I have developed blisters on my glans (head of penis).

Question: I have developed blisters on my glans (head of penis) and a particular nasty blister on the tip. This happened after masturbation. They have now popped and the skin underneath is quite tender and painful. Now they seem to have cured, they are no longer painful – there has been no discharge or fever. What can this be? I have not had sexual relations with a partner for over 1 year!

Answer: Based on the information you have provided it seems your masturbation caused ulcers. But it is probably indicative of genital herpes. Please consult with a specialized doctor. Your doctor will probably prescribe: Acyclovir 400 mg one tablet three times a day for 10 days. Mupirocin ointment over the ulcer area twice daily. Diclofenac twice daily for five days. Pantoprazole 40 mg once daily


Dr. Deepak Patel

How to have safe sex without protection?

Hi Doctors, I am a 21 year woman and asking what is the best way to have sex without protections.

Age: 21
Medications: None


STDs are sexually transmitted diseases that are very commonly seen in both the sexes
especially in sexually active candidates. They are also called as Venereal diseases (VD).
They spread most commonly by vaginal discharge, semen, blood, body fluids etc. STDs can
be caused by both virus and bacteria.

Most common bacteria- associated STDs.

-Chlamydia : Chlamydia trachomatis is very commonly involved in risk of STDs among the
-Gonorrhea : affects male and female genitourinary tract.
-Syphilis / lues : The second stage of syphilis is highly infective followed by the first stage
which is associated with the chancre on the penis.

Most common virus – associated STDs.

-Herpes virus II (HSV II) : Usually involves lower parts and genitals.
-Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) : AIDS.
-HPV (Human Papilloma virus)
-Hepatitis : Most commonly Hepatitis type B

Signs and symptoms :

Irritation and rashes in the genitals
Genital sores
Discharge from the penis and vagina associated with color change and strong odor
Severe itching with painful urination
Genital warts
Painful intercourse



DO’s to prevent STDs :

The best way to prevent STDs is to use protection for every sexual intercourse.
Although they are not 100% guaranteed to prevent STDs. Earlier it was thought that
condoms with nonoxynol- 9 are effective in preventing STDs as they are bactericial
(kills the bacterial organisms) but it was associated with irritation in vagina which
caused secondary infections.

Talk freely and honestly with your partner about your health and sexual history and
get to know theirs as well before any sexual activity. But remember that it is not
completely reliable as the symptoms may take some time to appear clinically . Also your
partner may not share and may miss few informations.

You and your partner can get the tests for HIV done before any activity.

Timely blood investigations potentially reduces the risk of STDs and also if present it
can be cured without any complications at an early stage.

In case of active course of a disease, choosing sexual activities which are less risky is
wise. It includes masturbation, dry humping, cuddling etc.

Practicing safer intercourse with the use of female condoms and also gloves for manual
exploration and penetration. Proper use of new sealed packaged condoms including its
proper placement without tearing . Read the instructions and manual provided along
with it for proper use.

Use of dental dams during oral sex is also helpful.

If the condoms accidentally breaks during the intercourse due to friction, it is advised
to take oral contraceptives. And also prophylaxis may be needed if there is a previous
history of STD. For such incidence, consult your doctors as soon as possible.

Store condoms at room temperature.

Keep condoms away from sharp objects.

Using sterile biocompatible lubricant which does not cause allergy or irritation. Prefer
water based lubricant as oil based may weaken the latex resulting in tearing during the

Sex toys and prostheses may serve as a vehicle for STI transmission and should be used
with a condom or properly cleansed between each use.

Urination after the activity for females is beneficial as it removes the infectious
materials reducing the risk of urinary tract infections (UTI).

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (Pr-EP) and post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) are effective in
preventing the transmission of infections such as HIV in patients who are at risk for
exposure or who have been exposed.

