I have a small white scar on the lower lip, is it cancer?

Question: I have a small white scar on the lower lip for seven months. It was not white at first. But now it just stays there and does not show any change.I have uploaded the photo.

Best Answer: In my opinion this is nasolabial dyssebacia (photo removed to protect user identity). It is a type of eczema secondary to mild pityrosporum yeast infection associated with an oily part of the face with affected areas, symptoms are mild scaling and redness in some people. A common treatment involves using Cetaphil soap to wash face along with Lulifin cream (Luliconazole) once daily for 30 days. The application to affected areas is maintained even after the skin becomes normal for 30 days. This condition is often caused by stress and anxiety. Nothing serious, it is treatable.

Dr. Sunita Singh

I had an allergic reaction to lip balm, what can I put on it safely?

Question: I had an allergic reaction to lip balm and by the time I got home and washed it off,
all the skin on my lips slushed off. Most regrew normal, but the center was puffy and yellowish. I thought it was from my Shea butter lip mask, but when it got torn just now it reeked. So, infected. But what can I put on it safely?

Should a patient with no visible lesions be treated with FLUORUORACIL(EFUDEX)

Question: 85 y old white male developed a small papula on his cheek.The dermatologist

performed biopsy by excision.The dermatopathologist reported that

a Ber-EP4 immuno stain was positive in a small cluster of cells.She stated that a differential diagnosis include a hair germ and recommended another biopsy.

Because of a grave illness in the family patient had to leave New York City to

spend several weeks with his dying brother in Chicago.The lesion on his cheek

healed completely .Upon return to New York he consulted his dermatologist

who suggested 4 weeks treatment with flurouracil cream applied twice a day.

Patient is extremely reluctant to follow this recommendation because of his fear of very unpleasant side effects which he read about and heard from several patients who had this treatment ,for “a condition which I may not have”.

He would like to wait and see if the lesion recurs,have a second biopsy if it does , and if the BCC is confirmed choose one of the surgical treatments or a non surgical alternative.

I would appreciate your opinion concerning the best management of this case

I suffer from persistent acne problems?

Question: I suffer from persistent acne problems. I am a male 34 years old and have had acne problems since I was 16 years old. My acne is mostly on my face and a lot is found on my upper back. To the point I am ashamed of it. What can I do to make it go away?

Answer: Hi. I have received and read your question. You are suffering from acne vulgaris but since it is now showing up on your upper back and has become a problem you need to deal with this. Proper hygiene and washing is the first step that needs to be taken.

  1. Use a mild soap and avoid scented, medicated soap.
  2. While washing the face, the skin of the face must not be scrubbed roughly. It should be sponged gently.
  3. Wash your face three or four times a day with plain water – soap is to be used only twice a day.
  4. Avoid exposure to dust, dirt or oily cosmetics.
  5. I would also recommend to avoid fatty foods.
  6. Do not squeeze the acne as it may leave a scar permanently.

As far as treatment is concerned you should consult a dermatologist. Possible medication that will be recommended by your doctor may include:

Doxycycline 100 mg two times a day. Ibuprofen 400 mg two times for five days. Isotretinoin once a day for 15 days. Retino-A (Tretinoin) locally at night.


Dr. Deepak Patel


I had a fracture and the doctor kept my leg in a cast for over 6 weeks?

I had a fracture and the doctor kept my leg in a cast for over 6 weeks. When he removed the cast my lower leg had become very brown and has remained that way for over three years. Is there anything that could be done? The skin is very dry and I hate to wear shorts in the summer. thanks for any advice!

Age: 76
Medications: None

I have skin rashes for almost half a year?

I have skin rashes for almost half a year and it is getting worse and larger in area, I am worried about getting hiv after high risk sex about 6 months ago. I have done two rapid tests after the incident and both are negative. (Doctoreyes Blood Drop test). I am worried about my condition because my skin rashes has gotten worse and also I have caught some short-term fever (with sore throat). Would you recommend a detailed blood test from a clinic, I will attach my skin photo below. Thanks for your help!

Age: 19
Medications: steroid lotions
General Information: itchy rashes, rashes area getting larger. on back of body, fingers and buttocks areas.I have seen some dermatologist and and used some steroid lotions (I did not tell him about my concern for hiv), the itches reduced but rashes areas doesn’t some to stop enlarging. I have had a few fevers with light coughs lasted for 2 days.

(unpublished photo)

I noticed my big toe nail was all bruised looking 6 weeks ago and it doesn’t look to be growing out?

I noticed my big toe nail was all bruised looking 6 weeks ago and it doesn’t look to be growing out? Should I be worried? How long will it take? Or should I see a dr? i Do work with specials Ed children and my feet do get stepped on a lot. While I don’t remember and exact time this could have happened, it is very likely it’s just an injury and not a melanoma?!?

Age: 36
Medications: No

Do I have a rash on my breast or are they glands of some kind?

Do I have a rash on my breast or are they glands of some kind? For a few months now, I’ve noticed this pink/red patch just outside of my areola. It doesn’t hurt or bother me in any way. I assumed it was glands. I added a photo of it to another doctor site just to see, and the dermatologist there seemed pretty confident that it was folliculitis and told me to get OTC cream or see my PCP for antibiotics. I’ve used the OTC stuff for 2 days now with no improvement.

Age: 24
Medications: Birth control

(unpublished photo)

I have had redness on the my right side of face?

Hi, I have had redness on the my right side of face. It started around the temple maybe 7-8 years ago and has slowly spread. Trying to figure out if it’s seborrheic dermatitis. It’s not flaky, itchy, burning. No symptoms at all really, just redness. Will include pic. Thanks

Medications: Lovastatin, lisinopril, amlodipne
General Information: I have high blood pressure and cholesterol and take medications for them. No other medical problems.

(unpublished photo)

I had these black marks under my penis?

Well since I was about 14 years ago I’m now 26 I had these black marks under my penis they do not hurt what so ever or itch.
I’m just worried about the look as I seen many have a clean penis . I think they are blackheads.

Is it because of friction from too much masturbating.

Age: 26
Medications: Nothing

I have this irritated sudden itch that lasts a second?

So my anus was itchy I’m 23 years old male and I got some mary gold creme and hemorrhoid creme these didn’t work, so I went to the dermatologists, he checked my anus but he couldn’t see anything as he told me, so he prescribed me some cortizonsteroid creme elocom. Now I use this for 2 days now and my anus didn’t get better. I have this irritated sudden itch pinch/electric shock feel that lasts like 2 sec in that 1 sec it gets stronger and stronger then 1 sec it fades… there is a buildup until it hits max. I don’t know what it is as my dermatologist couldn’t find anything. Even after I shower I still have this it can’t be worm. What to do?

Age: 23
Medications: Elocom 2hydro, Preperation H and Reparon, Marigold.

I recently had a blister on my middle finger caused by what I thought was eczema?

Hi, I recently had a blister on my middle finger caused by what I thought was eczema, the blister has now become painful and seems to be infected, I used a sterile pin to pop the blister a few days ago. What would you suggest doing? I am going away traveling in 2 weeks and need the best sort of plan of action? Does it look infected? Should I visit a GP?.
It has began ever so slightly throbbing and is very painful to touch, I can also semi see a beating of red around the effected area. Thanks

Age: 22
Medications: Clenbuterol
General Information: Small rash appeared on rest of hand for a few days and feet