I’ve had genital warts for a few months now, what can be done?

Hello, I’ve had genital warts for a few months now and have been using 100% tee tree oil on them twice a day for about a month or so. I’ve been to 2 different doctors in the last few weeks who merely confirmed that i had HPV but did not prescribe anything for the warts or suggest freezing them off.

Age: 38
Medications: Pantoprazole and Lotriderm

Experiencing sore throat and unusual itching, what can it be?

me and boyfriend have question. For the past week or two Ive had slight sore throat. No other symptoms. After performing oral sex, the soar throat seems worse through the night and into the next morning.

last night he said when we were having sex, his penis itched to the point that he had to stop and scratch it. Then he said it felt like sawdust… kinda scratchy like that a sensation of sawdust. I didn’t experience this but again, the sore throat intensified after sex.

we were broken up for two weeks, had other partners (one each) but used condoms with those instances.

Maybe unrelated (the throat and penis itching) but odd as again, we do not have any other symptoms. typically a sore throat would advance to other illness or go away. Physical appearance of both genitals are fine and no discomfort for wither of us during regular daily activity

does this sound like anything obvious

What kind of medicine should I apply to kill fleas and eggs in genital area?

Hi Doctor.
It is very hard that fleas infests in genital area like labia minora after having a relationship with a friend in London .
I can not get rid of labia pain and Itching very much and It is getting worser
even applied cream, can not get cured
What kind of medicine should I apply to kill fleas and eggs parasitizing the vulva?
Thank you.

Age: 47
Medications: itching relief cream antibacterial cream
General Information: no

I had electrocautery to remove genital warts, should my partner do the same?

I had undergone electrocautery for genital warts some weeks ago and have follow ups as well. As of now my Dr said that my wounds from the surgery have healed good and also just had my pap smear results and it was negative or normal however suggestive of bacterial vaginosis. I am currently on antibiotics for bv. My concern is the Dr doesn’t want me having sex with my partner who still has genital warts. The Dr is also intent on doing the electrocautery for my partner too but i think he is hesitant. My question is if my partner chose not to do the surgery, will i get genital warts again? Are we just going to pass it to each other back and forth? Please help…

Age: 29
Medications: Metronidazole vaginal suppository

I had unprotected oral sex, do I have symptoms of HIV or STDs?

I had oral sex unprotected before a week ago and it was my first time of it and then I read about the symptoms of hiv and other diseases and then I felt that of neck pain . Chill sometimes
So is that mean symptoms of hiv or other diseases or it’s because the stress from that as I been worried since I read about that and I don’t have fever but I feel hot
And feel like my body tired.


Age: 26
Medications: non

I got herpes type 2, I don’t know what to do, please advise?

I got herpes type 2 I had it for a little while now but recent it got on my actual penis so I try to take care of it myself and put dettol on with a cotton swab. For 2 days I put on there 3 days in total. That place got darker and scar and the area is peeling I don’t know what to do I have a little tea tree oil I put some that around my penis but is my scars permanent and will it go back to the way it use to be . The herpes skin part almost seem gone but there scaring and will this effect my sensitive

Age: 18
Medications: Non

I’m trying to get over mulluscum, tested for STDs all clear?

I’m trying to get over mulluscum and I had a bump on my scrotum. My doc prescribed aldara and after two days my skin there turned red but the bump subsided.Is this how mulluscum looks when it’s fading? I tested for STDs two weeks ago and it was all clear.

Age: 36
Medications: Aldara

Is this an infection, syphilis, genital warts or HIV?

I have a potential sex partner(with whom I have not yet had sex) who appears to have some kind of genital warts (…interior thigh….) If I send a picture of these warts/genitals can you identify the problem..or the likely infection? Not sure if this is HPV or maybe Syphilis, or maybe something more innocuous

Can these spots be a sign I have herpes?


does this look like herpes a girl gave me blow job without condom, but i did not have unprotected sex.

can you please tell me. i have to wait 7 days for the blood test im just too stressed, please reply to me as soon as possible im too stressed.


