I have Urticaria ( hives on the skin), could this be Cushing syndrome?

I have had these embarrassing hives for about 10 years now off and on almost daily for no apparent reason. My skin will be fine and then it will feel like a hot flash and I’m burning up and I have hives on my face, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, sometimes legs. They will be very hot (not itchy) but then go away in a matter of minutes to sometimes hours. I thought it had some kind of relation to food but it happens even before I eat anything at all during the day. I’ve been prescribed beta blockers and xanax… nothing helps. Could this be Cushing syndrome? Thanks

Age: 25
Medications: Alprazolam
General Information: I also gain weight primarily in my stomach and face. Got lots of cortisone steroid shots for shoulder pain years ago

I had a liver transplant, how can I remove stretchmarks on my back and stomach?

I had a liver transplant in 2005, and the resulting ascites gave me many stretchmarks on my back and stomach. Now that I will have a bit more money and some better health insurance pretty soon, I am willing to pay a bit to have a procedure done to reduce or remove them. What is the best procedure, or what is the best OTC product that I should use to reduce these stretchmarks as much as possible?

Age: 33
Medications: Prograf, Prednisone, Cellcept, Zoloft, Trazodone
General Information: Liver transplant in 2005
Ulcerative Colitis

I have a small red bump above my lip, is it a pimple or cold sore?

Hello, I have had two cold sores in the past on my lower right lip. They where very small and after about a 7-10 day they where gone( I only had 2 in my life). Its been more than 5 years & I have a small red bump above my lip (not on the line) it began with a little itching when I notice the bump I put lysine cream on it & took a lysine pill, no pus, it didn’t burst, no fluid. I took a couple of Lysine pills , I am on day 7, it is just about gone no scab or ulcer, is this a pimple or cold sore?

Age: 40
Medications: metaoperal and dilt-xr sr
General Information: hypertensions

I’m trying to get over mulluscum, tested for STDs all clear?

I’m trying to get over mulluscum and I had a bump on my scrotum. My doc prescribed aldara and after two days my skin there turned red but the bump subsided.Is this how mulluscum looks when it’s fading? I tested for STDs two weeks ago and it was all clear.

Age: 36
Medications: Aldara

I have spots, acne, and pimples with pus on face, are they dangerous?

Hello doctor,I have been having acne and pimples from the past 4-5 years.I used to take lots of medicine and use different types of lotion and sunscreen prescribed by the doctors.Whenever I take the medicine the pimple and acne goes away but when i stop using both the acne comes back again.So what should I do and why is this happening.Now I’m having lot’s of acne in my forehead it’s sometimes itchy and acne on cheek which has pus and whenever i touch it it’s paining.I’m 20 years old female

Age: 20
Medications: Acutret,veloxvit,vitakind

Is this an infection, syphilis, genital warts or HIV?

I have a potential sex partner(with whom I have not yet had sex) who appears to have some kind of genital warts (…interior thigh….) If I send a picture of these warts/genitals can you identify the problem..or the likely infection? Not sure if this is HPV or maybe Syphilis, or maybe something more innocuous

I injured my knee and used Biseptine, is it infected?

Hello, I scraped my knee 4 days ago and I had put neosporin on it and covered it, but then I went to the doctor in France and she prescribed an antiseptic called Biseptine. So I used the antiseptic for 2 days until I used neosporin again last night. The wound was dry and I read that it should stay moist to prevent scabbing. I put on neosporin and then in the morning I found the wound to be yellow and mushy. I am not sure if it is infected or not. The picture that is yellow and mushy is the morning after I used neosporin and the other one that is dry is when I was only using the antiseptic. Is it infected? Should I be using the antiseptic and the neosporin or just one of them?

Age: 21
Medications: Tylenol, Neosporin, Biseptine

Rashes are spreading throughout my body, is it ringworm?

