I noticed a pea sized lump in front of my left ear?

A couple of days ago I noticed a pea sized lump in front of my left ear. It doesn’t seem to move, and is not painful. I cannot tell if it has changed in size at all. It definitely doesn’t seem to have gotten any bigger. I cannot get an appointment with my GP for a couple of weeks, and don’t know if it’s urgent enough to spend £50 on a private appointment. Thanks.

Age: 26
Medications: N/A

I found a lump at the bottom of my back that is small, pink and brown around the edges?

I found a lump at the bottom of my back that is small, pink and brown around the edges. What could it be? I am quite concerned as I have only just noticed this and it is not painful. I think it has been there for a few months now, I have nothing else on my body and I have had blood tests and they are fine

Age: 21
Medications: None

I have a major acne problem, what should I do?

I have a major acne problem which cannot be corrected. Acne all over my face. Went to several doctors but no solution can be found. Was tested for just about everything. CBC, TSH, HB, Blood sugar and kidney. All normal. Also tried all kind of acne products including clindamycin and minocycline. Nothing. What should I do?

Age: 29
Medications: clindamycin and minocycline

A rash has developed on hands, chest, belly and feet?

It seems that I have a rash that has developed in the past week or two. It is on the inside of my forearms back of hands, on chest and belly, and on my feet. It is not itchy and does not discharge puss. I do have psoriasis however that is only located in one area of my body and this feels very different.

Age: 31
Medications: N/A
General Information: no i have not seen a doctor about this as i currently live in the US and do not have medical insurance or the funds to pay for medical insurance

I have a pigmented spot located on the back of my thigh, should I be concerned?

Hello…I’m attaching an image of a small pigmented spot which I have, located on the back of my thigh, midway between the buttocks and knee. I noticed it when I was doing a self skin-check, although I believe I recall seeing it there quite a few years ago and looking the same as it currently does. It is light brown/ tan and slightly larger than one quarter of an inch. It is smooth. It is located in the middle of each image.

I do visit a dermatologist twice yearly for skin checks, and no concern was expressed over the spot. Do you have any idea what it could be and whether I should be concerned? Thank you!

Age: 50
Medications: Lexapro, furosemide, potassiam

I have a rash on the top right side of my back, is it something serious?

I have a rash on the top right side of my back. I am sending a photo. I felt a slight burning and itching sensation for a couple of days and now have a burning rash about 5 inches long. It burns and itches a lot and doesn’t look good. Is it something serious?

Age: 56
Medications: nexium

I have a scaly rash on my chest, need a second opinion?

I have a problem with my nipple/areola, it is painful and often itchy. The skin is scaly and constantly looks like a rash or something. I have been to a doctor before and came away with cream for fungal infection. The doctor was unsure though and it’s obviously still here.

Age: 27
Medications: None
General Information: I have seen a doctor, given anti-fungal infection cream. Didn’t clear up

Is this an ingrown hair or something more serious?

For the previous 2 days I’ve had a small pimple on my scrotum. It doesn’t hurt, leak fluid, or itch. I’ve had a past of ingrown hairs and I only wanted to confirm or a doctor to confirm this was another ingrown hair and nothing more serious. I’d appreciate any type of feedback.

Age: 39
Medications: None
General Information: No — Well previously, but this one is new.

I have unexplained marks on both of my lower legs?

Hello. I have unexplained marks on both of my lower legs. I had pain in my right leg earlier last week. But not for sure if one is connected to the other. I have been feeling sick and recently just had sinus surgery in dec. And gallbladder removed in june. About 3 days ago I noticed marks on both legs. Its it something i should be worried about? What type of doctor should I see and will this go away. Please help

Age: 36
Medications: vitamin d, nexium, trulance
General Information: Gallbladder removed sinus surgery gastic upset chronic constipation

I have a skin rash, fever and flu symptoms, is it the flu or something else?

I have fever of 99 – 101 and it changes throughout the day, body aches, severe headache over and around the eyes, feel tired and my back shoulders and back hurt. Feels like the flu – had it last year and turned out to be the flu. But after 5 days of these symptoms now found red skin rashes on my left leg this morning. Here is a photo for you. Not sure it is the flu now. Can it be some other disease? Your opinion would be highly appreciated.

Age: 47
Medications: Advil

Developed an allergic reaction after having my upper right side lip pierced, what should I do?

Developed an allergic reaction all over the right side of my face after having my upper right side lip pierced.
I am red, itchy and it burns. Some small bumps are showing up here and there on that side of the face as well as swelling. What should I do?

Age: 21
Medications; None