Medications: None yet.

After oral sex I have flu like symptoms, can it be HIV?

I performed oral sex on a women I do not know and do not know her hiv status. A week has gone by and I feel weak have a dry throat and also some thursty on my tongue. I have been worried for the past few days as I feel like I have got the flu but it’s made me think what are the chances of getting hiv

Age: 29
Medications: None

Can a small pigmented spot on the head of a penis be a sign of a medical problem?

Hello! I’ve been suffering from health anxiety lately, primarily focused on the skin (I’m currently on an SSRI and am in therapy). This question actually pertains to my son, who is 19 years old, and a small pigmented spot I recall seeing on the head of his penis back at an early age when he was in diapers and pull-ups. It was a very small and lightly pigmented spot resembling a freckle and the pediatrician never expressed a concern over it when I pointed it out. Unfortunately, the thought of it entered my mind again during a current flare of health anxiety, worrying about what it may look like now (for all I know it could be tiny or have disappeared). I took my son to a dermatologist for a skin screening a few months ago, but that area was never checked. For obvious reasons, it would be difficult for me to bring the topic up to my son and ask him what it looks like. I guess I’m just reaching out for any reassurances that I’m overthinking this and that having a spot in that location is not extraordinarily rare. Please don’t suggest taking him to a doctor for it to be checked, as I simply cannot bring up the topic with him and do that, and that suggestion would just heighten my anxiety. Thanks for your input and any reassurances which you may be able to provide!!

Experiencing painless bumps on penis, tests all negative, need second doctor opinion?

A few weeks ago, i experienced a few bumps on the glans of my penis, they had a small head to them, and within 36 hours had scabbed up. There was absolutely no pain with them or itching. They never opened up or oozed or anything. Now four weeks later they are practically healed, except for some raised skin where they used to be. I understand that this is a sensitive area and these bumps may take a little while to subside.

This is the second time this has happened. Both times I went to a clinic, and had it looked at. Neither time was the doctor able to tell me what he thinks it was. I got full std checks, including hsv, and those came back negative. In your experience, what can cause something like this to happen? Could it just be some sort of skin condition, an infection, or fungal? I just cant see to find anyone that knows, or anyone who is familiar with painless bumps on the glans of penis.

Last, Ive been experiencing tightness in my inner thighs throughout this process. I cant shake it. I’m starting to think that maybe its all mental, but my legs do feel tight. And at times i had some perineal discomfort. I appreciate you taking the time, just looking for some advice or guidance, as what Ive gotten so far has been underwhelming to say the least

Medications: None

I am in a relationship with a an HIV positive person, what can be done to minimize the risk?

I am in a relationship with a an HIV positive person, we use protection all the time, we also do oral sex and that’s my worry, what are the chances of getting infected throw oral sex?

What can be done to minimize the risk?
I also want to know about kissing, we kiss a lot, that was before we found out about his positive status, and my negative one, can we gave a normal relationship without exposing myself to the virus?

Developed some sort of rash overnight, what can it be?

Good day I wanted to let my time look out the I have got over night. can they assess what it is supposed to be?I was already today with the doctor could not say anything. otherwise no complaints. so it just came over night and at the hand I have also a little.
Medications : None

I didn’t really have a period this month, could this be a sign and symptom of hiv?

My period was very spotty this month/I didn’t really have one and my period has always been regular. Could this be a sign and symptom of hiv (I’m not pregnant). I just got a yearly TB test at the hospital I work at and I never saw the LVN draw up the medicine into the syringe to inject in me. So now I’m wondering if she used a dirty needle. Three weeks after my TB test I broke out with a cold sore. I don’t know if it’s just wrong ytiming I mean I usually get cold sores maybe 1-3 times a year since I was a child. I didn’t think anything of the cold sore until my period got all goofed up. Please help! Thanks!

Medications: None