General hygiene maintenance : This includes proper use of sterile razors, use of clean
underclothing for intimate hygiene , use of clean sterile towel for cleaning the private
parts and washing it before and after the intercourse. Other measures includes- daily
clean bath with use of intimate hygiene wash which helps in maintaining the pH of the
genital area which maintains normal immunity functions to kill the bacteria and

Vaccination : They are most commonly recommended for Hepatitis B and human
papilloma virus. This increases the resistance power against HBV and HPV. Also
vaccinations for hepatitis A and Herpes are available.

DONT’s to prevent STDs :

It is better to avoid love making if any of the symptoms (mentioned above ) are
encountered . They should be examined by a doctor and investigated. Once cured or
subsides, it becomes comparatively safer to proceed for intercourse.

If the disease is already under progress, it is always better to completely avoid until
the treatment is completed and your doctor gives you an approval.

Avoid multiple sex partners and avoid contact with sex workers.

Having any type of unprotected sexual contact with an infected person posses a very
high risk and chances of getting STD.

Intercourse must be avoided under the influence of alcohol or drug abuse. Alcohol,
and some prescription and illegal drugs can interfere with your ability to have a
conversation and make decisions to have safer sex.

Anal sex poses a high risk because tissues in the rectum tear easily. Fluids from the body can
also carry the viruses and bacteria.

During menstruation, intercourse should be delayed until the cycle gets over. As
there are higher risks due to direct contact with the blood.

Avoid sharing same razors , towels and under clothing.

Female and male condoms should not be used at the same time. Using 2 condoms
together may result in a condom breaking and tearing.

Avoid using old expired and broken packaging protections.

While unpackaging the condoms avoid using scissor or teeth to prevent damage or
accidental tearing or micro- cuts.

Do not reuse condoms.

Avoid oil based lubricants like petroleum jelly.


Overall to sum up

Measures can be taken to prevent STDs without the use of protection. But this does not
significantly reduce the risk .

Use of protection along with other measures greatly reduces the risk but it is not 100%
effective especially during the active course of the disease.

Over-all immunity markedly varies from person to person. It plays a primary role in
prevention and cause of any disease.

If the partner feels unsafe for love making. It is necessary to respect them and accept it. After
all proper healthcare and healthy practices plays a huge role in healthy and happy life.!!!

Dr. D. Zluf

Answer by: Dr. D Zluf, Consultant Physician

I’m having some concern about some white spots/bumps on my genitals?


I’m having some concern about some white spots/bumps on my genitals. I noticed them earlier this week and very quickly went to see my doctor, in fear that this may be an STD. Upon seeing my doctor, they claimed that is wasn’t herpes, and didn’t think it was genital warts, however they didn’t rule out warts because they’re not sure what these are. I’m not sure what they could be and I’m looking for second opinions. Thank you

Male, age 23
Medications: Xanax

(unpublished photo)

What is treatment for very hard itch diagnose as herpes 2

treatment for very hard itch diagnose as herpes 2, with a big rash in genitals, warts, inside legs, back. I used aciclovir to reduce the appearance of siympoms but the itch is insane and very uncomfortably, I can’t made a doctor visit because they are not available until October, thanks for your help.

Age: 62
Medications: aciclovir, and benadryl
General Information: according with the symptoms it is a herpes type 2 what I got. I have warts in the genital area, penis, prepucio, and they appears almost every 1 or 2 weeks between. The worst thing is the itching, is very hard, I can’t sleep at all, any help would be appreciate, thanks.

I have skin rashes for almost half a year?

I have skin rashes for almost half a year and it is getting worse and larger in area, I am worried about getting hiv after high risk sex about 6 months ago. I have done two rapid tests after the incident and both are negative. (Doctoreyes Blood Drop test). I am worried about my condition because my skin rashes has gotten worse and also I have caught some short-term fever (with sore throat). Would you recommend a detailed blood test from a clinic, I will attach my skin photo below. Thanks for your help!