This happened to my foot and rashes are spreading throughout my body, should I go to the ER? I don’t have health insurance but I’m very scared that this may be an infection. I originally thought it was a ringworm but it’s not. I have dermatitis and would get ringworm shaped dry patches which I was treated for in the past. This however, spread bigger so I thought it was a ringworm and applied over the counter medication

Age: 33
Medications: None

I broke out in hives and itchy, swollen purple like skin, is this a consequence of my low blood test results?

In January 2017 I broke out in hives and itchy, swollen purple like skin. I was admitted to the ER 3 days in a row. On the last day I was so out of it I barely remember what the doctor said before she released me. For the last several months I have continued to have itchy skin, night sweats, and major fatigue. I’ve even developed hives on the vaginal area. I decided to log in to my health care chart online and check out my blood test results from 10 months ago. They seem alarming low and other very high. I’m waiting to get more blood drawn this week. can you give me some insight on these number? I will say that I was on 20mg of prednisone at the time the test was given. Would prednisone really affect the test this much?

WBC – 13.2
RBC – 3.87
Neutro Auto – 92%
Lymph Auto – 4.9%
Mono Auto – 3.0%
Neutro Absolute – 12.1
Lymph Absolute – 0.6
Mono Absolute – 0.4

Medications: Adderall but not at the time of the blood test

I have this sore on my neck on my hair line, is it skin cancer?

I have this sore on my neck on my hair line, it keep scabbing and is very sore, now it’s like a hole and oozing. I’m very scared it may be skin cancer. It’s been there for months. It’s starting to throb it hurts so bad. Please, any information will be very helpful.

Medications: Zoloft, birth control

I have had a series of “boils” that started out as a pimple and got hard and painful, should I take some antibiotics?

Hi, I’m a 56 yr old female with a strong family history of diabetes. I am also hypertensive currently on Plendil 5mg.

I am NOT on any medication for diabetes and my glucose levels usually range from 110-160 mg/dl
Recently I have had a series of “boils” that started out as a pimple and got hard and painful in the surrounding area. 3-4 appeared on my pubic area (I thought they were ingrowing hairs??) Then a few weeks later two on my nose (one on each side) which resulted in lymph node swelling on both sides of my neck, now a boil on my right leg. (See attached photo.)

I have no other known medical problems. Had a check up recently because of symptoms associated with an unrelated and unusual condition (Persistent Sexual Arousal Disorder – PSAS) – had a ton of blood work and nothing significant showed up.

I was medically treated in my 20’s for Hyperthyroidism but all of my thyroid function tests have been normal since then.

I had a hysterectomy and removal of tubes and ovaries. Otherwise healthy.

Should I take some antibiotics for my leg? Which one would be best?

Medications: Plendil 5mg

I have been sick for the last 3 weeks, cold sore like blisters on eyelids?

I have been sick for the last 3 weeks, taking OTC meds. It was getting worse. starting with just being really tired and then into coughing sneezing runny nose. I have asthma and ezcema. One day I was having really bad allergies. I rubbed my eyes, they became raw. I put first aid ointment on them to protect them and also took a benadryl. I woke up this past saturday morning with cold sore like blisters and pimply looking things on and around my eyelids. They itch and hurt a lot. The swelling and redness seems to have gone away but I believe its because I started taking clindamycin Saturday night (I have a family member who is a PA). Some of the sores seems to have scabbed over but the pimple things are still there and seem to be spreading. I was told it can be impetigo, and than after seeing it in person I was told it looked like an ezcema break out that became infected. I have not gone to see a doctor or have been to the hospital. I just want some peace of mind and know what exactly this is. I have attached pictures. Thank you!!!

Medications: Symbicort, Pro-air, clindamycin

Developed itchy blisters on left earlobe, got bigger and painful?

Onset yesterday morning of itchy blisters to left earlobe, got bigger, and painful since. Have couple similar today to right earlobe also.
Left love painful, red and swollen, mild pain to my left side face also.
Feel well in self, had fever of 39 and sore throat for 2 days earlier in week.

Age 28
Medications: None