeprazole 20mg
General Information: I have had 4 unsuccessful back surgeries. The last one approximately 5yrs ago.

My shirt touched the bathroom stall, could this result in me getting anything?

Not so much a medical issue as it is a question regarding general health. I have bad OCD and my shirt touched the bathroom stall wall at work today and I wanted to know the likelihood that this could result in me getting anything based on a normal day (perhaps touching the part of the shirt impacted due to an itch or something as well as rubbing my eyes if they get itchy/tired). I know this is a really weird question but I really need an answer to alleviate my stress (Yes I am on medication and yes I’m normally fine. This issues is an exception but I need answers all the same).

Age: 20
Medications: Prozac

May have tonsils and my gastroenterologist thought I had ulcerative colitis, need second opinion?

Age: 27
Medications: Claritin-D
General Information: – Age : 27

– Sex: Male
– Height: 5’9″ (175.26 cm)
– Weight: 179 lbs (81.19 kg)
– Race: Caucasian/Hispanic Mix
– Duration of complaint: several months for tonsils; since yesterday for rectum

– Location (Geographic and on body): California; Mouth; Rectum

– Any existing relevant medical issues (if any): Possibly have Ulcerative Colitis
Current medications (if any): I take an antihistemine
Include a photo if relevant (skin condition for example)

I really appreciate any medical advice given; I’ve been trying to get ahold of my primary for the past 3 days only to get the voicemail so I’m here trying to figure out what’s going on. Thank you for taking a look even if you aren’t able to leave a reply.

Picture of rectum (please note purple bumps towards the top and the big bump at the center right):

Picture of tonsils(to note, my last test for many stds revealed that I didn’t have anything. Have not had sex since then.):

I will be seeing my primary at some point but I’m here to see how severe it is and if there are any things I can be doing to lessen the issue. Thanks again for taking the time.

Other things to note:

– my last gastroenterologist thought I had ulcerative colitis but started to feel that he knew longer knew and referred me to Cedar Sinai so that they could figure it out. Unfortunately I can’t afford to go.

– I’ve had the tonsil issue since October 2017 got tested for stds and put on various antibiotics with no resolution.

– This bump(I first noticed it yesterday) seems to be a result of overeating last weekend(it was a cheat day; I have had a very strict 1400 calorie diet the other 6 days of the week for the past 2 months) that resulted in me having many bowel movements the following morning. I was curled up in the fetal position from the amount of bowel movements (for reference, I have a very high pain tolerance). I also had a butt plug in me for several hours two days ago.