Age: 19
Medications: steroid lotions
General Information: itchy rashes, rashes area getting larger. on back of body, fingers and buttocks areas.I have seen some dermatologist and and used some steroid lotions (I did not tell him about my concern for hiv), the itches reduced but rashes areas doesn’t some to stop enlarging. I have had a few fevers with light coughs lasted for 2 days.

(unpublished photo)

I had a low risk encounter?

Maybe someone can help me what to do?

I had a low risk encounter. No sex, but I was naked and the guy I’ve been with masturbated, and came on my inner leg and vagina. But tired as I was I got up way to late to go to the bathroom, the sperm was alredy dry. I got most likely a little sperm inside my vagina. I know I shouldn’t be worried to much, but what if he got freshly infected and has a high viral load? He’s very rich and girls literally throw themselves at him and I know he’s been with quite some women. He tried to have sex with me without condom and I said no. But I can imagine others would say yes, he’s like crazy rich, makes gifts, is attractive.

Also he fingered me and we both did oral. But his teeth and nails hurted me.. could that have caused micro injuries?

I went to the ER to get medical advise. A young doctor prescribed me PEP. I guess he wanted to make sure I was safe and maybe he did that also cause he’s not an expert on infects/HIV. But all the side effects coming with PEP, should I really take it for a month? I’m afraid I do more harm than helping myself with it. I took the medication three times so far. Thanks in advance for your responses.

Age: 28
Medications: PEP (Truvada,
General Information: Right now side effects like nausea, not much appetite, one time vomiting (I didn’t eat that morning though), burp sometimes, tiredness (but that could also be due to other factors)

I’m trying to find out if this is a case of Herpes?

I’m trying to find out if this is a case of Herpes… I only had one sexual partner my whole life… It does NOT hurt.. My teeth are not properly aligned and I end up biting the area sometimes… I end up wanting to lick the area with my tongue.. I always ending up biting my inner lips to the point where a fibroma forms
(unpublished photo)

Age: 25
Medications: None

I had these black marks under my penis?

Well since I was about 14 years ago I’m now 26 I had these black marks under my penis they do not hurt what so ever or itch.
I’m just worried about the look as I seen many have a clean penis . I think they are blackheads.

Is it because of friction from too much masturbating.

Age: 26
Medications: Nothing

I had unprotected sex and the next morning I had a couple vaginal sores?

I had unprotected sex and the next morning I had a couple vaginal sores. I also just finished my antibiotic that morning for strep throat. I’ve heard people say that it takes herpes longer than a few hours to show up so I wasn’t worried. But it’s been a week and the two sores are still there and now there’s another one. I also shaved and got a few ingrown hairs along my pubic line so maybe they’re ingrown hairs? Also was recently exposed to someone with a staph infection. I have an appointment but it’s not for a few days so I was hoping to get an opinion here before
then. Thanks!

(unpublished photo)

Age: 25
Medications: Zoloft, Levora, just finished Zithromax for strep throat

A hooker performed unprotected oral sex on me?

A hooker performed unprotected oral sex on me. We put a condom on and had sex. The next morning the shaft of my penis stings and burns. It has subsided a significant amount but still stings and burns 12 days past the exposure. I had a complete STD test panel completed two days ago- five days after exposure. Everything came back negative. There are no clear symptoms no blisters , no sores, no rash. The skin does not look red or inflamed any way. It does not hurt to urinate. Do you have any idea what is causing this? It still stings 12 days after contact. Many post around net have similar stories indicating this is some unknown virus that has penetrated the skin ( i did have a small nic from shaving in area night before)

Age: 53
Medications: gabapenten, nortriplyn, depakote

I noticed I had this small dark warts/bumps?

Hello goodevening doc .I had a serious concerned about my genital So last year I noticed I had this small dark warts/bumps till today its never getting bigger and its always look the same sized but I think and im not sure if it is or not getting multiple times . Hopefully is not hpv or infection disease ,by the way I had a Hpv vaccine like 2 years ago .can somebody tell me what is this please Doc ?Thanks

Age: 26
Medications: None

I’m worried since then I might have contracted hiv or other stds?

Hi docter I was in Thailand I’m just back home 10 days ago i had a oil massage and silly me it ended in masturbation and ejaculation I’m worried since then I might have contracted hiv or other stds from this exposure I’m very worried about do I need to take a hiv test as I’m in a relationship with my fiancee and I wouldn’t want to give her anything and even I’m thinking if the customer before if he had something and she had it on her hands then she massage me etc could she give me something thanks

Age: 39
Medications: None
General Information: No symptoms just stress from exposure

I contracted chlamydia towards the end of February. I was tested positive then “negative” to a positive?

I contracted chlamydia towards the end of February. I was tested in the first week of march because I presented symptoms(only an constant itchy urethra). I received treatment(it was confirmed that I had chlamydia) on March 13 with one dose of Azithromycin. After 10 days passed and no relief from symptoms, on the 23rd of March I went back to the clinic and I was given a week course of doxycycline. After about 3 days, my symptoms changed from originally having a completely itchy urethra to no more itching but a random irritation in my urethra(the exact place is the portion of the navicular fossa furthest from the urethral opening) within 5 minutes after urination and if I squeeze it, it hurts. Also I developed a heavy burn in my left testicle which I was told by my doctor  is epididymitis. After the week, my symptoms did not alleviate and so I went back to the  clinic and on April 2nd they put me on a 2 weeks course of doxycycline and also metronidazole just in cause I had trichomonias. After the 2 week period the sexual health clinic advised me to see my general practitioner because the chlamydia should be gone.  The gp examined me on April 18th and decided to give me ciprofloxacin which I presume he diagnosed that it is a uti. I had completed the week’s course of it and the pain in my epididymitis has changed from a burn to an achy feeling.  I decided to get myself tested on April 24th at another facility that was not the clinic. During that wait period because of my symptoms I went back to by my gp and they conducted a urine culture which showed nothing abnormal besides the white discharge so they don’t know what the cause is.  I went back to the clinic and they said it should be no way I still have chlamydia but they saw that I had a massive amount of discharge in my penis(which I am assuming came about because I was off of medication) so they gave me another 1g dosage of Azithromycin and also a 4 day dosage of Azithromycin to take over the next 5 days(starting the next day since I had just taken the 1g of Azithromycin). and around 5 days later I had received my results back saying that it is negative for chlamydia which I was excited for but I still had symptoms, the same symptoms I have had for the past month and a half with the addition of lower abdominal pain. I decided to take another test at the clinic because I felt the ciprofloxacin or one of the other medications could have possibly effected the test(I can say that I know this is unlikely because the test searches for DNA and not the organism and if ciprofloxacin still killed it partially(ciprofloxacin isn’t effective in killing it the internet says)  the DNA would still have been there). The test results came back saying equivocal for chlamydia. How could it go from a “negative” to a “possibly still there”? The stress I am feeling is immense because it seems as though I will be stuck with chlamydia for the rest of my life. How is this even possible? Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Another thing I failed to mention in the above information is that I was tested for all STD’s the first time I went to the clinic and only chlamydia was present. I was tested again 2 more times for gonorrhea and I was tested for mycoplasma and ureplasma twice as well and they were all negative. Also during this entire ordeal I have not had sex.

medications: none

I have a growth on the glans of my penis?

I’m 26 and have a growth on the glans of my penis. They have been present for roughly 5-6 months now, they started small and became but haven’t grown in a few months now. Is this HPV? I’ve only had a handful of sexual partners, so it’s possible.They don’t hurt when I touch them or push on them, but I can feel a mild throbbing pain coming from that area after an erection or after inspecting them (touching them)

Medications: none
General Information: I’ve noticed some other bumps starting to form on the ridge of my penis glans, they don’t hurt with an erection, only after when I’m flaccid, and the pain is very mild, but noticeable.